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Equipment Sales, Purchases, Rentals & Leasing

Your one stop shop to buy and sell high-quality equipment for the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical, and general packaging industries.

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Equipment Term Loans

Fast and easy alternative financing through Equipment Term Loans on industrial M&E, funded in weeks!

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Online & Webcast Auction Solutions

Full-service auctions, specializing in Webcast and Online Only auction asset disposal services.

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Certified Market Appraisals

Speedy and accurate Appraisals of M&E for the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, chemical and packaging industries.

The Appraisal Process

Join hundreds of other businesses that found the right solution at Loeb.

Asset-Based Loans from $1 Million to $20 Million

Delivering quick access to working capital, we partner with businesses when banks and other funding sources are limited or too restrictive.

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Our Mission Is Clear

Loeb helps manufacturers and financial institutions leverage their industrial assets by managing the equipment lifecycle.

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For more than 143 years, the Newman family has been at the helm as a recognized leader in the equipment industry.

Our family has been satisfying customers since 1880 and currently continues this proud tradition under the Loeb banner. Now in the 5th generation of Newman leadership, we continue to provide equipment and related services to our customers with unmatched expertise.

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