Loeb specializes in the sale of used manufacturing equipment providing full auction, liquidation, and certified appraisal services

Our auction and liquidation management team has over 100 years of combined industry experience. Loeb’s goal is to provide premium, unparalleled service to our clients while maximizing the return on their under-utilized assets.

Our experiences afford us the ability to determine in advance what the outcome of your goals will be, establish a timetable to achieve them, and even offer alternatives that can maximize value and shorten timetables.

When it becomes time to pick someone who will handle the sensitive task of closing and liquidating a facility, remember that unlike almost all others in our industry, we spend a good portion of our day not only valuing assets, but investing our own money in buying and selling them. We know your business, and have the ability to assist you in quickly accomplishing your goal.

Financial Risk Allocation

Loeb has the capital base available to purchase assets, including entire plants (with or without real estate) outright for cash. We put our money where our mouth is, so we are financially invested in a deal. To our customers this means immediate cash, freedom from market risk, and reduction of corporate time commitment.

Liquidation Marketing

Loeb can provide comprehensive marketing of your assets, both online and offline, utilizing our multi-channel disposition networks to increase the speed of sale of your company’s assets.

Our customer database is six figures deep and keeps track of customers by:

  • Specific industry
  • Past attendance at auctions and liquidations
  • Equipment quoted, sold, bought from them, and actual purchase/sale prices
  • Inquiries made on machines we do not have in stock

For more information on how Loeb can assist you with your surplus assets and liquidation services, contact liquidations@loebequipment.com and a liquidation expert will respond to your request.