Financial Solutions

Loeb Term Solutions understands that our Clients have unique financing needs based on their unique narrative. Our financial solutions have been brought to market with the intention of being flexible and timely.

Equipment Line of Credit (ELOC)

Our Line of Credit allows Clients to leverage their equipment to establish a borrowing base. Once that borrowing base has been established, then Clients can draw from this line at their discretion for capital expenditures, seasonal cash flow needs, working capital, etc.

  • Advantages to the Line of Credit
    • The amount and timing of the funds being distributed are determined by the Client.
    • Only interest payments are required until the principal becomes due.

More information on an Equipment Line of Credit is available here

See here for more information on Debtor in Possession financing or Equipment Loan Brokers.

Term Loan

Our Term Loan allows Clients to leverage their equipment and provide an immediate injection of liquidity into their business. Terms typically range from two to five years based on the Client’s needs. The liquidity has been used to assist with new equipment acquisitions, working capital, etc.

  • Advantages to the Term Loan
    • All gross funding potential is distributed to the Client on Day 1 of funding.
      Principal and Interest payments are clearly amortized over a fixed payment schedule.

For more information on 20 different industries Loeb finances, including food equipment loans, beverage equipment loans, brewery equipment loans, chemical equipment loans, plastic equipment loans, and pharmaceutical equipment financing please see our industry pages.


Our Leaseback allows Clients to sell their machinery to Loeb and ultimately regain ownership over time. This solution has been beneficial to Clients who are needing to purchase new equipment or clean up their balance sheet.

  • Advantages to the Leaseback
    • The Client’s balance sheet would immediately improve as liabilities would decrease and current assets would increase.

For more information see our Equipment Leasebacks page.

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The Loeb Term Solutions Proven Process

Financial Sales

Loeb Term Solutions prides itself on a streamlined process to financing from start to finish. At the time the request for financial services is received, the team is put in place and a project plan is mapped from the mutual discovery, through to the appraisal, all the way through to completion of funding.

Looking for an Equipment Term Loan, Line of Credit or Leaseback?