Used Tanks for Industrial Applications

Industrial tanks are used in many different applications throughout the manufacturing and processing sectors. Used tanks are used for cosmetics, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries. Different types of tanks are used in various industries to provide containment and protection for an extensive range of materials. Used steel tanks, especially used stainless tanks, are in demand throughout the industrial world and are necessary to nearly every industry in the United States.

Statistics and Industry Metrics

According to research conducted by consulting firm Market Research Future, demand for storage tanks  is expected to grow significantly in the next few years. By 2025, the market for aboveground storage tank (AST) and underground storage tank (UST) solutions will grow by almost five percent. Business Wire predicts that between 2019 and 2023, the global industrial water storage tank market sector will expand by about $538 million.

How Tanks Are Used

Both ASTs and USTs are used to store a wide range of materials, including liquid processing and powder processing. USTs are subject to more stringent regulation by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Many types of ASTs and USTs, are exempt from regulation under these EPA regulations. For example, ASTs under 1,100 gallons of capacity are not regulated by the EPA. Tank storage solutions are used to hold materials before, during, or after processing. The specific gravity of the chemical or material to be stored is an important factor in determining which tank is correct for your needs.

The Industries That Use Tanks

Industries that routinely use either ASTs or USTs to store materials include the following:

  • Food and Beverage processing and manufacturing plants
  • Cosmetic companies
  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Agricultural operations
  • Water treatment and storage facilities
  • Oil and gas production facilities

In many cases, used steel tanks are suitable for use in these industrial applications. At Loeb, we offer a range of tank options that include used stainless steel tanks and used carbon steel tanks designed to suit the needs of our customers. Whether you need a stainless steel jacketed tank or used reactors and fermenters, we can deliver the tank solutions you need.

Tank Sizes

The sizes available for used tanks will vary depending on the industry in which they will be used. In general, however, standard storage tank options range from 100 gallons to more than 358,000 gallons in capacity. Loeb offers a lineup of tanks for sale that includes used stainless steel tanks and many other types of tanks in a range of sizes and configurations.

Types of Tanks

Depending on the way in which you intend to use your tank, you can select from a wide range of used tanks designed to suit your needs and your budget. Some of the most popular tank options offered by Loeb Equipment include the following:

  • Stainless steel tanks are commonly used in food production and other industrial applications in which durability is a primary concern. According to the National Museum of Natural History at the Smithsonian, stainless tank models were instrumental in the development of cold fermentation of the wine in the early part of the 1900s. Stainless materials allowed winemakers to control temperatures more accurately to protect the flavor of the wines they produced. This type of tank, however, is not suitable for storing acids or acidic compounds.
  • Single wall tanks are primarily used to store water and other non-hazardous materials. In some cases, single wall tanks can be used with other containment measures to hold more hazardous materials like petroleum products. Loeb offers used single wall tanks suitable for use with these secondary containment measures or as stand-alone solutions for storage.
  • Jacketed tanks are used when temperature control is required for the mixing of chemicals within the tank. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute explains that a stainless steel jacketed tank can heat up chemicals to create the proper temperature for the desired reaction. At Loeb, we offer a range of used jacketed tanks designed to suit specific needs in the chemical, pharmaceutical or food processing industries.
  • Fiberglass tanks are used in a wide range of agricultural activities. Purdue University notes that fiberglass tank options are more likely to stay intact if involved in an accident during transportation. This can be useful when transporting or storing chemical compounds that may be hazardous to the environment or to people. Loeb sells used fiberglass tanks that can offer added protection for chemicals in transit or in storage.
  • Glass lined tanks and exotic alloy tank options are used to store and to mix corrosive materials. While these options are less common, Loeb does offer used glass tanks for our customers on a regular basis.
  • Fermenters and reactors are used in cultivating bacteria for scientific and pharmaceutical applications. They can also be useful in managing food processing requirements. We offer a range of used fermenters and reactors that are suitable for most industrial, scientific and pharmaceutical needs.
  • Silo powder tanks are designed to provide long-term storage and protection for dry materials as well as liquids. Opting for silos for powders or liquids will often allow streamlining of the delivery of materials to food service manufacturers or the transfer of grain to mills and agricultural concerns.
  • Drums and stock pots are often categorized as test equipment. These tank solutions have lids or openings through which the contents can be accessed and are commonly used in larger-scale food and beverage production.

Overall, Loeb stocks an extensive inventory of unused and used Tanks for the Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. Our inventory of Tanks includes: S/S JacketedS/S Single Wall or InsulatedReactors or FermentorsC/S Carbon FRP FiberglassDrum or Stock PotGlass or Exotic Alloy, and Powder or Liquid Silos. We stock Tanks from all the Premier OEM’s including: Alloy ProductsCherry BurrellFeldmeierGroenLee IndustriesPaul MuellerPfaudlerPrecision StainlessWalker, and Waukesha. We deliver the best solutions and the most reliable tank options for you.

Why Choose Loeb Equipment for Your Used Tanks?

Loeb Equipment offers tanks for sale that are designed to stand up to the stresses of everyday use. Our tank sales team will work with you to determine the right solutions for your needs. We offer financing and free quotes for our customers to ensure that you receive the right solutions for your specific set of needs. Loeb serves the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetic industries with advanced solutions that are ideally suited to your needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-560-LOEB or email us at to learn more about our inventory of storage solutions. Our team is ready to serve you.