Used Kettles for Industrial Applications

Despite the ongoing international health crisis and the resulting economic downturn, U.S. industries at the heart of the country’s economy keep the core strong. Three of these strength industries are healthcare, retail and non-durable manufacturing, which continue to generate new jobs and economic growth.

Healthcare accounts for nearly 20 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product, retail more than five percent, and manufacturing of non-durable goods nearly five percent. If you operate a business in these industries, the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, or chemical industry, you understand the necessity of affordable equipment, including kettles for sale, in streamlining production and keeping prices down.

100-gallon kettles are essential equipment in many types of manufacturing. The pharmaceutical industry uses large agitated and jacketed kettles to mix prescription drugs. Used jacketed kettles come in standard sizes up to 3,000 gallons.

Cosmetics companies also mix their formulas in vacuum kettles, 100-gallon kettles, or 50-gallon kettles during the manufacturing process. For instance, to make lipstick, cosmetic manufacturers combine color and wax in a heated agitated kettle. Agitation releases air bubbles from the mixture, making it ready to mold and package.

The chemical industry employs used jacketed kettles that won’t react with the ingredients inside. The right kettle for a chemical mixture will have precise properties such as a given heating or cooling rate that the mixture requires, both for processing and safety. You can special order vessels for sensitive chemical mixtures, or you can purchase used jacketed kettles with the specific properties your formula calls for.

Vessels designed for industrial use come in a range of sizes to suit the job, including:

  • 25 gallon kettles
  • 50 gallon kettles
  • 100 gallon kettles
  • 1,000 gallon vessels

The variety of kettles for sale makes it easier for you to find the models you need. If you own a chemical, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, or food processing company, used equipment is a way to cut costs without sacrificing quality. You can find used equipment like this at major suppliers like Loeb. If we don’t have it, we will find it for you.

Types of Used Kettles for Sale

Kettles for sale come in an amazing variety of types and sizes well beyond the copper or cast-iron 25-gallon kettles you might find in people’s homes. These include:

  • Agitated kettles
  • Non Agitated kettles
  • Basket kettles
  • Vacuum kettles
  • Dual-layer kettles

Agitated kettles for industrial use feature one or more agitators that stir and blend their contents. The two main types are sweep-scrape agitators and prop-style agitators. Food service applications include mixing batter for baked goods and blending sauces.

Non agitated kettles hold substances that do not require blending. Instead, they can heat liquids to the desired temperature. These kettles are useful in the food industry, chemical industry, and cosmetic industry alike.

  • Lee Industries – 5 to 1,000 gallon steam jacketed kettles
  • Groen/GPE – Steam jacketed and agitated kettles, 5 to 1,000 gallons
  • Cleveland – Steam jacketed tabletop and floor vessels for food service
  • Hamilton – Vacuum, agitated and steam kettles

Find Quality Used Kettles for Sale at Loeb Equipment

Loeb Equipment has been a mainstay in the used equipment trade for 141 years. We take pride in maintaining a large inventory of used equipment from top kettle manufacturers to supply you with quality goods that meet your manufacturing or food-service requirements. We provide you with any quantity of items from a single kettle to an entire processing system. We stand behind what we sell. We also offer appraisal, leasing, and financing services.

One of our recent additions to our menu of financial services is a line of credit options for qualified clients. This allows our valued customers greater flexibility in terms of operating capital. Last year, we leveraged more than $12 million to assist seven new customers in manufacturing and foodservice industries in weathering tough economic times while nurturing growth.

Loeb stocks an extensive inventory of unused and used Kettles for the Food, Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industries. Our inventory of Kettles includes: Agitated KettlesNon-Agitated Kettles and Basket Kettles. We stock Kettles from all the Premier OEM’s including: Cherry BurrellGroenLeeHamilton, and Cavalla.

We specialize in helping you find quality used kettles and other industrial equipment at prices you can afford. Check out our current inventory and get started today. Contact us online today or give us a call at 1-800-560-LOEB and let us know how we can help.