Always on the lookout

We are constantly looking to purchase machinery to build our inventory and to be able to offer quality used equipment to our customers. Whether it is a single machine, a complete line, or an entire facility, we are always interested in reviewing any surplus assets you have available. Let Loeb help you turn your idle assets into cash. Loeb has the capital base to pay top dollar and can move quickly to get items removed from your facility.

Convert Idle Assets to Cash

Selling idle assets will provide an infusion of cash to your business to help support your continuous improvement projects. Upgrading to reliable and more efficient machinery will increase profits and your bottom line.

The best way to get started is to provide us with a detailed list of items and a few photos of each of the items you would like to sell. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. But, in the case of used equipment, a picture can also be worth thousands of dollars! So, the more pictures you can provide, the better. Providing such details as make, model, serial number, and year of manufacture will help us to gain a complete understanding of the machines you are looking to sell and help get you the highest dollar value for those assets.

Have something to sell?