Jones and Lamson Mdl Epic 114 Optical Comparator

Loeb # 61435 Model Epic114
Year 1984 Serial C521507
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition Running Size 14.00
Lease for only 326.29 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Jones and Lamson Mdl Epic 114 Optical Comparator, Decimetric Digital Position Readout, 14 in Dia Screen, 6 in x 30 in measuring table, 6 in Vertical Travel, 8 in Horizontal Travel, 1 1/2 in cross travel for focusing, 360 deg Angular Measuring capacity, Helix adjustment: 10 deg, distance lens centerline to table: 8 1/2 in max 2 1/2 in min, Features: Mercury arc projection, reflection attachment, power longitudinal table travel, power elevation, power 6 position lens turret, 10x 20x 50x 100x lens, decimetric II 2 axis digital readout system, light visor, electrical: 1/60/118 volt

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