Ronchi Model SirioP (20) Head 350 PPM Rotary Pump Placer Capper

Loeb # 78513 Model SirioP
OEM Ronchi America
Year 2000 Serial 2956
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 350.00
Lease for only 11,483.79 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Ronchi Model Sirio P (20) Head Rotary Pump Placer Capper. Speeds up to 350 PPM for Spray Dispenser and Trigger Style Pumps. Accommodates Spray Pumps, Dispenser Pumps, Trigger Pumps. Efficient and Reliable, Pump Sorters are Connected to the Pump Cappers by Means of Powered Linear Transport Tracks. Sirio Pump Cappers are Equipped with Sprayer Orientation Feature; Also, a Positive Dip Tube Control Systems is Included, Capable of Guiding and Inserting Severely Deformed Dip Tubes. The Applied Torque of the Pumps Onto the Bottles is Accomplished by the Use of Friction Disc Clutches, Magnetic Hysteresis Clutches, or Servomotor Driven Spindles.

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