A Look at the Packaging Industry

The packaging industry in the United States was worth $184.65 billion in 2021 and is expected to exceed $1.2 trillion by the year 2028. The Fair Packaging and Labeling Act of 1967 grants authority to the Federal Trade Commission and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to oversee packaging and labeling in the United States. The right packaging equipment can help your company to manage this process more effectively. Loeb offers packaging machinery and used packaging equipment purchase options that can make it easier for your business to buy a packaging machine. Here are some key points to keep in mind when planning your purchase of packaging equipment or selling excess packaging machinery through Loeb.

Processing Equipment vs. Packaging Equipment

Machinery that is used to produce or to process products in the manufacturing environment is known as processing equipment. After these items have been produced, however, packaging equipment is required to provide protection for products during shipping and to deliver information to businesses and consumers who purchase these items. All types of manufacturing and processing industries require packaging equipment to comply with federal and state laws and to protect their items from damage in transit.


Many types of packaging materials are used to protect products. From pharmaceutical blister packaging to food packaging equipment, Loeb can help you find the used packaging equipment you need to maintain your business operations in the most efficient way possible. We make it easier for your business to adjust to current trends and changes in the packaging industry with used packaging equipment exactly right for your needs.

Current Trends in the Packaging Equipment Industry

Recent shortages of packing materials like cardboard and plastics have had an impact on the packaging industry. Slowdowns in the transit of goods and shutdowns of manufacturing plants as well as uncertain economic conditions have changed the way packaging equipment is used in the industrial environment. It may also be somewhat more difficult to purchase packaging machinery in current market conditions.

As a result of the pandemic, many consumers purchased larger packages of food and other goods. Family-sized packaging required some manufactures to retool or to buy packaging machines suited to this increased demand for larger packages. Additionally, sustainable packaging is an important trend that can require upgrading packaging equipment to produce compostable or environmentally friendly materials.

Overall, the manufacturing industry remains strong. Packaging equipment can be difficult to acquire at reasonable rates through traditional sources because of recent global disruptions to supply chains. If you are looking for used packaging equipment, Loeb is a great resource that can help you purchase packaging machinery directly from us or through our liquidations and auction services. We have a variety of industrial packaging machines in stock and consistently offer packaging equipment auction events that can help you acquire the packaging machinery your company needs to succeed.

What to Look for When Purchasing Packaging Equipment

Many market experts recommend the purchase of used equipment for packaging and processing activities. This can be a cost-effective measure when buying industrial packaging machines and can help you to manage costs associated with your purchase of packaging equipment. Some key features to consider when purchasing used packaging machinery include the following:

  • Performance is an important factor in the overall value of packaging equipment and used packaging machinery. This metric refers to the volume of work that packaging equipment can handle on an hourly, daily or weekly basis and its reliability over time. Choosing used packaging equipment that offers superior performance can help you make the most practical choices when deciding on used packaging equipment for sale.
  • Condition of the used packaging equipment you are considering is another important consideration for your business. Worn-out equipment may offer a month or two of use before failing entirely. At Loeb Equipment, we offer packaging equipment appraisals you can trust to provide you with accurate information about used packaging machinery for sale. Whether you want to buy equipment through a packaging equipment auction or directly from us, our appraisals offer you a clear idea about the current condition of the packaging equipment you are considering for purchase.
  • Operator capabilities will also play a role in your decision to buy packaging machines. Making sure your team members can operate the packaging equipment you are planning to buy can save you time, effort and stress. Training your staff members to operate commercial packaging equipment can increase the overall costs of purchasing packaging equipment and could result in reduced productivity for you and your team.
  • Price is an important factor for companies looking to buy a packaging machine. It should not, however, be the only consideration. At Loeb, we offer equipment appraisals that allow our customers to determine the actual value of used packaging equipment. This can allow you to make the right choices when deciding on the packaging machines for sale through our platform.
  • Costs of ownership are another important consideration when purchasing packaging equipment. The total cost of ownership for your packaging equipment includes operating costs that include training expenses and energy expenditures as well as the purchase price.
  • Maintenance requirements can be important in deciding which types of packaging equipment are most practical for your business. These include any required replacements for components and labor costs for maintaining your used packaging machines.
  • Available financing can also play a role in determining which packaging equipment company is right for you. At Loeb, we offer equipment financing loans that include food packaging equipment term loans and packaging equipment financing options designed to suit your needs and your budget. Loeb can also provide packaging equipment rental and leasing arrangements to help you acquire used packaging equipment in Chicago and in other locations in North America and around the world.

At Loeb, we can provide you with guidance on purchasing packaging machinery designed to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for used packaging equipment for cosmetics, pharmaceutical products or food packaging machinery, our auctions and liquidations are ideally suited for companies looking for packaging equipment for sale.

Types of Packaging Equipment

Loeb can provide access to an extensive lineup of used packaging equipment types that include hundreds of types of packaging machinery. Whether you need used food packaging equipment from the top food packaging equipment manufacturers or are looking to buy a packaging machine to supplement your current lineup of pharmaceutical packaging equipment or cosmetics equipment, Loeb can help with innovative solutions that work for you.

Top industry packaging equipment that Loeb carries includes:

  • Accumulation Tables – are packing and packaging table options that are designed to hold the equipment and materials used to protect items during shipment. Loeb Equipment offers access to industrial packaging machines and other types of used packaging machinery to help your company prepare products for manufacturing and shipment. Top accumulation brands include Hartness accumulation conveyors, Alliance accumulation tables, Nercon, Apex accumulation tables, Carmatic accumulation tables, Chadham rotary accumulation tables, PackAll rotary accumulation tables, Anderson Machine Works, Ambec accumulation tables, Kaps, Kalish, Charles Lapierre accumulation tables and AC Horn accumulation tables. Loeb has sold hundreds of accumulation tables.
  • Baggers are used to fill and seal bags with powder, liquid and granular materials. Baggers are used extensively in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Top bagger brands include Packline baggers, Action Pac baggers, Weighpack baggers and Weighlin baggers, Mtek bag sealers, Doboy sealers, American Newlong bag sealers, Packrite bag sealers, PSG sealers, Durapack bag sealers and Ion bag sealers. An example of a bagging equipment can be found on the site here. Loeb has sold over 150 baggers, sealers and pouch fillers.
  • Blister packaging and blister packaging machines are used to protect pills, medications, technical equipment and other consumer goods. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment options are commonly used for both over the counter and prescription medications. Loeb offers blister packaging options and other packaging equipment that can help you boost productivity and the ROI of your commercial operations. An example of blister packing machine can found here. Top blister packaging equipment brands and thermoforming equipment brands include Klockner packaging machines, Illig, Koch blister packaging machines, Visual thermoforming machines, Alloyd packaging equipment, Sentinel thermoformers, Multivac vacuum machines and IMA blister packaging equipment.
  • Balers are used for baling materials together like paper, cardboard, plastic and metal for bulk processing. These machines compress the usually recyclable material into tight bales, taking up a much smaller amount of space. Loeb has sold dozens of pieces of used baler equipment. Top used baler brands include Bace balers, Selco balers, Balemaster, JV Manufacturing balers, Young baling equipment and Maren balers.
  • Bottle unscrambler equipment varies widely and equipment types include rotary bottle unscramblers, bottle orienters and bottle feeders. Loeb has sold hundreds of bottle unscramblers. Bottle unscrambler brands include Pace, Omega bottle unscramblers, Accutek bottle unscramblers, Palace, Nalbach, Nercon and NEMA.
  • Bottle washer equipment is used for cleaning bottles and the washer types include orbital bottle rinsers, pneumatic bottle rinsers, rotary bottle rinsers, and forced air bottle cleaners. Loeb bottle washer brands include McBrady bottle rinsers, Accutek bottle washer, Perrier, A&E, Dillin bottle rinsers, E Pak, Cozzoli, Procomac, Hamo bottle washers and Neri. Loeb has sold over 100 used bottle washers and rinsers.
  • Cappers & Crowners – Bottlers and cappers are used in the brewing industry and as key pieces of food / beverage packaging equipment. These types of used food packaging equipment are available from brand-name food packaging equipment manufacturers and are among the most popular categories of packaging equipment for sale. These used packaging machines are among the most commonly requested types of automated packaging equipment. Top capper and crowner equipment brands include Consolidated Capem rotary cappers, Pack West spindle cappers, Fowler-Zalkin capper equipment, Ronchi cappers, Accutek cappers, Fowler Zalkin capping equipment, R&G,US Bottlers screw cappers, Anderson cappers and Calumatic cappers.
  • Cartoners are used for putting products in cartons for shipping and distribution. The cartoning equipment typically stuffs, folds and glues the cartons. Top cartoner brands include Kliklok cartoners, Adco, Clybourn cartoning equipment, Oystar Jones, Jasa Packaging cartoners and Bosch cartoners. Loeb has sold hundreds of pieces of cartoner equipment to the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and beverage industries.
  • Case packer equipment can include robotic case packing systems, packing bundlers, tray packers, drop case packers and top load packers. Loeb has sold hundreds of used case packers to most of the top 10 industries. Top case packer brands include Standard Knapp, Hartness case packers, Fanuc, Bosch tray packers, Douglas and Bergami case packers.
  • Case sealers are used to seal packing and shipping cases. Hundreds of case sealers have been sold by Loeb. Case sealers brands like 3M case sealers, Hamrick, Belcor case sealers, Pearson case sealing systems, Combi, Loveshaw, Wexxar case sealers, etc.
  • Clamshell packaging equipment is a great example of food processing and packaging equipment. Clamshell packaging is used in groceries and restaurants and is among the most versatile used food packaging equipment available from Loeb. If you are looking for food processing packaging equipment or in the market for food packaging equipment for sale, we offer an array of clamshell packaging options for our customers. Loeb has sold dozens of pieces of used clamshell packaging equipment.
  • Conveyors are used to move goods and products and raw materials from one location to another, usually in the same area or building. Loeb has sold thousands of used conveyors and the conveyor equipment types include straight conveyors, U shaped conveyors, Vibratory conveyors, discharge conveyors and incline conveyors. Conveyor equipment brands from Loeb include MTC, Key Technology conveyors, Sentry, Descon conveyors, Kleenline, Dorner conveyors.
  • Depalletizers are used to take products and cartons off of pallets. Hundreds of used depalletizers have been sold by Loeb. Wild Goose, GRX, Sentry, Codi, Wyard, AIS are some of the top depalletizer brands we have carried.
  • Fillers are used to fill liquids at consistent fill levels for any size container. They are frequently for bulk product packaging where accuracy of the fill is required. Loeb has sold hundreds of fillers and pieces of filling equipment. Top filler brands include Krones filling equipment, Nalbach fillers, Federal, AMS, Codi fillers, Sympak and PacTec fillers.
  • Industrial labelers are used for information and warnings for a wide variety of products. Loeb has sold hundreds of commercial labelers. Top labeler manufacturers include Krones labeling systems, Label Aire, Sancoa labelers, LSI labelers, Universal and Tripack labelers.
  • Sleeve labelers are used to stretch or shrink around products to identify them and in many cases conform to commercial labeling standards. Loeb has sold dozens of  sleeve labelers. Some of the most popular commercial labeling manufactuers include Tripack labelers., Krones labeling systems, AFM labeling equipment, SleeveSeal, PDC, Accraply labelers, Axon and Sterling labelers.
  • Industrial metal detectors are used in the commercial processing industry to find metal in food, beverages or other products. Hundreds of commercial metal detectors have been sold by Loeb Equipment. Top brands include Loma metal detectors, Mettler Toledo metal detectors, Lock, Thermo Scientific metal detection systems and Fortress metal detectors.
  • Palletizers are used to put products and cartons on pallets and the equipment comes with stretch wrappers, pneumatic positioners and robotic arms. Over 100 palletizers have been sold by Loeb. Palletizers are manufactured by Top Tier, Columbia, Bishamon, Fanuc, APT, Alvey, PAI and SWF.
  • Wrappers are commonly used equipment for holding boxes and pallets in place. Wrapper equipment types include horizontal flow wrappers, shrink bundlers, bar sealers, shrink wrappers and vacuum packers. Thousands of wrappers have been sold by Loeb. Top commercial wrapper equipment brands include Truline, Multivac wrapping equipment, APM, Lantech wrappers, Fuji, Alpha Pack America, PFM, Hartness wrappers, Promax, Shanklin, Doboy, Arpac, API, Ulma Jones wrappers.

The Industries We Serve

As a leading packaging equipment company, Loeb offers our customers access to food packaging equipment, pharmaceutical packaging equipment and used packaging machinery for sale. If you are looking for used packaging equipment that works for your needs, we are your best source for packaging equipment for sale or auction. At Loeb, we offer used packaging equipment for sale that includes used packaging machines focused on many of the following industries:

At Loeb Equipment, we offer used packaging equipment for sale that includes used packaging machines geared to the following industries:

  • Food packaging machinery is designed to create clean and hygienic packaging for items intended for consumption. Our packaging equipment auctions and liquidations include packaging equipment from top food packaging equipment manufacturers. Baggers, can seamers, cappers for bottles, pasteurizers and bottle unscramblers are among the most common types of food packaging machinery available through our company. We offer an array of used food packaging equipment to assist you in managing your current and future requirements for industrial packaging machines. Whether you need food processing and packaging equipment for your entire facility or wish to buy a packaging machine for short-term needs we offer the food packaging equipment you need to streamline your operations and to promote the best solutions for your business.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging equipment must meet the same stringent requirements for safety and hygiene as food packaging machinery. The pharmaceutical packaging equipment we offer has been inspected and appraised to ensure that you receive the best used packaging equipment now and in the future. As a trusted pharmaceutical and food packaging equipment supplier, Loeb can provide the best used packaging equipment for you.
  • Cosmetics packaging equipment, as its name suggests, is designed to provide packages for cosmetic products. Because cosmetics are so varied in size, shape and formulation, specialized industrial packaging machines are used to create the packaging for these items. Loeb can help you find the used packaging equipment for sale that can increase productivity for your cosmetics production activities.
  • Beverage packaging equipment is often considered a subset of food packaging machinery. This specialized type of food packaging equipment usually involves bottles or cans that must be cleaned and prepared to ensure safety for consumers.
  • Brewery packaging equipment for sale is often similar to that used for beverage packaging. This food packaging machinery typically encompasses canners, bottlers, cappers and labelers. If you are looking for used packaging machinery for your brewery operations, Loeb can help you find used packaging machines precisely right for your needs.
  • Distillery packaging machinery typically consists of industrial packaging machines for bottling and capping these items. Bottle washers from major food packaging equipment manufacturers are also commonly available through our packaging equipment sales team.
  • Chemical packaging equipment must conform with standards for containing, labeling and transporting chemical compounds safely. This commercial packaging equipment is available from Loeb and can help you to streamline some operations for your manufacturing facility.

Whether you are in the market for food packaging machinery or commercial packaging equipment, our sales team can provide you with many equipment and financing options. You can find a used packaging machine for sale directly from Loeb or through our used packaging machinery auctions. We also offer an array of services that can help you sell packaging equipment or finance used packaging equipment more easily.

Loeb Equipment Offers Many Services Tailored to Your Business Needs

At Loeb, every member of our team offers responsive and knowledgeable service for our customers. From assisting you with packaging equipment sales to financing our lineup of used packaging machinery, the staff members at Loeb are here to serve you.

  • Packaging machines for sale: We offer used packaging equipment for sale direct to you. This can save you time and effort when planning for the purchase of packaging machinery and food processing packaging equipment. We acquire packaging equipment through auctions and direct purchases from our inventory.
  • Packaging equipment auctions: Commercial packaging equipment auctions make it simple to buy a packaging machine that will help you manage these tasks in the working environment. We offer auctions for used packaging machines to help you manage your ongoing packaging equipment requirements.
  • Packaging equipment rental services: If you need a packaging equipment rental, Loeb can provide short or long-term options for your business.
  • Packaging equipment leasing: Loeb also offers packaging equipment leasing arrangements on used packaging equipment. Our commercial packaging equipment leases are tailored to suit your needs.
  • Purchase of used packaging equipment: It you have a used packaging machine for sale, we make it easy for you to sell packaging equipment to our team at fair prices. We offer appraisals you can trust on all your used packaging equipment.
  • Packaging equipment financing: Our equipment financing solutions are ideally suited for purchasing food packaging machinery and other used packaging equipment from our team.
  • Debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing for used packaging machinery: If your business is currently undergoing reorganization or bankruptcy proceedings, we offer DIP financing for used packaging equipment. This can help you to manage the financial aspects of these processes to restore profitability to your company.
  • Used packaging machinery appraisals: Loeb has built a solid reputation on its accurate and on-time appraisals for food packaging machinery and other used packaging equipment.

As one of the leading packaging equipment companies, Loeb Equipment can assist you in finding packaging machines for sale, selling excess food packaging machinery and finalizing the right financing options for your business.

Finding Quality Used Packaging Equipment in Chicago and Worldwide

As one of the premier packaging equipment sellers in the Americas, Loeb offers used packaging machinery for sale and packaging equipment auctions through our headquarters in Chicago. If you are looking for a packaging equipment company with the experience and expertise to help you choose the right used packaging equipment for your company, Loeb delivers for you.

Loeb can also help you with our guide to purchasing used equipment, direct assistance with buying or selling your equipment and financing you can count on for your ongoing cash flow requirements. To learn more, call us at 1-800-560-LOEB or contact us online. We are here to serve you.