Finding the right solutions for acquiring plastics packaging equipment and plastics processing equipment can sometimes be challenging. New plastics equipment may be priced too high for your current manufacturing needs. In many cases, used plastics processing equipment can provide the perfect balance between cost and functionality for your business.

Find plastics equipment loans and financing at Loeb Equipment

At Loeb Equipment, we maintain an extensive inventory of plastics processing machinery and other plastics equipment for sale or at auction. Our affordable used plastics equipment can help you manage your cash flow more effectively while ensuring that you receive the right plastics equipment for your facility.

The skilled appraisers at Loeb Equipment can provide you with an accurate value for your plastics equipment or for the equipment we sell at auction or through our in-house inventory. We buy, sell and rent plastics equipment and offer plastics equipment term loans to make it easier for you to acquire the right equipment for your facility. If you are looking for the right answers for all your plastics processing equipment questions, Loeb is the right choice for you.

What Is Plastics Equipment and How Is It Used?

Plastics manufacturing requires specialized equipment to combine raw materials, fabricate, shape and finish the plastics products. For plants that recycle plastics as part of the manufacturing process, plastics shredders and granulators are typically required to prepare these previously used materials.

Some of the most common types of plastics machinery include injection molders, blow molders, extrusion molders, vacuum formers, rotational molders and routers. These types of plastics processing equipment are used in the plastics industry to create products for commercial and consumer use. Purchasing used plastics processing equipment can allow your business to operate more efficiently while ensuring the most beneficial cash flow situation for your operations.

At Loeb, we regularly offer used plastics packaging equipment and processing equipment for sale directly or through auction services to make it much easier for you to buy plastics equipment at affordable prices. We also offer a lineup of plastics equipment financing options designed to suit your budget and your financial situation perfectly.

What Is Plastics Equipment Financing?

Financing your business equipment can be a confusing process. At Loeb, we know that you have many choices in the plastics equipment financing marketplace. Our team works hard to provide you with the right plastics equipment term loans, lines of credit, leasebacks and other plastics equipment loan options that are precisely right for you. We focus on alternative financing, distressed financing, management workouts and DIP financing.

Plastics Equipment Appraisals

Loeb’s plastics equipment appraisals are accurate and affordable. Our experienced equipment appraisers can provide you with an estimate of the current value of your equipment and can provide you with lending options based on the real value of your plastics packaging machines to allow you to borrow against these assets much more easily. Loeb goes the extra mile to help you manage your plastics equipment appraisals and financing needs.

Plastics Equipment Auctions

Equipment auctions are events that may be held in-person or online to allow buyers to compete for the available items by offering more than the other bidders. Loeb’s plastics equipment auctions are known throughout the plastics industry for our auctions of used plastics packaging equipment and processing machinery. Our plastics equipment auctions are a perfect way to obtain plastics packaging machinery and other plastics equipment at affordable costs for your company.

Plastics Equipment Loans, Term Loan and Asset-based Loans

Plastics equipment financing can be complex. At Loeb, we offer asset-based lending options that are designed to help your customers acquire the equipment they need. Our term loans can make it easier to obtain the plastics packaging equipment your business needs. If you are looking for plastics equipment loans, we can provide loans for plastics equipment that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Loeb offers loans for plastics equipment that include lines of credit, leasebacks, plastics equipment term loans and many other options to help you buy plastics equipment more easily. Our plastics equipment loan team can work with you to provide the right guidance and the perfect lending arrangements for your business operations.

Our plastics equipment term loans are especially useful when purchasing plastics packaging machines through Loeb. These loans for plastics equipment allow you to purchase now and to pay over time while using your new plastics packaging machinery.

What Is a Plastics Equipment Line of Credit?

A line of credit is used to allow you to borrow up to a specific amount and then to repay it over time. As your repayments add up, you replenish the amount available to borrow up to the limit of your plastics equipment line of credit arrangement. Choosing a Loeb’s plastics equipment line of credit is an excellent way to manage cash flow while taking advantage of opportunities in the plastics industry.

Plastics Equipment Leasebacks and Leasing

If you have equity built up in your used plastics equipment, our plastics equipment leasebacks can provide you with outstanding flexibility in managing your budget and your operations. Equipment leasebacks allow you to sell your plastics processing equipment or packaging equipment to Loeb and then to lease it back from us. These types of plastics equipment loans can allow you to manage  shortfalls in cash flow while maintaining regular operations and the use of your plastics processing equipment. Our plastics equipment leasebacks are a great solution for temporary financial issues that can help your company remain viable and profitable.

Selling Your Used Plastics Equipment

If you are looking to sell plastics equipment, Loeb can buy most types of plastics equipment. We accept plastics equipment consignments and host auctions that can allow you to sell plastics equipment quickly and effectively. Whether you have excess plastics packaging equipment or simply need to liquidate your business, Loeb offers the right solutions for your needs.

How to Buy Plastics Equipment From Loeb

Loeb offers a wide range of plastics packaging equipment at auction to make it easier to purchase plastics packaging machinery and processing equipment. Property, plant and equipment, better known as PP&E, can be expensive when purchased new. Loeb maintains an inventory of plastics packaging equipment and other machinery to help you find the perfect solutions for your current and future operational needs.

Plastics Equipment Liquidations

Plastics equipment liquidations, like other types of liquidations, are used when a business is stopping operations and divesting itself of all its equipment and other assets. At Loeb, we can handle plastics equipment liquidations to take some of the stress out of this process and to ensure that your liquidation is handled in the most appropriate way possible. We make it easier to sell plastics equipment through liquidations, auctions and other options to help you manage your business more effectively.

Renting Used Plastics Equipment

Plastics equipment rentals can be short-term or long-term depending on your needs. Choosing to rent plastics equipment from Loeb can offer some real benefits for your business, including greater financial flexibility and increased control over your overhead costs. At Loeb, we can make it easy to rent plastics equipment for the precise term you require for your operations.

A Plastics Industry Overview

With a market value of $580 billion in 2020, the global plastics market sector is expected to continue to expand through at least 2028. One sector that has seen significant growth over the last decade is the plastics equipment processing segment of the industry. Plastics packaging machines are used to create cost-effective and attractive packaging options for many other types of manufacturing operations.

Staying current with the latest trends in the plastics industry can ensure that your company stays at the forefront of this important industry. For instance, an increase in demand for biodegradable plastics is ongoing among consumers and commercial enterprises in the United States and around the world. At Loeb, we can provide you with the right equipment to incorporate these trends into your processes and operations successfully.

Plastic Equipment Finance from Loeb

Whether you need a plastics equipment loan or access to auctions for used plastics machinery, Loeb Equipment delivers the right solutions for your business needs. We have more than 140 years of experience in the equipment industry, which allows our team to provide you with the best plastics equipment options for your needs now and for the future of your company.

If you are in the market for plastics equipment, the experts at Loeb can provide you with the right services for your business needs. Give us a call toll-free at 1-800-560-LOEB to request more information or check out our online inventory of equipment to find the perfect solutions for you.