Loeb Equipment has more than 140 years of experience in the industrial and commercial equipment business. If you are looking for chemical equipment or financing solutions, we are your best source for the used chemical processing equipment or chemical packaging equipment your business needs.

We also purchase used chemical equipment and host chemical equipment auctions and chemical equipment liquidations that allow companies to buy and sell these items more easily. We put our experience and knowledge of the chemical industry to work for you in providing you with accurate chemical equipment appraisals as well as the services you need to find chemical packaging machinery or to buy used chemical equipment at affordable prices. Our team is committed to helping your equipment business succeed to the fullest extent possible.

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What Is Chemical Equipment and How Is It Used?

Chemical equipment is generally divided into two categories. Chemical processing equipment is used in the manufacture and production of chemical products for industrial, commercial and consumer use. Chemical packaging equipment is used to prepare these chemical products for distribution and eventual sale. Each of these types of equipment are necessary to support the activities of the chemical industry effectively.

Some of the most common types of chemical processing equipment include the following:

  • Tanks hold chemicals during mixing and other processing activities.
  • Reactors
  • Heat exchangers are used for numerous chemical processes and allow for controlled temperature changes in the manufacturing environment.
  • Centrifuges can separate various ingredients, particles and fluids to be separated efficiently.
  • Generators
  • Mixers are also essential items of chemical processing equipment and combine chemicals to produce the desired results.
  • Blenders are used for mixing ingredients

Packaging equipment is also necessary to contain hazardous chemicals and to prepare chemical compounds for shipping and distribution. Some of the main types of chemical packaging equipment include the following:

  • Fillers place chemicals directly into containers for shipment and further processing.
  • Conveyors are used to transfer items from one area to another by moving these products or materials along a path either automatically or manually.
  • Labelers are used to add necessary information to the outside of the containers used to store and ship chemicals.
  • Capping systems are chemical packaging machines that apply caps or lids to containers to seal these items securely.
  • Other types of packaging equipment are available through our chemical equipment auctions and liquidations or by purchasing directly from our current inventory of equipment.

We make it easy to access the used chemical packaging equipment and processing equipment you need to enjoy the most profitable operations. We offer chemical equipment loan options and financing arrangements designed with your needs in mind.

Understanding Chemical Equipment Financing

We offer chemical equipment financing options and equipment financing loans that allow you to make the most practical choices for your business operations. We offer loans for chemical equipment that are designed to work for our equipment and machinery customers.

In some cases, the Small Business Administration may underwrite SBA 7a loans that can be used to acquire new or used chemical equipment. These lending options can allow your business to purchase affordable used chemical processing equipment through Loeb’s auctions, liquidations or inventory sales.

Loeb offers loans in amounts ranging from $1 million to $20 million. Because we offer asset-based loans, we can extend credit arrangements to customers on the basis of the collateral offered rather than on a credit record. We can also customize your loan to suit your needs and the timeframe you require for disbursement. Our in-depth knowledge of manufacturing equipment allows us to serve the chemical industry with practical financing solutions that work for our customers.

Our team will work with you to determine the best way in which to manage loans for chemical equipment and other chemical equipment financing options for your business. We are here to help you buy chemical equipment for your business operations and to help you access the right chemical equipment term loans and other options for your ongoing needs.

Chemical Equipment Appraisals

Chemical equipment appraisals are used to determine the value of these items before chemical equipment auctions, liquidations and other transactions. Loeb offers accurate chemical equipment appraisals that can make it easier to buy chemical equipment or to use the equity value of your used chemical packaging equipment and processing equipment through a leaseback arrangement.

If you need appraisals for chemical equipment term loans or other loans for chemical equipment, Loeb can help with accurate and on-time appraisals and the right chemical equipment loan options to suit your needs.

Chemical Equipment Auctions

Equipment auctions may be held online or as in-person events. Loeb chemical equipment auctions offer our customers a chance to obtain used chemical packaging equipment at affordable prices, which can allow them to buy chemical equipment in a convenient and cost-effective way. By accessing chemical equipment loans from our team, your company can enjoy the most practical benefits from purchases made at Loeb chemical equipment auctions both online and at our in-person events.

Chemical Equipment Loans, Term Loans and Asset-based Loans

If you are looking for loans for chemical equipment, Loeb offers a range of asset-based loans and term loans that are tailored to your chemical equipment acquisition needs. Loeb offers chemical equipment finance options that include leasebacks for your used chemical equipment and loans for chemical packaging machines and processing equipment. We also offer lines of credit that can offer optimal flexibility for your corporate finances.

At Loeb, we can tailor a chemical equipment loan that can help you to navigate cash flow requirements and that can provide real help in managing your financial situation while acquiring the chemical packaging equipment and other types of chemical equipment your business needs to survive and to thrive in the current economy.

Chemical Equipment Line of Credit

A business line of credit allows your company to borrow up to the limit of this credit arrangement and to repay the amount borrowed over time. As you pay off the amount borrowed, you will build up available credit that can be used when needed.

A chemical equipment line of credit from Loeb can make it easier for you to purchase used chemical processing equipment at auction or in one of our chemical equipment liquidations. These revolving chemical equipment loans are an ideal financing solution for your ongoing equipment acquisition needs.

Chemical Equipment Leasebacks and Leasing

Leasebacks are financial arrangements that allow the owners of an asset like chemical equipment to sell that asset to a company. The former owners will then lease the chemical processing equipment and packaging equipment from the company that purchased them, allowing the previous owners to acquire cash on hand while ensuring that they can still manage their ongoing operations. Chemical equipment leasebacks are designed to allow you to sell chemical equipment while retaining the use of these tools for future manufacturing requirements.

The chemical equipment leasebacks offered by Loeb are based on our accurate appraisals and can allow you to receive top dollar for your used chemical equipment. This can help your company to manage overhead costs while retaining the use of your chemical packaging machines and processing tools.

Sell Chemical Equipment

If you are looking to sell chemical equipment, Loeb can purchase your used chemical equipment outright or can arrange for auctions or liquidations for your chemical packaging machinery. We are a trusted resource for used chemical equipment and chemical packaging machines. As a result, we can help you sell your chemical processing equipment and other used chemical equipment much more easily. Loeb is the right solution when you need to sell chemical equipment quickly.

Buy Chemical Equipment

Loeb can help you buy used chemical equipment at prices that suit your budget. You can take a look at our lineup of completed chemical equipment auctions and completed liquidations to learn more about the chemical packaging equipment we make available to our customers. We make it easy to buy used chemical equipment on terms that work for you and your company’s budget.

Chemical Equipment Liquidations

Another great source for affordable chemical packaging machinery are the chemical equipment liquidations available from Loeb. We work with companies that are closing down their operations or that are reducing their lineup of chemical processing equipment to liquidate the excess chemical equipment. Our chemical packaging equipment liquidation services are ideal for buyers and sellers alike. Loeb is your best source for chemical equipment at fair prices. We deliver the right solutions for you.

Rent Used Chemical Equipment

At Loeb, we make it easy to rent used chemical equipment to supplement your existing chemical equipment and to support your operations. Whether you need chemical packaging equipment to manage increased demand or are looking for a short-term solution before you buy used chemical equipment, Loeb can help you to rent chemical equipment on terms that will work for you and your business model.

Other Industries Loeb Supports

Loeb offers equipment financing and machinery loans for many industries and companies including:

  • Cosmetics equipment financing and leasebacks
  • Metalworking equipment loans
  • Pharmaceutical equipment asset loans and finance
  • Food equipment loans and lines of credit
  • Plastics equipment loans and leasebacks
  • Beverage equipment financing and loans
  • Brewery equipment financing
  • Packaging equipment loans and appraisals
  • Processing equipment financing and leasebacks
  • Transportation equipment loans and finance
  • Yellow iron equipment loans


Loeb has been in business for over 100 years and is especially experienced with pharma equipment loans, pharma equipment financing food equipment loans and cosmetics industry financing.

Chemical Industry Overview

Chemicals by volume produced will grow by about 1.4 percent in 2021 and double that to 3.2 percent in 2022. Globally, the chemical industry is responsible for $5.7 trillion in contributions to the international economy that include employment and support for other industries. On its own, the chemical industry directly produces $1.1 trillion in value for the global economy.

Researchers believe that three primary factors will play a significant role in the future of the chemical processing sector:

  • Technological advances
  • Sustainability
  • Political demographics and international tensions


One of the best ways to ensure sustainability for your operations is to reuse existing items by purchasing used chemical packaging equipment or by choosing to rent chemical equipment rather than buying new. At Loeb, we offer used chemical processing equipment that will meet your needs and that will provide you with the support you need to succeed in the competitive marketplace.

Overall, the chemical equipment industry is on the rise once again after some serious setbacks to supply chains and overall productivity caused by the recent pandemic. As shortages ease, however, it still makes sense to consider used chemical equipment as an affordable alternative to new equipment shipped in from overseas. Loeb makes it much easier to manage your equipment requirements in a timely and cost-effective way.

About Loeb Equipment

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