Finding the ideal manufacturing equipment can be a challenge, especially when supply chain disruptions affect the availability of new machinery and equipment. Finding good used equipment from top industrial equipment manufacturers can help you circumvent shortages and lower costs.

This list of 175 top OEM packaging and processing equipment manufacturers can help you find the right original equipment manufacturer for the equipment you need most. The list includes both processing equipment manufacturers and packaging equipment manufacturers to help you find the right OEM equipment from the experts at Loeb. We also offer some OEM valuations to ensure that you understand the value of original equipment manufacturer products and machinery for your business.

In addition, Loeb specializes in appraisals, auctions and financing of this used OEM machinery and equipment.

Top Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) from Loeb

Used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from the experts at Loeb Equipment

3M distributes industrial machines and appliances for the medical and industrial industries. They have assembly parts, too. 3M is located in St. Paul, MN.

AMF Baker Systems distributes industrial mixers, dough distribution machines, and slicing machines for dough and more. AMF Baker Systems is located in Richmond, VA.

AMS Filling Systems manufactures filling machines for the industrial industry. These include small and mega-filling systems. AMS Filling Systems is located in Morgantown, PA.

APV offers industry-leading Crepaco heater exchangers, industrial heaters, and various valves and mixers for both the industrial and beverage field. APV is located in Buena Park, CA.

Accraply engineers label machines and other OEM equipment for industrial businesses packaging bottles, cans, and more, and all their label machines are automated. Accraply is located in Brooklyn Park, MN.

Accutek Packaging Equipment Co creates filling, capping, and labeling machines for multiple industries. Their machines can be custom-made to fit your business. Accutek Packaging Equipment Co is located in Scott St. Vista, CA

ADCO Manufacturing creates and installs packaging machines for assembly lines in multiple industries, and the machines are built to increase productivity. ADCO Manufacturing is located in Sanger, CA.

Alfa Laval provided HVAC equipment on an industrial level and for large housing developments. They also produce gasketed plate heat exchangers. Alfa Laval is located in Richmond, VA.

All Fill and Auger Fabrication distributes augers, new and used, and all types of conveyor screws and parts as well as bulk solids. All Fill and Auger Fabrication is in Exton, PA.

American Food Equip Co AMFEC engineers all food processing equipment such as belt conveyors, pallet lifts and mixers. American Food Equip Co is in Caldwell, ID.

Arpac engineers automatic tray packer and robotic bag palletizer along with other packing machinery for many industries. Arpac is located in Wood Dale, Illinois.

Axon Corp engineers industrial machines for shrink sleeve and label applicators, and they also produce multipack sleeve applicators. Axon Corp is located in Raleigh, NC.

Bartelt Machinery provide ultra-performance machinery for cartooning, wrapping, and case packaging in the food and beverage industry. Bartelt Machinery is located in Sarasota, FL.

Buhler offers anti-fingerprint coating for eyeglasses and other materials and sensors for fitness trackers and automobile parts. Buhler is located in Switzerland.

C Cretors and Co creates snack machines that can be mass produced for on-site sale including popcorn machines. These machines can be custom-made and C Cretors is located in Woodale, IL.

Capmatic offers Bambino and Bambina packaging machines and laser and pouring machines for industrial use.  Capmatic is located in Quebec, Canada.

Cherry Burrell Waukesha provides pumps, filtration systems, valves, heat exchangers, and a multitude of mixers for the industrial industry. Cherry Burrell is located in Charlotte, NC.

Chester Jensen engineers both heating and cooling systems for the industrial beverage industry. There designs can also be custom-made. Chester Jensen can be found in Chester, PA.

Cozzini creates both large and small assembly line machines to mass produce and package traditional food, pet food, and more. Cozzini is located in Village, IL.

Cryovac provides packaging machines that seal meats and other foods tightly so the food is good for a longer period. Cyovac is located in Bethlehem, PA.

DCI Incorporated provides processing tanks and all of its parts for the cosmetic industry. The products are made with stainless steel and DCI Incorporated is located in St. Cloud, MN.

Doboy Packaging Machinery offers packaging equipment for the industrial industry, and they also offer wrapping and sealing machines, too. Doboy Packaging is in Evansville, IN.

Domino Amjet provides industrial printers and digital printing services to the food and beverage industry and life sciences. Domiano Amjet is located in Gurnee, IL.

Donaldson Company provides manufacturing filters for various industries that can be used to keep away dust, fumes, and other harm. Donaldson Company is located in Bloomington, MN.

Dorner Manufacturing Corp provides conveyor belt solutions to help all industrial plans produce more while driving costs down. Dorner Manufacturing Corp is based in Hartland, Wisconsin.

E Pak Machinery provides machinery for in-line liquid packaging. The machines are automatic and can both fill and cap. E Pak Machinery is located in La Porte, IN.

Eagle Packaging Machinery provides robotic machines to the industrial industry. These machines can pack, seal, and stack. Eagle Packaging Machinery is located in Opa-Locka, FL

Econocorp provides machines the industrial industry can utilize to fill cartons and for case packing. Econocorp is based in Randolph, MA.

FMC Corp provides machinery to the food industry so plants can work fast and so that the food is always processed safely. FMC Corp is located in Philadelphia, PA.

FMC Food Tech offers pro seal equipment to help plant owners keep meats, soups, and seafood as tight as possible during packaging. FMC Food Tech is located in the UK.

Fanuc Robotics provide thousands of industrial robot options like filling and packaging to boost productivity. Fanuc Robotics can be found in Pine Brook, NJ.

Feldmeier Equipment distributes industrial tanks and vessels, as well as FDA-approved biotechnology for the pharmaceutical industry. Feldmeier Equipment is found in Syracuse, NY.

Filtec provides inspection industrial machines to make sure food and beverages are always fresh. Filtec can be found in Torrance, CA.

Fitzpatrick Company provides overall milling machines to the industrial industry, and they manufacture roller compactors for the pharmaceutical industry. Fitzpatrick Company is based in Elmhurst, IL.

Flexicon engineers machines and parts for industrial bulk handling. They also make flexible screw conveyors and pneumatic conveyors. Flexicon can be found in Bethlehem, PA.

Fogg Filler Company provides industrial machinery for bottle capping, bottle rinsing, and bottle filling for almost all liquids. Fogg Filler is located in Holland, MI.

Formax manufactures pressure sealers, and all of its parts individually, to produce outstanding digital prints. Formax is located in Turlock, CA.

Formost Fuji Corp is an original equipment manufacturer and distributes flow wrap machines that can package all items of all sizes, including food. Formost Juji Corp is located in Woodinville, WA.

Fortress Technology manufactures metal detectors with a strong sensitivity for the chocolate and general food industries. Fortress Technology is located in Canada.

Frigoscandia Equipment provides freezers and freezer parts to industrial companies. The freezers come with filtration systems to keep products safe and healthy. Frigoscandia Equipment is located in the UK.

Fristam Pumps provides stainless steel pumps to industrial companies.  Fristam Pumps is located in Middleton, WI.

Fulton Boiler Works provides steam boilers and other equipment that transfers heat to industrial companies. The steam boilers are said to be 5 years ahead of schedule. Fulton Boiler Works is in Port St, Pulaski, NY.

GEA Group provides small and large machines for the fill and packaged drink Industries. GEA Group is located in Germany.

Gardner Denver distributes vacuums and compressors for many industries including auto parts, too. Gardner Denver is located in Altoona, PA.

Garvens GmbH provides robotic machines for an automatic weighing solution for industrial companies. Garvens GmbH is located in Germany.

Goring Kerr engineers metal detectors that have the ability to pick up metals. Goring Kerr is located in Marlboro, NJ.

Goulds Pumps produces pumps for the industrial industry in the fields of chemical, the paper industry oil and gas, and much more. Goulds Pumps is located in Seneca Falls, NY.

Graco produces machines that can hold liquids like paint, and they also produce machines that can package bulk items. Graco has offices globally.

Great Lakes Corp provides warehouse space to all industries, and they also offer truck delivery of mass products all across the nation. Great Lakes Corp is located in LaPorte, IN.

Groen Process Equipment engineers all types of steam jackets, tanks, and pumps for the industrial industry for food and beverages. Groen Process Equipment is based in Trout Valley, IL.

Hamilton Kettles engineers electric kettles that can heat liquids in a matter of seconds. The kettles come in almost 20 different colors. Hamilton Kettles is found globally.

Hapman Conveyors engineers conveyors for industrial companies. The conveyors can handle large and heavy items. Hapman Conveyors is located in Kalamazoo, MI.

Hartness International provides custom-made packaging machines to industrial facilities. Each machine is built to tightly pack many types of goods and foods. Hartness International is located in Greenville, SC.

HayssenSandiacre engineers packaging machines that can maneuver in many ways and angles. They can package materials across many industries. HayssenSandiacre is located in Duncan, SC.

Heat And Control provides customized machines to process and package foods. The machines are custom-made so they work in many types of industrial plants. Heat And Control is in Lancaster, PA.

Hi Speed Checkweigher Co produces parts for conveyors and custom-made conveyors. They provide these machines to many industries. Hi Speed is located in Ithaca, NY.

Hinds Bock Corp provides batter and sauce depositors with built in filter systems. Hinds Bock is located in Bothell, WA.

Hobart Corp provides machines and parts to the food and beverage industry. Hobart Corp is located in Troy, OH.

Hollymatic Incorporated creates small food processing machines. Hollymatic is located in Countryside, IL.

Holmatic provides industrial filling and sealing machines for the. Holmatic is based in Covington, KY.

Hoppmann Corp creates unique assembly line conveyors and their parts for industrial-specific products. Hoppmann Corp can be found in Manassas, VA.

Hosokawa Bepex constructs machines for food processing and package filling. Hosokawa Bepex is located in Minneapolis, MN.

IJ White Systems designs custom-made freezers and spiral freezers with filtration systems. IJ White Systems is based in Farmingdale, NY.

IMA North America produces machines for processing, filling, and packaging for many industries. IMA North America is located in Leominster, MA.

Ilapak creates packaging and sealing machines that are used by industrial plants. Ilapak is based in Newtown, PA.

Illig Maschinenbau GMBH and Co produces packaging machinery for industrial applications. Illing Maschinenbau GMBH and Co is located in Germany.

Ilpra America produces machinery to help industrial plants tightly package food free from atmospheric chemicals. Ilpra America is located in Chalfont. PA.

Imaje Ink Jet Corp provides machinery to label individual packages with a barcodes and help identify which batch a product belongs to. Imaje Ink Jet is located in Switzerland.

Inline Filling Systems produces top of the line machinery for industrial plants to fill and package common products. Inline Filling is located in Germany.

Inline Packaging Systems produces industrial machinery to fill cosmetic and food products and package them. Inline Packaging is located in Idaho.

Ishida Scales Mfg Co produces custom food processing and packaging machines for the industrial market. Ishida Scales Mfg Co is located in Japan.

JC Pardo And Sons sells mixing machines for industry, and they have a wide selection of machines to choose from. JC Pardo And Sons is in Carol Stream, IL.

J H Day sells mixing machines to Industrial companies and workers. These machines include vertical mixers and double mixers. J H Day is located in Carol Stream, IL.

KHS Bartelt has a machinery system that produces horizontal patches from a laminated materials. KHS Bartelt is located in Germany.

K Tron International produces custom-made parts for industrial filling and packaging equipment. K Tron International is located in Sewell, NJ.

Kalish produces filling machinery and packaging equipment. Kalish is based in many locations.

Kaps All Packaging Systems produces machinery for industrial plants to quickly fill and cap all types of bottles. Kaps All Packaging resides in Riverhead, NY.

Keenline Conveyor Systems produces conveyor parts for industry. These parts are made from materials that are easy to clean and protect food products. Keenline Conveyor Systems is in Omro, WI.

Key International produces custom packaging and barcoding machines for industrial plants. Key International is in Cranbury, NJ.

Key Technology produces ready-made and custom sorting, conveying, and processing equipment. Key Technology is located in Walla Walla, WA.

Kliklok Woodman Packaging produce award-winning industrial machines that are free from chemicals and can easily coat and season large quantities of food quickly. Kliklok Woodman Packaging is located in Decatur, GA.

Klockner Bartelt produces packaging machines and that can automatically package and seal edible and non-edible products in large quantities. Klockner Bartelt is located in Sarasota, FL.

Koch Multivac Packaging Machines builds custom packaging equipment for foods. These machines are made to keep foods fresh and free from contamination. Kock Multivac is in Kansas City, MO.

Kramer and Grebe creates production machinery for industrial plants. These machines can be custom tailored and can process, sort through, and even package foods and other items. Kramer and Grebe are in Germany.

Krones provides machines to fill and package bottles for the beverage industry and other industries. Krones is based in Germany with offices around the world.

Labelette Co produce industrial machines that fill and label bottles for the beverage and medical industries. Labelette Co is in Vista, CA.

Lee Industries produces tanks, kettles, and other custom-made industrial equipment for food processing. Lee Industries is located in Phillipsburg, PA.

Leibinger GmbH and Co manufacturers fillers, bottling machines, canners and transvasion machines.  Leibinger is located in Tenigen, Germany.

Little David makes high end packaging machines including markers, coders, case sealers, case formers, case erector products, inkjet label printers and case sealers.  Little David is a part of Signode and also operates under the brand Packpoint. Little David / PackPoint is located in Tampa, Florida.

Lock Metal Detectors manufacturers industrial metal detection systems for the pharma and food industries. Lock Metal Detectors is owned by Bentley Instruments and located in the United Kingdom.

Loma Systems makes inline metal detection systems, X-ray inspection and checkweighers for the food, pharmaceutical and packaging industries. Loma Systems is part of ITW and is located in Carol Stream, IL.

Loveshaw makes case sealers, case formers, case labelers, case erectors and pick and pack stations for the packaging industry. Loveshaw is a part of Signode and is located in South Canaan, Pennsylvania.

MRM Elgin makes filling systems for the paint, food, cosmetics and adhesives industries. MRM Elgin is located in Elgin Illinois and was founded in 1897.

MTek makes spin rinse dryers for the semiconductor, medical and solar industries. MTek is located in Auburn, California.

Markem Imaje manufacturers inkjet printers and labelers for food industry and many others. Markem Imaje is part of Dover Corporation and is located in Switzerland.

Mateer Burt Company makes commercial fillers, labelers and gluing wrap machines for the food, chemical and personal care industries.  It’s assets were purchased by Pneumatic Scale / Barry-Wehmiller in 2002.

Matrix Packaging Machinery makes vertical form fill seal equipment, stickpack and sachet packaging systems and large bag format systems. Matrix Packaging Machinery is owned by Promach and is based in Saukville, Wisconsin.

Mettler Toledo makes industrial scales,  lab scales and commercial weighing systems. Mettler Toledo is located in Columbus, Ohio.

Mettler Toledo Safeline makes industrial metal detection systems for the food and pharma industries. Mettler Toledo Safeline is located in Columbus Ohio.

Modern Packaging manufacturers inline cup fillers, rotary cup fillers and die-cut foil lids. Modern Packaging is located in Deer Park, New York and is part of Promach.

Moyno makes industrial pumps, sanitary pumps,  wastewater systems for the food, beverage, chemical , oil and gas, and water treatment industries. Moyno is located in Dayton, Ohio.

ITW Muller makes pallet systems, stretch machines and pallet wrappers. Muller is owned by ITW and located in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

Multivac makes thermoformers, slicers, labelers and food packaging systems. Multivac is located in Kansas City, Missouri.

Murzan makes sanitary systems including diaphragm pumps, unloading systems, custom sanitary pumps and clean-in-place / CIP systems. Murzan is located in Norcross, Georgia.

Nalbach Engineering makes volumetric fillers, bottle fillers, bottle orienteers, bottle unscramblers, modified atmosphere packaging systems. Nalbach Engineering is located in Countryside. Illinois.

Nercon Engineering manufacturers conveyor systems and conveyor equipment for the packaging, food, pharma, beverage, meat dairy, produce, health and candy industries. Nalbach Engineering is located in Neenah Wisconsin.

Newman Labeling Systems makes bottle labeling equipment, carton labelling machines and syringe labelling machines. Newman Labeling is located in the Hertfordshire, England.

NJM Packaging makes bottle unscramblers, tablet feeders, tablet counters, liquid filling machines, outserters, commercial labelers, cappers, retorquers, cottoners and track & trace systems.  NJM Packaging is located in Quebec, Canada and is part of Promach.

Nordson Corp makes adhesive and labeling packaging systems for the aerospace, chemical, electrical and automotive industries. Nordson Corp is located in Westlake, Ohio.

Nutec Systems makes industrial printing and labelling systems, vision inspection systems and track & trace systems. Nutec Systems is located in Lawrenceville, NJ.

Orics Packaging Machinery makes modified atmosphere packaging system and includes denesters, fillers and sealers. Orics Packaging Machinery is located in East Farmingdale, New York.

PE Labelers manufacturers combined labeling systems, pressure sensitive labeling machines, cold glue machines, roll fed labelling machines and hot melt stations. P. E. Labelers is located in Ohio and California.

PFM Packaging Machinery Corp, makes horizontal packaging machines for the food and non-food industries. PFM Packaging Machinery brands include Hawk, BG 2800-4800, Blizzard Cut and Flow Wrap, Blizzard Hard Candy machine, Bora, Compact, Falcon, Ghibli, Hurricane, Mistral BA, Mistral BB, Pearl, Pulsar, Scirocco, Scirocco Pocket-Bag, Shamal, Sirio, Swift, Tornado LD and Zephyr. PFM Packaging Machinery is located in Huntington Beach, California.

Pac Tec Packaging makes food and beverage packaging equipment and includes rotary, inline, stand alone semi-auto and manual machines, hot fillers, cold fillers, denesters, conveyors, custom inserts, heat sealers and accumulation tables. The old Pactec website is here. Pac Tec Packaging is now handled by Viamo Equipment which is based in Italy.

Pace Packaging Corp makes bottle unscramblers, bottle orienters and conveyor cleaners for the pharma, beverage, automotive, distiller and agricultural industries. Pace Packaging Corp is located in Fairfield, New Jersey and part of Promach.

Pack West makes inline cappers and retorquers and cap sorting equipment. Pack West is part of Promach and located in Corona, California.

PakTech makes can and bottle handles, multipak applicators, can carrier applicators and unipak applicators. PakTech is located in Eugene, Oregon.

Patterson-Kelley manufacturers commercial boilers and industrial water heaters.  Patterson-Kelley is located in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

Paul Mueller Co builds custom heat transfers and tanks for industrial plants, which helps keep food and medicines clean while in processing. Paul Mueller Co is in Springfield, MO.

Pfaudler produces industrial machinery for mixing liquids and the machines are designed to keep the liquids clean and free from contamination. Pfaudler is located all over the world.

Prodo Pak Corp custom makes packaging machines and are focused on the food and cosmetic industries. Prodo Pak Corp is located in Garfield, NJ.

Quadrel Labeling System provides labeling machines that can print over 450 labels per minute. Quadrel Labeling System is located in Mentor, OH.

R. A. Jones specializes in providing packaging machines for many industries. R. A. Jones is located in Covington, KY.

Reiser provides horizontal packaging machines for the meat packaging industry. They machines are designed to keep production high and production costs low. Reiser is located in Canton, MA.

Reiser Vemag provides machines for baking and includes portioners, waterwheels, and other tools for large scale baking. Reiser Vemag is in Canton, MA.

Rheon USA produces high-quality processing machines for industrial plants. Rheon USA is located in Teterboro, NJ.

Rietz Bepex produces equipment for the fruit, dairy and meat processing industries. Rietz Bepex is located in Minneapolis, MN.

Robot Coupe produces food processing equipment for the fast food and catering industries. Robot Coupe is located in France.

Ronchi produces capping systems, unscrambling systems and filling lines for the cosmetics and health industries. Ronchi Packaging Machinery is located in Milan, Italy.

SWF Companies produces machinery to automatically package materials for all industries. This machinery can also be custom-made. SWF Companies is located in Chicago, IL.

Sabel Engineering Corp produces small robotic machines that can package small items quickly. These machines can be used across all industries. Sabel Engineering is based in Sonoma, California.

Safeline Mettler Toledo produce metal detectors that can be used across all industries. These detectors show the inside and outside of products at one time. Safeline Mettler Toledo is located in Columbus, OH.

Sani Matic Incorporated provides cleaning systems that can be used to clean industrial machines, elevators, and much more. Sani Matic Incorporated is located in Sun Prairie, WI.

Spee Dee Packaging Machinery makes filling machines and weighing systems. Spee Dee Packaging Machinery is in Sturtevant, WI.

Spray Dynamics produces coating and seasoning machines for the food, meat, cannabis, pharma and candy industries. Spray Dynamics is located in Hayward, CA.

Sweco provides separators and grinding machines for the pharma, agriculture, chemical food and beverage industries. Sweco is located in Florence, KY.

Tetra Pak produces machinery for the food and beverage industry. Tetra Pak is based in Switzerland.

Texwrap Packaging Systems provides shrink wrapping machines and techniques to help industrial plants keep their products fresh longer. Texwrap is located in Washington, MO and is part of Promach.

Three M Company provides adhesives, diluters, dust removal equipment for many industries. Three M Company is located in St. Paul, MN.

Toledo Scale Co/Hi Speed provides industrial scales and weighing systems so that food and beverages can quickly be weighed before they are packaged. Toledo Scale/Hi Speed is in Toledo, OH.

Tomra provides reverse vending systems, food safety systems and mining solutions. Tomra is located in Norway.

Torit Day provides filtration systems used to protect food and beverages from fumes, dust, and other particles. Torit Day is located in Bloomington, MN.

Tri Clover provides comprehensive fittings of bolts and screws for the brewing industry and other industries. Tri Clover is located in Greenwood, IN.

Trine Labelling Systems provides roll fed label applicators for the beverage, food, coffee, CPG and pharma industries. Trine Labelling Systems is in Fullerton, CA and is party of Accraply.

US Bottlers Machinery Co produces industrial machinery like fillers, cappers, sorters and combiners for beverage industry. Each machine is custom designed for the client. US Bottlers Machinery Co is located in Charlotte, NC.

Urschel Laboratories offers industrial slicers, dicers, shredders and mixers for the food processing industry. Urschel Laboratories is located in Chesterton, IN.

Vemag Maschinenbau GMBH produces food processing machines and food equipment. Veman Mashinenbau GMBH is located in Verden, Germany.

Videojet Technologies produces laser marking and labelling machinery for the beverage and auto industries. Videojet Technologies is located in Wood Dale, IL.

Walker Engineered Products provides stainless steel vessels for mixing and storage. Walker Engineered Products is located in Springfield, MO.

Waukesha Cherry Burrell puts together centrifugal pumps, sanitary valves, and other industrial equipment. Waukesha Cherry Burrell is located in Oakville, Ontario.

Weighpack Systems engineers industrial coffee bagging machines and gusset bagging machines. Weighpack Systems resides in Toronto, Canada.

Wexxar Bel engineers machines that the pack and seal industry and are known for their speed. Wexxar Bel is located in Canada.

Wild Goose Canning and Meheen Manufacturing specialize in beverage packaging machines. Wild Goose Canning and Meheen Manufacturing are in Louisville, CO.

World Cup Packaging provides dual-lane filling and packaging machines for industry. These machines can fill and package a wide variety of products. World Cup Packaging is located in South Beloit, IL.

World Packaging Machinery offers machines that package and seal products in many industries. World Packaging Machinery is located in Little Falls, NJ.

Wulftec International provides wrapping machines, strapping machines and pallet handling machines. Wulftec International is located in Quebec, Canada.

Yamato Corp creates depositors, inspection systems and industrial scales. They also sell parts for these systems. Yamato Corp is located in Grafton, WI.

Zalkin Americas manufactures ultra-tough bottle capping machines as well as the parts for these machines. Zalkin Americas is located in Statham, GA.


Finding Top Industrial Equipment Starts at Loeb

Loeb offers an extensive lineup of services designed to help you manage your needs for industrial or manufacturing equipment. Our auctions are great places to find the right equipment from top packaging and processing equipment companies. By choosing machinery produced by top original equipment manufacturers, you can increase productivity with reliable industrial equipment that will provide you with dependable performance.

What Is an Original Equipment Manufacturer?

Used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from the experts at Loeb Equipment

An original equipment manufacturer or OEM is a manufacturing company that produces components for use in creating other, more complex products or systems. One OEM example is found in the automotive world, where OEM parts are those that are manufactured by companies that supplied the original parts for building the vehicle. Parts not made by these companies are referred to as aftermarket parts. For larger systems like manufacturing plants, each part of the processing and packaging equipment lines may work better with components designed for use by the original manufacturers.

In the industrial equipment world, OEM equipment by leading industrial equipment companies is in higher demand because of perceived higher quality and greater reliability. Top manufacturing equipment suppliers can provide OEM parts for repairs and can offer the quality assurances associated with original equipment manufacturer standards.

Loeb can help you find top-notch commercial manufacturing equipment from top processing and packaging equipment companies. Many of the brands of industrial equipment we sell are from top names in the industrial processing equipment sector with a solid reputation for quality and the high standards required of the most trusted original equipment manufacturer companies.

Within the manufacturing industry, OEM meaning often refers not only to the ability to provide the highest quality replacement parts but also to the connotation of higher quality equipment in general. In this sense of OEM meaning, the ability of these manufacturers to deliver accurate and functional components can also provide added confidence for purchasers of used equipment from these equipment manufacturer companies. Forbes recommends the sustainable sales and use of pre-owned and excess equipment from trusted industrial equipment companies as a workable strategy for companies in need of reliable industrial equipment.


Key Facts About the Packaging Equipment Industry

Used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from the experts at Loeb Equipment

Packaging equipment companies manufacture the machinery used to protect and to transport products from factory floor to retail shelves or consumers. Some of the most important factors to keep in mind when purchasing commercial manufacturing equipment in this sector of the industry are listed below:

  • A growing industry: The packaging industry is projected to achieve a worth of $1.2 trillion by 2028. The steady growth of this sector has led to increased demand for machinery and components from top packaging equipment companies and manufacturing equipment suppliers.
  • Federally regulated: The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1967 allows both the Federal Trade Commission and the FDA to establish requirements for packaging and labeling.
  • A variety of packaging material types: Industrial equipment manufacturers and packaging equipment companies offer an extensive array of equipment types to handle plastics, paper and other types of packaging materials. This ensures that product and equipment manufacturers have the appropriate tools for all their packaging requirements.
  • Used packaging equipment: Supply chain disruptions have reduced the availability of packaging materials and new packaging equipment. Used equipment and components from top packaging equipment manufacturers can help modern businesses to acquire the right solutions for their current and future needs.
  • Sustainability: Along with looking to Loeb for used packaging equipment, many businesses are opting for sustainable options for the packaging they use to deliver their products to market. This often requires retooling with machinery and components from top packaging equipment manufacturers.
  • Quality: Purchasing high-quality used OEM equipment from name-brand packaging equipment manufacturers can reduce the likelihood of breakdowns of your commercial manufacturing equipment. At Loeb, we offer accurate appraisals for equipment that can help you make the best decisions when buying used packaging machinery from us.
  • Maintenance and cost of ownership: In many cases, purchasing used equipment from established packaging equipment manufacturers can reduce the cost of ownership and can streamline the maintenance process for you and your crew.

At Loeb, we offer OEM equipment from top packaging equipment manufacturers to provide you with improved options for purchasing used equipment at fair prices. Our extensive lineup of machinery from leading packaging equipment manufacturers can make it much easier to find the perfect manufacturing equipment for your operations.

Reliable Used Equipment from Top Processing Equipment Companies

Used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from the experts at Loeb Equipment

Loeb also offers used equipment from the most trusted processing equipment manufacturers. One of the largest sectors of the processing equipment industry is food processing, which accounts for about $143 billion in value each year. Food processing industrial equipment manufacturers and other processing equipment companies deliver the tools necessary to manage your operations in the most efficient and practical way possible.

At Loeb, we offer industrial processing equipment and accurate appraisals to make buying the right equipment from top processing equipment manufacturers easier for your company. As one of the top manufacturing equipment suppliers, Loeb can provide outstanding options for equipment from top-of-the-line processing equipment companies. If you need good used manufacturing equipment, we offer original equipment manufacturer options from processing equipment manufacturers with a proven reputation for quality within the industry.

By choosing items for purchase from top processing equipment manufacturers and that are in good working condition, you can find the right solutions for both short-term and long-term needs for your manufacturing and production requirements. Whether you need brewery, bakery or manufacturing tools and equipment, Loeb is a valuable resource and one of the most reputable manufacturing equipment suppliers in the industry.

Buying Used Equipment

One of the most important trends in the manufacturing industry over the past few years is a new focus on sustainability. Purchasing OEM equipment from Loeb can allow your company to achieve a balance between reliable performance for your operations and sustainable manufacturing that reduces the impact of your company on the environment and available resources.

Buying good used equipment from OEM industrial equipment companies at auction or directly from Loeb can allow you to avoid the expense and delays associated with the purchase of new equipment. As one of the leading manufacturing equipment suppliers in North America, Loeb offers an unmatched array of options for the manufacturing sector. Our array of services like used equipment loans and financing are designed to make it much easier for you to find and acquire the equipment your company needs to stay profitable now and in the future.

The Industries We Serve

Used original equipment manufacturer (OEM) from the experts at Loeb Equipment

At Loeb, we know that the right equipment manufacturer can make a big difference in the performance of packaging and processing equipment. We offer a large selection of options from top equipment manufacturers to help you acquire the machinery and accessories you need for your current and ongoing operations. Some of the industries we serve include the following:

  • Food processing manufacturing, including bakeries, confectionaries, mills and meat processing plants require an array of equipment that may include fryers, ovens, pasteurizers and sterilization tools. Meat processing equipment may include grinders and slicers from top equipment manufacturers that are used in preparing these food items for commercial or consumer use.
  • Chemical and plastic production facilities may need heating cabinets, vacuums and tenter frames to manage their manufacturing operations. Other items that are often available through Loeb and are necessary to the chemical processing industry are oxygen analyzers, fire safety equipment, air handlers and steel drum heating cabinets.
  • Breweries and beverage production plants typically use brewhouses, fermenters, bottling equipment and brew kettles to create the products they manufacture for the consumer marketplace. The equipment used for these operations must meet stringent standards for safety and hygienic operations.
  • Pharmaceutical processing and packaging enterprises require tanks, kettles, agitators and blenders to create the products they produce. Packaging is also an important element in bringing pharma products safely from production environment to medical facilities and to consumers.
  • Cosmetics companies also maintain a strong focus on packaging to ensure the best reception in the consumer marketplace. Cosmetics equipment may include fillers, emulsifiers, mixers or coolers to ensure the quality of the finished product.
  • Manufacturing firms rely on the right equipment to produce items for sale in the business-to-business or business-to-consumer sectors. The processing and packaging equipment needed for these operations can vary depending on the type of manufacturing performed. Drilling, milling, grinding and turning tools are all common types of manufacturing equipment that are available from Loeb.

At Loeb, we make it easy and convenient for your business to find the right equipment for your processing and packaging needs. We work with you to provide the right services to assist you in purchasing used OEM equipment that is precisely right for your needs.

The Services We Offer at Loeb

Loeb offers an exceptional array of services that can make it easier to buy or sell used equipment. Some of our most popular services are listed below:

  • Auctions are our specialty at Loeb. We have been serving the business community for more than 140 years with expert services and the new and used machinery and equipment our clients need to build their own businesses.
  • We handle equipment liquidations that make it easier to close facilities and to sell off the assets of these business operations. At Loeb, our high level of experience and knowledge of OEM pricing and value can ensure that your company receives the best pricing for liquidation proceedings.
  • Loeb’s asset-based lending options can be tailored to your specific needs. Whether you want to leverage equity in your current equipment, to purchase equipment for your operations or to sell your equipment to Loeb and lease it back for financial flexibility, we can provide the perfect asset-based lending solutions for you.
  • Accurate and expert appraisals are one of the most important services we offer at Loeb. Our experienced and knowledgeable appraisal team members can provide you with the most accurate assessments of the value of equipment you are considering for purchase or equipment you plan to sell. We offer USPAP-compliant market appraisals that will help you manage your purchasing and selling activities in an informed way.
  • We purchase equipment to help companies convert excess and surplus items into cash for their ongoing operations. This can allow your business to operate more efficiently and can provide cash on hand for other priorities.
  • Loeb also provides equipment financing to qualified borrowers that can allow you to purchase quality OEM used equipment and to pay for it over time. Our equipment line of credit is a popular option that allows you to borrow up to the limits of your line of credit and to replenish your available funds as you pay back the amount you borrow.
  • Equipment leasebacks can allow you to leverage your existing equipment by extracting equity from it and then continuing to use it on a leased basis. Loeb specializes in these types of arrangements, which can provide valuable cash on hand while providing some definite financial and tax advantages for your company.
  • Renting equipment from Loeb can help you to expand your business without the initial cash outlay and expenses involved in purchasing your equipment outright. We offer rent-to-own options that can allow your business to test the waters for your expansion without making an extensive investment in these activities.
  • Loeb also provides distressed lending solutions that include bridge financing, debtor-in-possession or DIP financing and other distressed financing options. If your business is currently undergoing reorganization or is in bankruptcy proceedings, our asset-based loan options can allow you to access funds based on your company’s collateral rather than your credit rating. This can make a significant difference in your ability to recover from tough financial times and to continue your operations in a better position after reorganization or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

If you are looking to buy commercial manufacturing equipment, we offer the right solutions for you. Our extensive inventory of OEM products, tools and equipment can ensure that you can buy the right systems for your business operations. We also work with you to provide financing for your purchase. Loeb can help you find quality used equipment by trusted original equipment manufacturers. This can make it easier for you to purchase the industrial equipment you need at a cost that works for you.

At Loeb, we are always interested in purchasing quality OEM equipment for resale. If you need to divest some of your assets to make room for new equipment or if you are interested in purchasing equipment from us, Loeb offers a comprehensive range of financing, buying and selling options tailored to your company’s current and future needs.

Why Choose Loeb?

The experts at Loeb can provide you with the best services in the used machinery and equipment industry. Some of the most important reasons to choose Loeb for your equipment needs are listed below:

  • Expert appraisals by trained and experienced professionals with outstanding industrial expertise
  • Easier qualifications for all types of lending arrangements
  • Professional marketing for auctions and liquidations that allows Loeb to attract interest in the items you want to sell
  • An extensive and detailed inventory of processing and packaging equipment to help you buy direct from us
  • A trusted partner in buying and selling used equipment for commercial and industrial enterprises

To learn more about our lineup of OEM equipment or to sell your original equipment manufacturer systems to us, contact us today at 1-800-560-LOEB or contact us online. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you to build a brighter future for your company and its operations.