As a distillery owner or manager, you know that finding the right equipment is essential to keep your operations running smoothly. The right distillery equipment can allow you to enhance your workflows to produce your distilled products much more efficiently. We are a leading source for used distillery equipment suitable for producing whiskey, vodka, rum, medical alcohol  and other products for your business. We make it easy to buy used distillery equipment to manage your production needs and to streamline your operational processes via our distillery equipment auctions or distillery equipment sales.

Used Distillery Equipment and Financing

The market size of the distillery sector in the United States is $16.5 billion, with expected growth of about two percent annually in 2022. Premixed beverages featuring distilled alcohols are among the fastest-growing sectors of the distillery marketplace. These ready-to-drink (RTD) options have resulted in increased revenues of more than 40 percent for producers of these beverages.

Finding the right sources for used distillery equipment can allow your business to manage costs while acquiring the right distillery equipment for your operations. At Loeb Equipment, we offer access to some of the best deals in used distillery equipment to help you manage your workflows more easily. Many of the same equipment types used for brewing alcoholic beverages are also useful in the distillery industry. By checking out the used distilling equipment for sale by Loeb and at auction, you can acquire used whisky distillery equipment and other items at a fair price. Loeb performs appraisals on much of the equipment we auction, which can make it much easier for you and your company to buy used distillery equipment that will perform as expected for your business operations.

At Loeb Equipment, we can provide you with access to distilling equipment that will help you to optimize workflows and to acquire the right equipment for your business needs. Our wide array of services can make it easier for you to find the right equipment to keep your business running at peak efficiency.

Types of Brewing and Distillery Equipment

When deciding on the right type of distilling equipment for your operation, you can select from a variety of options that include auctions, direct purchases and leaseback arrangements. We also handle distillery equipment liquidations that can provide you with opportunities to obtain used equipment at bargain prices. This can allow you to purchase the following types of equipment for your distillery operations:

Used Distillery Equipment and Financing

  • Stillhouse equipment: A stillhouse is defined as both the place in which alcohol is distilled and the equipment used for this process. Finding a stillhouse financing can allow you to obtain distillery equipment at an affordable cost. We offer stillhouse equipment options that can allow you to purchase or lease the distilling equipment you need at a cost that works for you. Our stillhouse auctions are a great place to find the perfect stillhouse for sale.
  • Mash vessels: One of the most important types of distilling equipment is the mash vessel or mash tun, which is usually a vertical cylinder constructed of stainless steel. A propeller or mixer at the bottom mashes and combines the grains and water used to distill alcohol. This used distilling equipment can provide added capacity for your business operations.
  • Boil kettles: Modern boil kettles are also made of stainless steel. As their name suggests, boil kettles are used to heat mash and to combine ingredients in your distillery operation.
  • Chillers: During the process of distilling, heat and cold must be applied to create condensation. Chillers are a key item of distilling equipment that rapidly cools mash to create the condensation needed for successful alcohol production.
  • Fermenters: Fermenters are one of the most critical items of used distilling equipment and are responsible for transforming the base ingredients or grains into whiskey, vodka, gin and other alcohols into their finished form.
  • Wash backs: Wash backs are usually about 20 feet deep or more and have a diameter of 12 feet or more. These containers are usually considered to be the brewery element of whiskey distillery equipment and can be purchased at stillhouse auctions or directly from Loeb Equipment when in stock.
  • Wash stills: Another large-scale container used in producing whiskey and other spirits, wash stills are the next stop after the wash back. Most alcoholic spirits are double distilled, which means that they travel directly from the wash still to the pot still or column still for further distillation. This increases the potency and purity of the finished products.
  • Pot stills and column stills: Both pot stills and column stills are key items of gin and vodka distillery equipment. At Loeb, we offer these types of used whiskey distillery equipment for your workflows and production requirements. Whether you are looking for gin distillery equipment to create the most marketable product or are offering used distillery equipment for sale, Loeb can partner with you to make it easy to manage your inventory of equipment and your ongoing production.
  • Double and triple distillation equipment: Depending on the type of alcohol you are producing, you may want to invest in double or triple distillation equipment to increase the alcohol content of your products and to adjust the taste of the alcohol produced. At Loeb, we can provide the used whiskey equipment and vodka distillery equipment you need to manage double and triple distillation processes effectively. As an example most Scotch and Bourbon are double distilled while Irish whiskey is triple distilled.
  • Bottling equipment: Once the spirits have been distilled and flavored properly, you will need to bottle them for transport and sale. Bottlers are necessary elements of whiskey distillery equipment. Choosing the right options when selecting this used whiskey equipment can ensure the fastest processing and the best results for your distilling efforts.
  • Labelers: As any marketing expert can tell you, the label of your product can go a long way toward increasing demand and consumer interest. Labelers are important elements of your distillery equipment. Opting for good used whiskey equipment, including labelers for your bottles, can allow you to cut costs of manufacture while maintaining the quality of your products and the overall production.
  • Fillers: Bottle fillers automate the process of delivering the processed alcohol into bottles for transport and sale. The right fillers can streamline your processes and allow you to get your products to market more quickly.

At Loeb, we can make it easy to purchase distillery equipment directly from us or at one of the auctions we host and facilitate. We work with our customers to make the purchasing process easier and to ensure the best options for you when you buy equipment through us.

How to Use Distillery Equipment

Although the products created in a distillery can vary significantly in flavor, strength and quality, the general process of making whiskey, gin, vodka and other distilled spirits is similar across a wide range of alcohol types. Distillation is accomplished by heating a liquid until it turns into a vapor and then allowing it to condense. Boiling kettles are used to heat the raw ingredients of whiskey, vodka, gin and other alcoholic beverages until they turn into a type of steam. This is then allowed to cool and to condense, which concentrates the ingredients of the liquid. Filtering is necessary to remove particles of grain and other materials that could otherwise adulterate the mixture.

Used Distillery Equipment and Financing

Repeated cycles of boiling and cooling will increase the concentration of alcohol in the beverage. This will also reduce some of the flavor contributed by the ingredients in the spirits, however. Double and triple distillation is common for whiskeys and other alcoholic spirits. Distillers may need to add in flavors following the distillation process.

The type of alcohol created through distillery processes depends on the raw materials used:

  • Scotch whiskey is made using barley and other natural ingredients.
  • For bourbon, corn is used to create the characteristic smooth and slightly sweet flavor of this spirit.
  • Gin requires the use of juniper berries and other botanicals to create the distinctive flavor of these alcoholic beverages.
  • Vodka, as most people are already aware, is made from potatoes processed and fermented in a similar way as other alcoholic spirits.
  • Rum uses sugar cane and raw sugar, which is fermented and distilled to produce a higher alcohol content and a smooth taste for mixing.

The equipment used for distilling must be kept clean and free of impurities. This could require washing equipment or other tools that will remove sediment and other materials from the boiling kettles and stills. Fillers, bottlers and labelers are also important elements that can provide added help in managing workflows in the distillery.

The right equipment can make a big difference in productivity for your operation and for the quality of the alcoholic spirits produced. In some cases, it may be worthwhile to look at brewery equipment auctions to determine whether the same types of equipment could be used in your workflows. This can sometimes save you money or ensure greater availability for the types of equipment you need.

At Loeb, we take pride in helping our clients to find the best equipment or to divest themselves of excess equipment in a wide range of industries. We do so through our auction services, through direct liquidations and with financial options that can make it much easier to manage all aspects of operations.

Loeb Distillery Auctions

At Loeb, we offer a range of distillery auctions that will allow your company to buy distillery equipment at reasonable prices. Our distilling equipment auctions allow companies to divest themselves of excess equipment or to navigate a distillery bankruptcy more successfully. If you are looking for used whisky equipment or any other distilling equipment, Loeb is your best source for distillery equipment auctions.

Understanding how a distillery equipment auction works can help you make the most of these opportunities for your company. The first step in planning your distillery auction will typically be to contact Loeb Equipment directly to schedule an inspection of the used distillery equipment for sale. If requested, we can perform appraisals to give you a good idea of the value of your equipment. This can also provide you with added help in setting reserve prices for your equipment at your distillery equipment auction. Our auctions can be held in person or online to accommodate your needs and to ensure the widest audience for your equipment auction.

Used Distillery Equipment and Financing

If you are looking to buy good used equipment at a distillery auction, you can rely on the professionals at Loeb Equipment to provide accurate information on the distillery equipment we offer at auction. This can allow you to purchase with confidence at a Loeb distillery equipment auction and to acquire the equipment you need at prices that make sense for your business operations.

While Loeb is probably best known for its auction services, we also provide a range of financial solutions that are designed to meet the needs of our clients. This allows us to provide comprehensive help for all your current and future distillery equipment needs.

Other Services Available from Loeb Equipment

Along with our established and reputable auction services, Loeb also offers proven financial options that can help your business navigate the equipment marketplace more easily. We buy and sell equipment in a wide range of industrial types to make sure that you can access the best and most practical solutions for your equipment requirements. Whether you need to get rid of excess equipment or to upgrade your operations with good used equipment, Loeb can provide you with the practical help and the right solutions to manage your distillery finances and your operations in the most positive way possible.

  • Distillery equipment loans: At Loeb, we offer distillery equipment loans to make it easier for your company to acquire the equipment you need at our distilling equipment auctions or directly from our inventory. We can provide distillery equipment loan options tailored specifically to your needs. Loeb has experts at distillery equipment financing.
  • Distillery equipment distressed and debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing: If you are currently undergoing a distillery bankruptcy or restructuring process, our distillery equipment distressed financing options can make it easier for you to navigate the financial aspects of this situation. We can assist with distillery equipment DIP financing to assist our customers with navigating distillery closings and downsizing operations. Our distillery equipment DIP financing options can allow you to emerge from these processes in a healthier and more liquid financial situation.
  • Distillery equipment finance: At Loeb, we have more than 140 years of experience in the equipment business. As a result, we have fine-tuned our distillery equipment financing options to help you find the perfect solutions for your needs. From leasebacks to lines of credit, we can provide you with distillery equipment financing solutions that are designed specifically to suit your needs now and for the future of your business.
  • Distillery equipment leaseback: One of our most innovative finance options is the distillery equipment leaseback, which allows you to retain the use of your equipment while extracting your equity. A distillery equipment leaseback typically requires an appraisal of the equipment by Loeb to provide you with a fair price. We will purchase your used whiskey distillery equipment and will provide you with cash on hand to manage your cash flow. You can then lease the equipment back from us, which can allow you to manage temporary shortfalls in cash while creating a more consistent set of bills and obligations for your distillery now and into the future.
  • Distillery equipment lines of credit: A distillery equipment line of credit can be a valuable financial tool for your business. These distillery equipment loan options allow you to borrow based on the equity you hold in your equipment. You can borrow up to the limits set by Loeb for your equipment line of credit. As you repay these funds, they become available for you to use again. This can make it easier for you to manage new acquisitions and to expand your business more rapidly. At Loeb, we can perform the expert distillery equipment valuations needed to ensure that you receive the most appropriate level of funding for your ongoing business operations.
  • Buy distillery equipment: Whether you are interested in buying distillery equipment at auction for a bargain price or looking to buy direct from us, Loeb can offer an array of options. We are constantly booking new auctions and receiving new equipment for resale. This allows you to find the perfect used whiskey equipment, vodka distillery or bottling options to help you manage your business much more efficiently. We work with you to make your purchase as affordable and manageable as possible.
  • Sell distillery equipment: If your company needs to sell some of its distillery equipment or if you are considering liquidating your operations, Loeb can provide fair pricing and direct purchases for many types of equipment. Our expert appraisal team will check out your equipment and will provide you with a fair price. We can also help you set up an auction for your equipment either in person or online to allow you to find the right buyers for your equipment and your financial needs.
  • Distillery equipment appraisal services: Your business may require accurate appraisals for used distillery equipment for a variety of reasons. At Loeb, we offer distillery equipment valuations to help you qualify for lending arrangements, to provide a baseline for pricing used distilling equipment for sale or for any other business need you may encounter. We provide distillery equipment appraisals you can trust for buying used equipment, taking out a loan on your existing equipment or participating in one of our distillery equipment auctions.
  • Brewing equipment loans: Because distilleries and breweries often use similar or identical equipment, Loeb also offers brewing equipment loans that can make it easier for you to purchase these items at auction or through our company. Whether you are looking for an entire stillhouse or just a few items of added equipment, we can offer loan arrangements that are designed to work for your needs.
  • Liquidations: Distillery closings can be challenging for companies. At Loeb, we can ensure that your distillery equipment liquidation goes smoothly and according to plan. We can set up a distilling equipment auction for your gin distillery equipment and other equipment to make it much easier to dispose of this property for a fair and equitable price.

Whatever your equipment or financing needs, Loeb is ready to help you find the right solutions for your business. We work with you to find the right financial arrangements and the best equipment for your distillery operations. If you would like to know more about Loeb and our distillery equipment options, you can call us today at 1-800-560-LOEB or fill out our online contact form for more information. We look forward to the chance to work with you now and for the future of your business.