Ruida Model GDJB1700 HOB Type Servo Driven Computer Paper Cutter

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Ruida Model GDJB1700 HOB Type Servo Driven Computer Paper Cutter. Model of cutting paper: 100-500 GSM. Cutting accuracy: +/- 0.5mm. Max. cutting speed: 300 cuts/min. The scope of cutting length: 450-1700 mm. The max. diameter paper: 1600 mm. The max cutting width: 1600mm. The height of paper piler: 1600mm. The weight of machine: 15 T. GDJB1700 Series Hob Type Servo-driven Computer Paper Cutter is an economy paper cutter which is developed integrating the advanced technology at home and abroad, hence an innovation and perfection products. This machine is driven by AC servo motor motion controller made in UK which is fast and stable. It is equipped with precision bearing and cutting, hence a high cutting precision and long service life. The gentle-touch PLC interface is fine and convenient. The rational designed recurvate frame can guarantee flatness to paper. It keeps ahead in other similar processing machine of paper article and printing industries, so it will improve your production efficiency in duplication and raise your productivity. Unwinding frame: Bearing heavy type shaft-less feed paper way, hydraulic system: the overall lift, the overall down in the overall move to the left, move to the right as a whole, left and right as a whole unit Clamping tight, left and right release to two side, 6 action exactly no mistake. Tension Control: pneumatic disc brakes, tension control automatic control, in the case of the roll diameter decreases automatically reduce tension, without manual adjustment. Host part: Host body with 45 # steel as a material, use advanced machining center for machining. Knife body made of a combination of high-quality alloy steel. Knife body is made of high strength material casting, which is characterized by high strength and stability without deformation. Simple and efficient pneumatic locking mechanism, manual adjustment device. Upper and lower cutter, made of high-quality special alloy, special paper cutter. Feeding mechanism: upper roller adopts the wear-resistant rubber roller with high production flexibility, lower rollers made of high strength seamless steel pipe, control select use of low friction air cylinder pneumatic control. Paper bending process: According paper bending situation, polygonal straighten bent processing (the closer to paper core, straightening angle increases), make paper core paper flat, evenness. PC-to-side, when the product specification changes, the machine will automatically adjust the incline (such as the now-cut 500mm, the hypotenuse angle is right, when changes to 1000mm, the computer servo system will automatically adjust the servo slope, make side accordance, no need manual adjust. Transmission part: It adopt 2 parts of front and back to transmit. The speed of transition in the front and main engine are same; back of transmission adopt infinite speed control, can be single action or HDMI CEC, paper transmitted like imbricated texture. Configuration of high-speed dedicated anti scratch roller, to ensure the paper during high speed operation, the surface without a scratch. Add paper surface static elimination, ensure all kinds of paper for electrostatic problems influence feeding or discharging effect. Increase the paper dust removal and paper scraps processing, which makes the paper surface clean the whole neat, provide a good foundation for next printing process. Rewinding part: Sides automatic positioning mechanism, both side machine overall organization adopt high frequency electric motor vibration, in the front adopt mechanical arm to make paper neat. It can be adjusted in order to make paper neat after collecting. After finish collection, lifting mechanism by an electric motor and reducer. Electric control part: PLC and man-machine interface control, user preferences and point into, counting, alarm, to a certain amount of downtime, to a certain amount of slow down, automatic meter, automatic mark, automatic tension, automatically adjust incline device and other functions. Main equipment: High-precision single cutter ( A mode of cutting paper: the up knife reciprocally and the down knife is fixed; B up knife adopted SKF bearings; C up knife 400m/min is balance treatment; D up and down knife adopted scissors type. Paper is corner angle adjust system. Eliminate Static Equipment. Automatic count and label insert equipment. The two-stage double speed paper conveying equipment. Paper reverse bend flattening equipment. Automatically settle paper and lifting equipment. Computer, electrical control and touch screen operation system. Touch screen 7.0 inch 665S35 color MCGS. PLC H2U-4AD. Servo motor: 7.5 kw. Motion Controller: E205 X. Traction electric machine: 5.5 kw. Traction frequency convertor: MD320 5.5 KW. Imported circuit breaker and electric relay. Drive motor and transmission system. The single arm hydraulic without shaft type base paper automatic paper feeding frame.

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