At Loeb, we are nationally known for our equipment auctions and used machinery sales. We handle a wide range of machinery auction and equipment auction events through our website. This allows our customers to enjoy the benefits of our expertise when selling or buying equipment through our auction service. We work with buyers and sellers to ensure fair pricing and a successful equipment auction for the many industries we represent. An auction allows buyers to compete to purchase items in person or online. This is done by bidding on equipment, which is making an offer on the item in question.

Loeb offers an array of equipment auction services that can help companies divest themselves of unneeded equipment. We can also provide assistance in the liquidation process. Loeb markets our equipment auctions to a wide audience of interested buyers who are often willing to pay top dollar for good used equipment.

Why Choose Loeb?

At Loeb, we aim to be the best solution for both buyers and sellers in the equipment auction marketplace. Our machinery auctions are run professionally and offer benefits for buyers and sellers alike. If you are looking for the undisputed experts on machinery auctions, we have the knowledge and the proven expertise you need to manage your used machine auction more effectively.

For companies that are looking for an equipment auction provider, Loeb handles foreclosure auctions, used equipment auctions, used machine auctions, factory auctions, plant auctions and plant machinery auctions on behalf of clients across the country. We take the stress and the labor out of the process for companies looking to sell off equipment through used machine auction processes.

The experts at Loeb work with buyers and sellers to create the most positive environment for machinery auction interactions. We facilitate all aspects of your used machine auction to ensure that buyers know what they are bidding on and to help you achieve a fair price for the equipment sold during our machinery auctions.

Since most of our equipment auction bids are placed online, buyers can check out our factory auctions on their own schedules. This can make the equipment auction process much more streamlined for many buyers. At Loeb, our goal is to make the machinery auction process as seamless and easy for buyers as possible. Because we manage used equipment auctions and plant auctions on a regular basis, you can enjoy the benefits of our expertise in placing your bids on our equipment auctions.

Types of Equipment Auctions

Loeb offers a range of equipment and machinery auction types that are designed to bring buyers and sellers together. Some of the most common types of equipment auctions we manage include the following:

  • Foreclosure auctions: Foreclosure is the legal process that allows creditors to recover money by reclaiming and selling the collateral for defaulted loans. Foreclosure auctions may be operated as absolute auctions, in which the items are auctioned off to the highest bidder with no reserve and no additional conditions. This differs from a lender confirmation auction, in which the sale is contingent on lender approval for the purchase. If that approval is not forthcoming, the next highest bidder is allowed to seek lending approval. This process can be repeated until a successful loan application is in place.
  • Used machine auctions: Loeb routinely offers used machine auctions for all types of industries, including transportation, construction equipment and bakery auctions. Our used machine auctions offer the best prices for buyers while allowing sellers to dispose of older or unnecessary equipment in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Used machine auctions can be operated with a reserve in place to prevent bids that are too low from success. This serves as an added protection for sellers during used machine auctions.
  • Used equipment auctions: Used equipment auctions require careful attention to the condition of the items to be sold. Loeb has the used machine auction experience necessary to make a fair appraisal of the value of items to be sold at used equipment auctions. This can assist us in creating a reasonable opening bid for all the items sold at these used equipment auctions.
  • Factory auctions: Factory closures are an unfortunate fact of life in the manufacturing industry. At Loeb, we can assist with factory auctions that include heavy equipment, fixtures and other items that are necessary in the manufacturing world. Our factory auctions can provide opportunities for savings for bidders and a source of necessary cash for sellers in the equipment auction environment.
  • Plant auctions: Plants may produce chemicals, food products, beverages and many other products for use by the commercial, industrial or consumer marketplaces. Loeb can assist with plant auctions that can include machinery, inventory and many other items of value. If the plant auctions are due to financial distress, we can also set them up like foreclosure auctions to ensure the best possible outcomes for all parties to these machinery auction events.
  • Plant machinery auctions: The term plant machinery refers to the equipment and items that are considered an integral part of plant or factory operations. Plant machinery auctions may include items like pipelines, machinery, equipment, lighting fixtures, telecommunication towers and many other devices and items that are attached to or enclosed in a building. Plant auctions may sometimes include the land and buildings in which the equipment is housed. Plant machinery auctions, by contrast, only sell the fixtures and machinery and not the actual real estate itself.
  • Online machinery auctions: Many of the auctions we manage at Loeb are online equipment auctions. This allows much greater flexibility for buyers and sellers alike. Some of our machinery auctions, including factory auctions and plant machinery auctions, may be held through webcast services with online bidding. Other plant auctions may be held completely online with the highest bidder notified at the end of the online factory or plant auction event. In all cases, Loeb will work with buyers and sellers to make sure these events go smoothly from start to finish.

Whether you are planning an equipment auction for your business or wish to purchase equipment at foreclosure auctions or other used machine auction events, Loeb is your best source for these services. We are the undisputed experts in machinery auctions and deliver the best solutions for all your equipment auction needs.

The Geographical Areas We Serve

Loeb offers auction services across the United States, in Mexico and in the English-speaking areas of Canada. We offer used machine auctions, factory auctions, plant auctions and many other types of equipment auctions to help buyers and sellers find the perfect solutions for their requirements and their financial situations.

  • Indiana equipment auctions: If you are looking for equipment auctions in Indiana, Loeb can provide the proven services necessary to facilitate the sale of industrial equipment. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the auction industry and can offer online equipment auctions in Indiana. Our team can help you find the right machinery auctions in Indiana and across North America.
  • Missouri equipment auctions: Loeb also offers equipment auctions in Missouri that can provide access to used machinery and equipment for buyers across the country. Because our equipment auctions in Missouri are held online, they can allow bidders to purchase these items and to have them shipped to their locations more easily. We handle a wide range of equipment auctions in Missouri and the surrounding states.
  • Michigan equipment auctions: Our equipment auctions in Michigan have included processing equipment auctions and sales representing many other industries. If you are looking for equipment auctions in Michigan, Loeb is your best source for these sales.
  • Wisconsin equipment auctions: Equipment auctions in Wisconsin may focus on the state’s active dairy industry and the equipment needed to bottle milk and package cheese. Loeb offers equipment auctions in Wisconsin that can bring buyers and sellers together successfully.
  • Iowa equipment auctions: Loeb hosts numerous equipment auctions in Iowa for a wide range of equipment types. Yellow iron, transportation, food processing and bakery auctions are among the most common types of equipment auctions in Iowa.
  • Utah equipment auctions: Loeb can also provide marketing and logistical support for equipment auctions in Utah. Our team can help with setting up and advertising equipment auctions in Utah for the benefit of buyers and sellers alike.
  • Illinois equipment auctions: Transportation and yellow iron industries are among the most popular past equipment auctions in Illinois by Loeb and our equipment auction team. We often host equipment auctions in Chicago to serve the needs of clients in our geographical region. Because we are located in Illinois, our team is familiar with every aspect of running equipment auctions in Illinois and in the Chicago area.
  • California equipment auctions: Equipment auctions in California are among the largest in the US. Loeb has run hundreds of machinery and equipment auctions in the United States, Mexico and Canada.
  • New York equipment auctions: For buyers looking for equipment auctions in New York or those interested in getting rid of excess equipment, Loeb can provide the right solutions and venues for all types of equipment auctions in New York and the surrounding areas.
  • Virginia equipment auctions: Looking to do a machinery auction in Virginia? Sign up with Loeb to do an auction.
  • Ohio equipment auctions: Some of our recent equipment auctions in Ohio have been focused on the food processing industry. Loeb aims to be the best single source for equipment auctions in Ohio.
  • Pennsylvania equipment auctions: Packaging and processing equipment auctions are among the most commonly requested equipment auctions in Pennsylvania. Loeb is familiar with the process of setting up equipment auctions in Pennsylvania that will promote the best outcomes for both sellers and buyers.
  • Minnesota equipment auctions: We are a great source of support and marketing services for equipment auctions in Minnesota. Our visibility and name recognition makes Loeb the perfect choice for equipment auctions in Minnesota.
  • Florida equipment auctions: Equipment auctions in Florida can attract bidders and can promote added financial flexibility for buyers and sellers. Loeb administers equipment auctions in Florida that offer real help for managing these events successfully.
  • Texas equipment auctions: If you are looking for a provider for equipment auctions in Texas, our team can help. We have the experience to set up and market your equipment auctions in Texas to promote fair prices and active interest in your excess equipment and machinery.
  • North Carolina equipment auctions: North Carolina has long been a center of industry. Loeb has handled many machinery and equipment auctions here over the more than 100 years in business.

Whether you are looking for bakery auctions in New York or dairy equipment in Iowa or heavy equipment auctions in Wisconsin, Loeb can offer the perfect solutions for all your current and future machinery auction needs. We can help you with equipment auctions and plant auctions and will help you to purchase the heavy equipment you need. Our used machine auction team can also provide you with expert help in finding transportation for the items you acquire through our machinery auction events.

Types of Industrial Machinery Auctions

Loeb offers a wide range of used equipment auctions that include plant auctions, factory auctions and foreclosure auctions. Some of the most common types of machinery auction events we manage include the following:

  • Cosmetic equipment auctions: Loeb has managed a number of cosmetic equipment auctions and machinery auction events. Our cosmetic equipment auctions include vacuum mixers, emulsifiers and many other items from these large-scale factory auctions.
  • Chemical equipment auctions: Some of the most common items placed up for bids in chemical equipment auctions include large tanks, mixers, heaters and other processing equipment. These chemical equipment auctions offer one-time opportunities to obtain these durable goods at bargain prices.
  • Pharmaceutical auctions: Along with the expected items for plant auctions, pharmaceutical auctions may also include analytical instruments and precision measurement devices. Pharmaceutical auctions can be a great way to find the perfect instrumentation at a reasonable cost.
  • Food equipment auctions: Like other plant machinery auctions, food equipment auctions generally focus on large-scale manufacturing tools. Loeb food equipment auctions are designed to bring buyers and sellers together to promote the best deals and fair pricing for all parties involved in these transactions.
  • Beverage equipment auctions: Loeb has facilitated numerous beverage equipment auctions to help buyers and sellers come together to benefit both sides of the transaction. Our beverage equipment auctions are an ideal way to acquire high-quality equipment at a fraction of the cost of new.
  • Packaging equipment auctions: Packaging equipment can include shrink tunnels, sealers, carded packaging machines and pallet wrappers. At Loeb, we offer packaging equipment auctions that offer our clients the opportunity to purchase these items affordably. Our packaging equipment auctions are ideally suited to the needs of businesses in the manufacturing and processing industries. These machinery auction events are a great way to get rid of unwanted equipment or to pick up items at a discounted price.
  • Processing equipment auctions: Tanks are one of the most common items at processing machinery auctions. Loeb makes it easier to purchase through our used equipment auctions and plant machinery auctions to allow you to get the right processing equipment for your current and future needs.
  • Metalworking equipment auctions: The types of tools and machinery available through metalworking equipment auctions may include punch presses, mechanical shears and many other items designed to assist in shaping and cutting metal. The metalworking equipment auctions we manage at Loeb offer fair pricing and appraisals for these popular plant machinery auctions.
  • Yellow iron equipment auctions: Yellow iron is a commonly used term for heavy construction equipment. Our yellow iron equipment auctions may include items like excavators, graders, backhoes, cranes and loaders. We provide yellow iron equipment auctions and other used equipment auctions that can help you acquire quality equipment at an affordable cost.
  • Plastics equipment auctions: Loeb offers polymers and plastics equipment auctions that will provide you with access to top-quality equipment. Our plastics equipment auctions may include foreclosure auctions, plant auctions and equipment auction events that can help you obtain the best items at competitive prices. For sellers, our factory auctions are a solid way to divest your company of unwanted items while receiving fair value for your equipment.
  • Bakery equipment auctions: One of the most common types of equipment auctions, bakery machinery auctions offer the opportunity to
  • Food processing equipment auctions: At Loeb, our food processing equipment auctions offer a chance for buyers to purchase equipment at what are sometimes below-market prices. If you are looking for food processing equipment auctions, Loeb is your best source for these popular machinery auction events.

Whether you are looking for a machinery auction for construction equipment or a used machine auction in the yellow iron field, Loeb is a great source for these auction services. We work diligently to make your machinery auction a success and to ensure that the entire process goes smoothly for bidders and sellers alike.

Why Choose Loeb?

Loeb is an established leader in the field of equipment auctions. We have many years of experience in managing equipment auction, machinery auction and used equipment auctions in the industrial marketplace. If you are looking for foreclosure auctions, equipment auction or other used machine auction events, we can deliver the right solutions for your needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-560-LOEB or visit us online to learn more about our auction services. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.