What Is Processing Equipment?

Processing equipment is a part of property, plant and equipment (PPE), a legal term that includes all the parts of a manufacturing or production environment. Specifically, processing equipment is one of two primary categories of industrial equipment.

Processing equipment is the machinery used to create products like pharmaceuticals, foods, chemicals, cosmetics and beverages.

Packaging equipment is used to provide protection against contamination and damage during transit for the items produced on processing lines. Labelers, bottlers, crowners, palletizers and cappers are all examples of packaging equipment options.


At Loeb, we offer an array of options for both packaging and processing equipment. From used food processing equipment for sale to chemical processing equipment used in the industrial and pharmaceutical fields, we can help you find the right used processing equipment for sale, along with almost a dozen financing options.

Trends in Processing Equipment

Processing equipment encompasses a wide range of industries and commercial activities. Food processing equipment and specifically meat processing equipment is always in demand because the need for healthy processed food is a constant. Tracking the latest trends in manufacturing can help your business to stay up-to-date with changes that could affect your bottom line.

The manufacturing industry is remarkably resilient even in tough economic times. Thanks to demand from a strong manufacturing industry, the industrial machinery marketplace is valued at $305.5 billion for 2022 and is expected to grow over the next decade.

Automation continues to be an important part of modern manufacturing and processing. From automated processing lines to processing machinery that can streamline your workflows and increase productivity, finding the used process equipment you need to integrate automation into your existing processing activities can help you manage your operations more effectively.

Many industry experts are recommending the purchase of used equipment to ease supply chain issues. By working with a trusted source for your used processing equipment, you can acquire the right individual items of commercial processing equipment and entire processing lines at an affordable cost.

Data analytics as a trend is playing a major role in industrial processing. By collecting and compiling actionable data, industrial facilities can operate more efficiently. The same data can be used for the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to upgrade factories and manufacturing plants to the standards of Manufacturing 4.0.

At Loeb, we can help you find the right options for all your processing equipment needs. Whether you are looking for chemical processing equipment for sale, pharmaceutical processing equipment or used industrial food processing machinery, we are an established processing equipment company with a proven reputation for fair pricing and accurate appraisals for all the used process equipment we buy and sell.

Choosing the Right Processing Equipment

When selecting processing equipment for your industrial operations, keeping a few important considerations in mind can help you to make the most practical choices for your company. These six elements are the key to finding the right processing equipment for updating your processing lines, replacing aging food or meat processing equipment and finding the perfect pharmaceutical processing equipment for your current and future needs.

  • Capacity: The performance of your processing lines depends on the ability of your equipment to produce a specific amount of work within an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. The performance and capacity are important metrics that can help you decide whether food processing equipment, meat processing equipment or other commercial processing equipment options are right for you.
  • Operating condition: If you are planning to purchase used process equipment at auction or directly from a food processing equipment company, determining the condition of the equipment before making your purchase or bid will allow you to buy the best used processing equipment for your needs. Unlike many other food processing equipment suppliers, Loeb offers in-house appraisal services that can help you find the right options for used chemical process equipment and used food processing equipment for sale.
  • Cost can be a determining factor in the used processing equipment you choose. This is especially true for food processing equipment, meat processing equipment, cosmetics and processing lines. You will want to ensure that you understand the value of the items on which you are bidding at auction or purchasing outright can help you to make the most cost-effective decisions when deciding on used processing machinery for your business operations.
  • Operating costs: The total cost of ownership for processing equipment includes not only the purchase price but also the cost of maintaining and powering these used processing machines. Maintenance costs, labor costs and other ongoing expenses are all part of the total cost of ownership that should be considered when purchasing used chemical process equipment and other machines for your processing lines.
  • Available labor: Even the most advanced processing equipment needs trained and knowledgeable employees to operate it. Before purchasing used processing machinery at auction or deciding on used food processing equipment for sale, determining whether your staff members will need additional training and support to operate these used processing machines can ensure that you purchase the right commercial processing equipment for your operation.
  • Financing: Whether you purchase equipment through our food processing auctions or buy used industrial food processing machinery direct from us, Loeb offers an array of financing options to make it much easier to manage the upfront costs of acquiring used processing equipment. Our financing solutions are ideally suited for helping companies manage cash flow problems and can allow you to make the most practical choices for the financial health of your company.

By keeping these six key considerations in mind when purchasing used food processing equipment and other types of used processing equipment, you can maximize your return on investment for these items in a practical way.

Types of Processing Equipment Available from Loeb

Loeb offers an extensive lineup of processing machinery options for your business. Some of the most popular types of used processing machinery we offer at auction or through our website are listed below.

  • Commercial food processing equipment can include equipment for bakeries, brewery processing lines and snack lines. Other food processing equipment can be used to pasteurize, prepare and produce foods and drinks tasty and safe for consumer use. We offer food processing auctions as well as used industrial food processing equipment for sale directly from our team. Specifically, if you are looking for the right food processing equipment auction options, Loeb is your best source for these services. Loeb offers used food processing equipment and food processing equipment auction services that can allow you to purchase equipment with great financing. Fryers, dicers, slicers, grinders, peelers, mixers and kettles are among the most popular items of food processing equipment available through Loeb auctions. We also sell these types of food processing equipment direct to our customers from our inventory of purchased items. In addition, Loeb performs appraisals and offers financing for food processing equipment, which can make it much easier to manage the financial aspects of these transactions.
  • Meat processing equipment is a subset of food processing equipment. Purchasing used meat processing equipment up to a meat processing plant for sale directly from Loeb can allow you to find a great solution. We also hold meat processing equipment auctions that can help you find the right additions for your company operations. Whether you buy items from a Loeb equipment auction or purchase meat equipment directly from us, you can find great used processing machines by working with us. We are a leading processing equipment company with in-depth experience in appraising and selling meat processing equipment that meets standards for quality and performance and that can help you manage your operations more efficiently.
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment is another category of used processing machines and is also available via equipment auctions available from Loeb. Used processing equipment can save you money and time on processing pharmaceutical products. Along with the equipment we offer, our pharmaceutical plant equipment can help you manage all aspects of your workflows and operations much more efficiently. Overall for pharma equipment, Loeb offers auctions and sales for mixers, blenders, agitators, kettles, tanks and many other items of processing equipment you need for your operations.
  • Chemical processing equipment is used in creating chemical compounds like fertilizers, pesticides, cleaning liquids and other necessities for consumers and business operations alike. We offer chemical processing equipment that can create the precise, scalable, consistent products. Our used chemical process equipment can provide you with the added capacity necessary to supplement your current equipment and to ensure that your business is productive and profitable now and in the future. Some of the most popular types of chemical processing equipment offered by Loeb include steam drum heating cabinets, tenters and oxygen analyzers. We also offer used fire safety equipment and air handling systems for facilities that process chemicals.
  • Manufacturing processing equipment encompasses a wider variety of equipment and can include used meat processing equipment, food processing equipment, chemical equipment, pharma equipment and many other items that are manufactured for business-to-business sales. Used commercial food processing equipment and meat processing plant for sale can be bought through one of our periodic auctions of used industrial food processing machinery. We are also a leading processing equipment company and a great source for used food processing equipment and used processing equipment of all kinds.
  • Cosmetics processing equipment is used to create cosmetic products for consumer use. We offer used process equipment for the cosmetics manufacturing industry. If you need cosmetics equipment for packaging or processing, Loeb is your best source for these types of processing equipment. Mixers, coolers, filling equipment and emulsifiers are among the most common types of cosmetics processing equipment available through Loeb.
  • Distillery, beverage and brewery processing equipment is used to create beverages – both alcoholic and non alcoholic. Generally categorized as food processing equipment, our lineup of used process equipment for distillery, beverage and brewery processing includes boiling tanks, fermenters, mash tuns, Brite tanks and other items necessary for your operations.

Types of Processing Equipment and Brands

Loeb can provide access to a wide variety of used processing equipment types that include hundreds of types of processing machinery. Whether you need used food processing equipment from the top food equipment manufacturers or are looking to buy a processing machine to supplement your current pharmaceutical processing, chemical processing equipment or cosmetics equipment, Loeb can help with great solutions and financing that work for you.

Some of the top industry processing equipment that Loeb carries includes:

  • Autoclave sterilizers use steam under pressure to kill harmful bacteria, viruses, and microbes to make food safer. Autoclave sterilizer manufacturers include Steris, GCA, Getinge, Amsco, Finn, Spence, Primus, and Tuttnauer.
  • Food blanchers are used to heat food in a variety of liquids to remove gases and microbes. Blancher manufacturers include Rietz, Hughes, Lyco, Blentech and Garoute. Loeb has sold over 50 used blanchers.
  • Boilers are used to steam or boil food for the food processing equipment industries. Food boilers are used to cook meats, vegetables, fruits and make food safer. Used boiler manufacturers include Sterling, Untilux, Bryan, Fulton, Electro-Steam, Hurst, Columbia, Burnham, Hurst, Patterson, Miura and Kewanee. Loeb has sold over 100 used food boilers.
  • Braising pans are used for braising food in commercial applications. Loeb has sold dozens of braising pans from Vulcan, Legion and Groen.
  • Breaders and batterers are used for breading meats, doughs and vegetables before deep frying them. Breader brands include Stein breaders, Feldnauer breaders, Koppens breaders, Nothum breaders and Stein Associates breaders.
  • Brewery equipment is one of Loeb’s many focus areas and includes breweries, brewhouses, brew kettles as well as fermenters, tuns, bottling equipment, canning lines, fermentation tanks, Brite tanks, Unitanks and complete brewing systems. Brewing equipment brands and brewery equipment names includes Wild Goose, Kent, NSI Newlands, Premier Stainless Systems, Santarosa, IDD, Smart Machine Technologies, Mueller, ABS and American Beer Equipment.
  • Chemical processing equipment types include tenter frames, heating cabinets, sinks, air handling systems and vacuums. Chemical processing equipment companies include Ilsung, Ehwa, Heat Pro, Benko, Genik Knife, Ansul, Jet Vac and Ultrasonic.
  • Chilsonators are roller compaction systems for dry powders that minimizes downtime. Chilsonator compactors are made by Fitzpatrick.
  • Packed distillation columns are filled with a material that condenses vapors to liquid in a more efficient manner. Column distillers are also used in the distillation of liquor from whiskey to rum to vodka because of their high efficiency and vapor separation. Top column distiller companies include Corso, Minnetonka, Artisan Still, Corning Glass, Barnstead, Meco, Thermolyne, Finn Aqua and Ceilcote.
  • Compressors are used to compress air or refrigerant for colling. Used compressors include air compressors and refrigeration compressors. Used compressor makers include Kaiser, Ingersoll Rand, Sullair, California Air Tools, Gardner Denver compressors, GEA, Canadian Air compressors, Kaeser, Frick, Pro Refrigeration, Phillips compressors, Cooper Industries and Kaishan compressors. Loeb has sold over 300 used compressors.
  • Cooling towers are used for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and industrial liquid cooling purposes. Cooling towers provide a low-cost method for cooling liquids and air. Cooling tower equipment types include glycol chillers, water cooled chillers, air cooled chillers, counterflow cooling towers and roof-mounted chillers. Cooling tower equipment manufacturers include Carrier cooling towers and chillers, Evapco chillers, American Chillers, Spaltech, Thermal Care chillers, Chester Jensen, Turbo Chil, Pro Bake, Koolant Kooler, Advantage cooling towers, Marley, and Baltimore Air Coil / BAC. Loeb has sold dozens of used cooling towers and chillers..
  • Deaerators and Versators are used to remove entrapped gas, foams and air from hot or cold industrial liquids. Deaerator equipment types include used vacuum deaerators, portable versators and high speed dearators. Deaerators and Versator equipment brands include Cornell versators and Cherry Burrel deaerators. Loeb has sold dozens of used versators and used deaerators.
  • Extruders are used to produce long continuous products for that cab be cut to length. Extruder equipment types include chemical extruders, plastic extruders, food grade extruders, slabbing extruders and encrusters. Some of the top used extruder equipment brands include Vemag, FPEC, Clextral extruders, Perfect Score, Umag, Entek extruders, Raccordia, Rheon extruding equipment and Rondo. Loeb has sold hundreds used extruders.
  • Industrial filter equipment is used to remove contaminated particles from gases, liquids, solids and air. Filters are used to purify products as well as working environments. Filter equipment includes press filters, plate filters, frame filters, rotary filters, belt filters, reverse osmosis filters, vacuum filters, leaf filters, leaf filters, water filters and water deionizers. Filter equipment brands include Culligan, Della Toffola, Metchem, Netzch, Osmo, Osmonics, Star Filler, Ionics, Sanimatic, Ertel, Ronningen, Sperry, Alsop, Pure Aqua and JWI. Loeb has sold hundreds of pieces of used commercial filter equipment.
  • Oil fryers and oil roasters are used for cooking nuts, donuts, tortillas, potato chips and many other foods. Types of oil fryers and oil roasters types include batch fryers, top hold down fryers, continuous fryers, donut fryers. Some of the top oil fryer and oil roaster equipment manufacturers include Stein fryers, Tsung roasters, Incalfer fryers, Complete Heat and Control, Fry-Pot Fryers, Anets fryers, Imperial soasters, Hoesch, Macbeth roasters, Belshaw, FooDesign and Propak. Hundreds of oil fryers and oil roasters have been sold by Loeb.
  • Oscillating / mixing granulators are used to turn food, plastics and chemicals in specific sizes. Granulator types available include double granulators, high shear granulators, high speed granulators, plastic shredding granulators, closed rotor granulators and high shear dual mixer granulators. Used granulator makers include Disosan, Colton, Mitts and Merrill granulators, Lodge, Zanchetta, WRT granulators, Nelmor and Granutec granulators. Dozens of granulators have been sold by Loeb.
  • Industrial grinders are used to process nuts, grains and other food products. Grinder types include non-meat food grinders, meat grinders and plastics grinders. Used commercial grinder equipment manufacturers include Rome Titan, Urschel, Vecoplan grinders, Hollymatic, Nelmor grinders, Butcher Boy grinders, Weiler, Hobart industrial grinders, Cincinnati and Paoli grinders. Loeb has sold hundreds of used grinders.
  • Heat exchangers are used to transfer heat between one medium to another. They may be used to heat elements up or cool them down. Types of heat exchangers include traditional heat exchangers, ice cream freezers, plate type HTST pasteurizers, scrapped surface heat exchangers, tube in tube heat exchangers and triple tube heat exchangers. Heat exchanger manufacturers include Enerquip, Allegheny Bradford heat exchangers, Kinetics Modular Systems, Carbone heat exchangers, Handtmann, ITT Bell, Semco, Graham heat exchangers, Aerco Vertical heat exchangers, Solich, Doyel & Roth and Rubicon heat exchangers. Hundreds of heat exchangers have been sold to Loeb customers.
  • Kettles are used to stir/agitate, store, cook and blend foods, chemicals, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and beverages. Kettle types include agitated kettles, basket kettles, non agitated kettles and bowl choppers. Kettles brands include Chester Jensen, Cleveland, Robot Coupe, Kramer Grebe, Steph, Groen and Feldmeier. Loeb’s customers have purchased thousands of used industrial kettles.
  • Meat processing equipment is used for cutting and processing animals into food. Types of meat processing equipment includes meat stuffers, patty formers, meat saws, meat emulsifiers, needle tenderizers, vacuum stuffers, dough portioners, bone pre-breakers, steel pickers and meat tumblers. Top meat processing equipment makers include Ross, Marlen, Vemag, Formax, Reiser, Injectstar, Nutec, Handtmann, Sipromac, Provatec, Ruhle, Stork, Biro, Belam and Lance. Hundreds of pieces of meat processing equipment have been sold by Loeb.
  • Commercial mills are used for grinding down food, grains, chemicals and other materials to precise sizes. Commercial milling equipment includes flour milling equipment, attrition mills, hammer mills, disintegrators, crushers and extructors, pebble mills, extra pebble mills, roller mills, sand mills and stone mills. Mill equipment makers include the top brands like RMS mills, Jacobson, Fitzpatrick mills, Kuenzel, Quadro mills, Greerco, Buhler mills, Keith, NitroGrond mills, L and A, Cozzini, Perry mills and Charlotte. Over one thousand used industrial mills have been sold by Loeb.
  • Commercial mixers are used to blend, homogenize and emulsify materials in a single substance whether solids or liquids. These industrial mixers include many different types like continuous mixers, coaters, thermoscrews, meat cookers, meat mixers, agitators, portable mixers, bakery roller mixers, dispersers, dissolvers, double mixers, double ribbon blenders, plow mixers, high intensity mixers, turbulizers, homomixers, liquefier / likwifiers, Muller mixers, pony paste mixers, planetary mixers, sigma double arm mixers, sigma single arm mixers, tri blender mixers, twin shell double cone mixers and vertical bakery mixers. Industrial mixer manufacturers include Weiler mixers, Rietz mixers, MTC, Bredo mixers, Tonelli, OHI, Peerless, Crossley commercial mixers, Advanced Food Systems, Patterson- Kelley, Norman, Groen mixers, Hobart industrial mixers and Ross mixers.
  • Smokehouse equipment is used to smoke meats for commercial or restaurant use. Smokehouse equipment includes traditional smokehouses, power smokers, electric smokehouses, gas smokers, dual chamber meat smokers, smoke generators, tempering racks, cooling chambers and all varieties of smoke sticks. Smokehouse equipment manufacturers include Smith, Enviro Pak, Mauting, Fessman, Dakstar, Maurer, Nowicki, Koch, Alkar, Mauere-Sohne and Frederick and many others. Dozens of pieces of large-scale smokehouse equipment have been sold by Loeb.
  • Super Sack Handling equipment is used for large scale, bulk bagging of products, chemicals and other materials. Super Sack equipment types include loaders, unloaders, vibratory feed bins, dischargers and Super Sack Bulk powder unloaders. Super Sack equipment makers from Loeb include Taylor, Flomat, Bag Corp, Flexicon, Orthos and Matcom. Dozens of pieces of Super Sack handling equipment have been have been sold by Loeb.
  • Steel tanks are widely used to store or mix liquids in industries from food processing to cosmetics to beverages to chemical processing. The main types of used industrial tanks include carbon steel tanks, fiberglass tanks, drums, stock pots, glass tanks, alloy tanks, reactors, Brite beer tanks, fermenters / fermentors, stainless steel tanks, jacketed S/S tanks, single wall S/S tanks, insulated stainless steel tanks and silo powder tanks. Commercial tank manufacturers include Alloy Products, Letsch tanks, Cherry Burrell tanks, Feldmeier, Santrosa, Groen tanks, Lee Industries tanks, Pfaudler, Precision Stainless tanks, Walker tanks and Waukesha tanks. Thousands of used industrial tanks have been sold by Loeb.

The Industries We Serve

At Loeb, we offer used process equipment designed for the way companies work today. From used food processing equipment to pharmaceutical and chemical processing equipment options, we deliver the best options for your needs. Some of the industries we serve include the following:

  • Food processing equipment
  • Meat processing equipment
  • Distillery, beverage and brewery processing equipment
  • Pharmaceutical processing equipment
  • Chemical processing equipment
  • Cosmetics processing equipment
  • Manufacturing processing equipment

Whether you need used food processing equipment or advanced chemical processing equipment, our team can help you locate the perfect solutions for your current and future operational requirements.

Loeb Equipment Offers Many Services Tailored to Your Equipment Business Needs

As a leading chemical, pharmaceutical, meat and food processing equipment company, Loeb delivers the right services for you. Some of our most popular processing equipment services include the following:

  • Equipment Auctions: We are perhaps known best for our auctions, which provide our customers with opportunities to sell excess equipment or to buy the processing equipment they need to upgrade their operations.
  • Equipment Liquidations: Loeb also handles plant liquidations to assist companies that are moving or that are ceasing operations.
  • Purchase Equipment: We maintain an inventory of top-rated processing equipment for sale directly from Loeb.
  • Equipment Financing: Our processing equipment financing options include term loans, debtor-in-possession financing and other arrangements designed with the needs of our customers in mind.
  • Appraisals of Equipment: We offer appraisals for used processing equipment that are accurate and that can assist you in buying or selling equipment through Loeb.
  • Debtor-in-Possession (DIP) Financing for Used Processing Equipment: If your business is currently undergoing reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings, we offer DIP financing for used processing equipment in distressed lending situations.

At Loeb, our services are tailored to the needs of modern businesses. We can help you find the perfect processing equipment to expand your operations and to help you manage workflows more efficiently for your manufacturing plant or factory.

The Right Used Processing Equipment

Our industrial and food processing equipment company is based in Chicago. This allows us to deliver processing equipment, including meat processing equipment and food processing equipment, to Chicago and locations around the country and throughout North America. We also serve select locations around the world with auctions for meat processing equipment, food processing equipment and chemical processing equipment sales, purchases, auctions and financing arrangements.

Why Choose Loeb for Your Company’s Processing Equipment?

Loeb Equipment offers an exceptional lineup of services to help your business succeed. To learn more, call us today at 1-800-560-LOEB or email us via our sales forms. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you now and for the future of your business.