At Loeb, we have been serving our customers for more than 140 years with outstanding options for buying, selling, financing and managing their equipment needs. We serve clients in the United States and in more than 80 countries worldwide to ensure the best solutions for selling and buying used beverage equipment. Our team offers a wide range of financing arrangements that make it easier to buy beverage equipment for your business operations. Whether you are looking for used beverage processing equipment or want to sell beverage equipment at auction or directly to us, Loeb Equipment has the answers you need to manage your business more effectively.

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What Is Beverage Equipment and How Is It Used?

In general, beverage equipment can be divided into two basic categories:

  • Beverage processing equipment is used to mix, combine, filter, adjust and pasteurize or sterilize liquids for sale in the consumer marketplace. The beverage processing equipment required will vary depending on the type of drink being produced.
  • Beverage packaging equipment typically includes filling and capping machines that transfer the liquid into bottles and seal them for transport and resale. Automatic bottle washing machines are included in this category and may include jet-type, immersion-type or soaking-type washing equipment.


These types of beverage equipment are used to prepare drinks for consumer use and to package them securely for sale to the public. The beverage production process usually involves some or all of the following steps:

  • Clarification is used to purify water that will be used in the beverage production process. By clarifying the water, impurities can be removed easily and quickly.
  • Filtration is generally the next step in the process and removes even more impurities from the beverage mix.
  • Mixing ingredients together creates the desired look and flavor for the drink. This process may require heat or may be performed in stages to achieve the best results.
  • Carbonation is not used for all types of beverages. For sodas and sparkling waters, however, the carbonation process requires the injection of carbon dioxide and the adjustment of the levels before the product can be bottled for sale.
  • Packaging may include bottling or pouring the beverage into cartons or other containers. The packages are then sealed or capped before being loaded for transport to consumer marketplaces.
  • Quality controls are necessary at every stage of the process to ensure that consumers receive consistent and delicious products from your company.


At Loeb, we offer financing for used beverage equipment to assist you and your company in obtaining the machinery you need to maintain your beverage production plans. We work with you to provide loans for beverage equipment and to deliver innovative solutions for all your current and future used beverage equipment requirements.

What Is Beverage Equipment Financing?

Beverage equipment financing encompasses a range of options that allow you to pay for equipment over time or to extract equity from your current equipment. Loeb offers loans tailored to your needs. Our beverage equipment financing arrangements include the following services and lending options for our clients:

  • Beverage equipment appraisals
  • Beverage equipment term loans
  • Beverage equipment line of credit arrangements
  • Beverage equipment leasebacks


Along with our loans for beverage equipment, Loeb also offers other services specifically for the beverage industry. These include the following options:

  • Beverage equipment auctions
  • Rentals for used beverage equipment
  • Leasing of beverage equipment
  • Beverage equipment liquidations
  • Purchase of excess beverage equipment
  • Sales of used beverage equipment


Loeb is your one-stop source for loans for beverage equipment, beverage equipment appraisals and innovative financing options for all your used beverage processing and packaging needs.

Beverage Equipment Appraisals

Your business may require beverage equipment appraisals for a variety of reasons, including qualifying for equipment financing or valuing your equipment for sale or liquidation. At Loeb, we offer professional beverage equipment appraisal services that offer superior accuracy and speed of processing. You can receive your appraisal as soon as two weeks after the inspection to help you manage these tasks more effectively for buying, selling or financing your used beverage packaging equipment and processing equipment.

Beverage Equipment Auctions

Loeb has built a solid reputation for beverage equipment auctions that assist our clients in buying or selling used beverage equipment. Our beverage equipment auction process allows sellers to price their beverage packaging machinery appropriately and to buy used beverage equipment at affordable prices. Equipment auctions allow prospective buyers to place bids on equipment either in person or online. This added flexibility allows sellers to attract increased numbers of bidders and can make it much easier to buy used beverage equipment at affordable prices.

Beverage Equipment Loans, Term Loans and Asset-based Loans

A term loan offers cash on hand with payments to be made over time and according to the loan agreement. Most beverage equipment term loans are asset-based lending arrangements, which means that they require collateral in the form of the beverage processing equipment or packaging equipment you are purchasing or in used beverage equipment that you already own. Collateral is defined as a security of value that is used to guarantee payment on a loan. By obtaining beverage equipment financing through Loeb, you can ensure that you receive the right beverage equipment term loans and financial arrangements that work for your business.

In many cases, finding the right beverage equipment loan can offer added help in acquiring the beverage packaging machines or used beverage processing equipment necessary for your business. At Loeb, we tailor our beverage equipment loans to suit your cash flow needs and your ability to repay. We consider the collateral you bring to the transaction when designing your beverage equipment loan, which can allow you to enjoy greater buying power when purchasing beverage packaging equipment and other types of equipment for your operations.

Loeb also offers distressed lending options for companies going through reorganization or bankruptcy. If you are currently experiencing financial difficulties in the beverage industry, these types of loans for beverage equipment could be the lifeline your business needs to achieve stability and future success.

Benefits of Loeb Financing for Beverage Packaging Equipment

Equipment loans from Loeb offer significant advantages when compared with traditional bank loans:

  • Most bank lending arrangements contain numerous covenants that restrict how you can use the beverage packaging equipment or processing machines you purchase. At Loeb, we offer fewer covenants and restrictions to help you manage your business in the most efficient way.
  • Our flexible terms can also provide you with greater options in how your loan is structured, how it will be paid off and the amount you can borrow to purchase equipment or against the equity in your beverage packaging equipment.
  • Loeb offers rapid decisions and faster issuance of your loans once they have been approved.
  • We require much less paperwork than comparable bank loans, which allows you to enjoy the greatest possible convenience when managing your lending arrangements.

We work with you to create lending arrangements that work for your needs.

Beverage Equipment Lines of Credit

A beverage equipment line of credit is a way to extract equity from your existing equipment to improve cash flow. Equity as the difference between what is owed on property and what it is worth. For instance, if you owe $1 million on used beverage packaging equipment that is worth $3 million, you have $2 million in equity value for that equipment. At Loeb, we offer beverage equipment line of credit arrangements that draw on the equity you have earned to provide you with a source for cash on hand when your business needs it most. We can provide you with beverage equipment loan arrangements that include beverage equipment line of credit arrangements to help your business stay productive and profitable in the competitive marketplace.

Beverage Equipment Leasebacks and Leasing

Leasebacks are designed to allow your business to sell off beverage processing equipment or packaging equipment while still retaining the use of your beverage packaging machines and processing equipment. In essence, you receive the value of your equipment while paying an agreed-upon amount to continue using your beverage packaging equipment or processing equipment to generate income for your business. Loeb offers beverage equipment leasebacks tailored to your needs and your ongoing cash flow requirements.

Loeb also offers beverage equipment leasing for beverage packaging equipment and processing machinery. This can allow you to avoid large upfront expenditures for used beverage processing machinery while ensuring that you have the equipment necessary to maintain your position in the beverage industry. Our leasing team will work with you to provide the options you need to achieve your goals.

Sell Beverage Equipment

Selling your excess beverage processing equipment is easy with help from Loeb. We offer beverage equipment auctions and purchase directly from clients to help you get rid of excess beverage processing equipment and packaging equipment. If you are looking to upgrade from your current used beverage packaging equipment or used beverage processing setup, we can help you sell your equipment through our beverage equipment auctions or directly to us for fair prices and on a timeline that works for you.

Buy Beverage Equipment

If you are looking for used beverage packaging equipment or used beverage processing equipment, Loeb sells and finances beverage packaging machines to help you manage your ongoing operational needs. Our beverage equipment term loans and beverage equipment auctions are designed to make it much easier for you to buy beverage equipment at affordable prices. Whether you choose to bid in our beverage equipment auctions or to purchase beverage packaging equipment directly from us, Loeb is committed to the highest standards of integrity and fair dealing when you purchase used beverage processing machinery through us.

Beverage Equipment Liquidations

Whether you are looking to liquidate beverage processing equipment quickly or interested in purchasing beverage packing equipment at a discount, Loeb’s liquidations of beverage equipment are the perfect option for you. Liquidation of your used beverage processing machines and beverage packaging machinery usually occurs if you are retooling your factory, if you are planning to reorganize your business or if you are planning to go out of business. For buyers, beverage equipment liquidations are the perfect solution for obtaining used beverage processing equipment at very low prices. This can help you to achieve greater profitability while ensuring that you get the beverage packaging machinery and the equipment you need to achieve greater saturation in your chosen market.

Rent Used Beverage Equipment

Loeb makes it easy to rent used beverage equipment with customized beverage equipment rentals that can increase your capacity for processing and packaging your products. Our beverage processing equipment rentals are designed to help you manage your cash flow requirements more effectively while ensuring that you receive the equipment you need for your facility.

Beverage Industry Overview

The global beverage industry encompasses alcoholic drinks, dairy products, energy drinks, juices and many other liquid products primarily intended for human consumption. Currently, the value of the U.S. beverage industry is estimated at $146 billion, with non-alcoholic beverages weighing in at $414.8 million in 2021. Globally, the beverage industry is expected to reach $1.8 trillion by 2024 and is currently estimated at $1.49 trillion. This represents a significant and expanding marketplace for beverage products not only in the United States but around the world.

If you produce beverages for the U.S. or global market, staying current with the latest trends in the industry can help you stay ahead of the curve and competitive in the ever-changing consumer marketplace. Carbonated drinks, bottled tea, bottled water and alcoholic beverages are among the sectors that drive the market and that will create growth for this industry. Loeb Equipment is at the forefront of equipment sales and creative methods for managing your equipment needs and financing your acquisitions. We work with you at every step of the process to make sure that your facility receives the services and the equipment necessary to stay competitive and profitable in the current consumer marketplace.

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