Statistics collected by Terakeet show that cosmetics industry spending topped $483 billion in 2020. The sector is expected to rake in over $716 billion by the year 2025. This high-value industry, however, has experienced some significant shifts in recent years.

McKinsey & Company found that recent changes in the cosmetics industry have resulted in changes to the primary focus of many companies that serve the industry. Many consumers have changed their shopping habits to purchase more products online rather than in brick-and-mortar stores.

If your cosmetics company has been affected by the recent changes in the economy and the consumer marketplace, Loeb can help. We buy, sell, auction and offer financing solutions for cosmetics equipment that will promote the best possible financial position for your company.

What Is Cosmetics Equipment?

New Cosmetic Science lists some of the most common types of cosmetics manufacturing equipment as grinders, mixers, emulsifiers, coolers, molders and filling equipment. These types of cosmetics equipment are used to combine the required ingredients to create products for the consumer marketplace.

How are cosmetics made? In general, high-quality ingredients are mixed and emulsified to create a product that has the desired characteristics of color, scent and consistency. Some of the steps in this process include the following:

At Loeb, we can help you find the right cosmetics equipment for your facility. We offer loans for cosmetics equipment and facilitate auctions for used cosmetics equipment, which can promote the greatest productivity and the highest profitability for your company in the modern cosmetics industry.

Cosmetics Industry Overview

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) distinguishes cosmetics from drugs according to the intended use of the product. Statista indicates that the primary product categories in the cosmetics industry include skin care and hair care products, deodorants, toiletries, perfumes and colognes and makeup. These products are not advertised to offer any medicinal benefits and are not intended to treat or cure any physical ailment.

TechSci Research notes that the U.S. cosmetics market was worth more than $95 billion in 2020. This cosmetics industry overview includes direct sales of cosmetics, the retail cosmetics marketplace and clinics that offer cosmetics services to clients on a local basis.

At Loeb, we offer practical help for cosmetics companies in the United States, Mexico and the English-speaking portions of Canada. We can provide access to high-quality used cosmetics machinery including cosmetics mixing equipment and many other necessary elements to create cosmetics for the consumer marketplace.

What Is Cosmetics Equipment Financing?

Purchasing new cosmetics equipment can be expensive. Loeb offers used cosmetics equipment and cosmetics equipment financing that can help you buy cosmetics equipment more affordably. Our team can provide you with a wide range of options that include cosmetics equipment appraisals, cosmetics equipment auctions, cosmetics equipment term loans, cosmetics equipment line of credit arrangements and cosmetics equipment liquidations. We can even rent used cosmetics equipment on a case-by-case basis for our valued customers.

Working with Loeb can have some significant advantages for your company:

  • Proven expertise in cosmetics equipment appraisals
  • A range of cosmetics equipment financing options that work for our clients
  • Faster decisions and more frequent approvals for cosmetics equipment financing
  • Greater flexibility in the terms and structure of your loan

Loeb offers asset-based financing from $1 million to $20 million, which can make a significant impact on your company’s financial situation and profitability in the consumer marketplace.

Cosmetics Equipment Appraisals

Because of our years of experience in the cosmetics field, we can offer accurate appraisals for used cosmetics machines to ensure that you get fair value for your financing transactions with us. Because the amount you can finance depends on the value of your cosmetics manufacturing equipment, the accuracy of our cosmetics equipment appraisals can make a substantial difference in your financial situation.

Cosmetics Equipment Auctions

Loeb also regularly offers cosmetics equipment auctions that allow you to sell cosmetics equipment you no longer need or use. We can arrange for cosmetics equipment auctions for cosmetics manufacturing equipment, used cosmetics machinery and other used cosmetics equipment to help you manage your cash flow and financial situations more effectively.

Loeb is known industry-wide for its manufacturing and cosmetics equipment auctions. We have the expertise and the experience to provide you with the widest audience for your cosmetics equipment auctions and can help you realize the highest prices for your used cosmetics equipment. If you need to sell cosmetics equipment, our cosmetics equipment auctions are a solid choice for your company.

Cosmetics Equipment Term Loans and Asset-Based Loans

Finding the right cosmetics equipment financing can be a challenge. At Loeb, we offer term loans for cosmetics equipment and other asset-based lending solutions that can help to make your acquisitions ore affordable. Our loans for cosmetics equipment are tailored to suit your needs.

Cosmetics equipment term loans are designed to help you buy used cosmetics equipment over time. This can reduce your initial outlay for cosmetics manufacturing equipment and can help you to manage cash flow. Used cosmetics machines are often in solid working order and can be put into service as is, which can help you to manage costs even more effectively when you buy used cosmetics equipment from Loeb.

The U.S. Small Business Administration recommends asset-based lending for companies that lack liquidity but that have a significant amount of equity tied up in equipment. Rather than borrowing from traditional sources, cosmetics equipment term loans can draw on the value of your used cosmetics equipment to provide added flexibility for your corporate financing.

Cosmetics Equipment Line of Credit

Equipment lines of credit are flexible financial arrangements that can allow you to borrow as little or as much as you need within a specific range determined by the appraisal of your used cosmetics equipment. The process requires an accurate valuation of your cosmetics equipment, which then determines the amount of your cosmetics equipment line of credit. For as long as you maintain this line of credit in good standing, you can borrow up to the maximum amount of the line and pay it back over time. These cosmetics equipment financing options are secured by the equity in your used cosmetics machinery.

Cosmetics Equipment Leasebacks and Leasing

Sale leasebacks are a financing strategy that allows companies to sell major assets like cosmetics equipment to another company and then to lease it back from that company to continue using it to generate income. Loeb offers cosmetics equipment leaseback solutions that will allow you to enjoy greater flexibility and increased use of your available equity. Our cosmetics equipment leasebacks can put cash in hand for your company to continue your operations while allowing you to continue to use your current equipment. Loeb specializes in creating tailor-made cosmetics equipment leaseback options that will work for you.

Selling Cosmetics Equipment

Loeb can make it easier to manage your cosmetics equipment sales. Our existing platform includes cosmetics equipment liquidations, auctions for cosmetics mixing equipment and online sales of used cosmetics machines. This can help you to sell cosmetics equipment more quickly and for a fair price. In some cases, Loeb will buy used cosmetics equipment outright to ensure the fastest solutions for our clients.

Buying Cosmetics Equipment

Our cosmetics equipment auctions are a great solution if you are looking to buy used cosmetics equipment. We regularly offer auctions for cosmetics manufacturing equipment, which can help you get the best price on cosmetics equipment in the competitive auction environment. If you are in the market for used cosmetics machinery or cosmetics mixing equipment, Loeb is your best source for quality used cosmetics machinery at affordable prices. Our loans for cosmetics equipment can help you buy used cosmetics equipment at the best possible prices.

Cosmetics Equipment Liquidations

If your business needs to liquidate your entire equipment lineup, Loeb can help you with cosmetics equipment liquidations that offer fair prices for your machinery. We can also buy used cosmetics equipment outright for sale on our online platform.

Renting Used Cosmetics Equipment

In some cases, it may make more sense to rent used cosmetics equipment rather than to buy cosmetics equipment from a vendor. Loeb can often rent used cosmetics equipment to suit your needs and to lower your financial outlay for these machines.

Whether you are looking to sell used cosmetics equipment, a cosmetics equipment leaseback or a venue to sell cosmetics equipment quickly, Loeb is your one-stop shop for all your new and used cosmetics equipment needs. We are a trusted leader in the auction, sale and purchase of equipment of nearly all types. Contact us today at 1-800-560-LOEB or visit us online to discuss your options for financing, buying or selling cosmetics equipment. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.