FooDesign Immerso-Cook Model IMC3616SDB S/S Fryer

Loeb # 78664 Model IMC3616SDB
OEM Food Design
Year 2012 Serial
Electrical 3/480/60 Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 0.00
Lease for only n/a / mo. Rent for only N/A
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FooDesign Immerso-Cook model IMC3616SDB S/S direct-fired fryer with double belt product configuration and steam vent demister. Belt is 36 in overall wide with 34 in useable width. The conveyor configuration consists of top (submerger) and bottom belt conveyor which utilizes flat flex wire belt. In order to provide versatility for a variety of products the two belts are driven by separate drives. Actual frying area is 12 ft 6 in long and overall tank length is 16 ft L. Heat transfer is by means of a single serpentine tube. The single tube burner is a high-efficiency (80-85%), low NOX industrial burner with high heat capacity and quick response. The burner used in FOODesign fryers provides a substantial energy savings of 35% when compared to competitor’s units. Fryer is all stainless steel construction including hood, side panels, frame, tank and conveyor. Hood and conveyor are lifted by powered linear actuators driven from a single motor/reducer. The tank flat pan design includes one center sumps and oil return manifolds with piping to assist in moving fines to the strainer, using the circulation pump. Production may vary depending on customers actual values and final product. Electrical requirements are 460 Volts, 3 phase, 60 HZ, 60 amps. Natural gas requirements are and 1.8 million BTUs at 54 in water column. Other features included in the Immerso-Cook unit are: All stainless steel construction for ease of cleaning. Heavy duty tank design utilizes 3/16 in thick material with large tubular supports. Hood and conveyors are raised from synchronized electric lift actuators using a single drive. Proven design with additional lift height (30 in) for easier access to fryer tank and conveyors. Lift motor, shaft bearings and couplings are supplied in stainless steel. Drive reducer is supplied in white food grade epoxy paint or stainless paint finish and the bevel gear reducers are supplied in aluminum finish. Hood CIP system with quick release connection and hose. (Customer to supply pump for CIP system or use the system circulation pump). Single immersion tube with small diameter design facilitates use of optional filter system since it provides more open area than older style multi-tube fryers. Single tube design reduces oil volume in tank, thereby increasing oil turnover. The single tube design utilizes a high-efficiency, sealed burner. Operating costs are less compared to older style multi-tube units and because of the high efficiency burner, fuel costs are also less. Burner is provided with automatic ignition. The single tube burner is virtually maintenance free when compared to older multi-tube systems. The combination of sealed burner, fryer frame construction and hood construction transmits less heat to the room then conventional multiple tube fryers or water fall type fryers. Heavy duty conveyor frame design using laser cut 1/4 in thick plate material for conveyor frames. The paddle and various belts are driven from a single motor/reducer. The submerger and discharge belts are flat flex stainless steel belting with 36 in overall belt width. The conveyor is variable speed and the AC frequency drive is mounted in fryer control panel. Drives are located on the fryer inlet side. The main combustion and gas train components are mounted on stainless steel combustion skid. Gas train components include main and blocking valve, pilot valve, gas regulator, combustion blower, airflow switch, high/low gas pressure switch, powered butterfly valve and proportioning valve. Gas train is designed to FM standards. All components are easily accessible. Control panel is wall mounted, stainless steel, NEMA 4X with start/stop buttons, relay logic, high limit controller, flame safety controller, frequency drives, etc. Control panel is UL listed as UL 508 control panel. Ignition transformer NEMA 4X electrical box mounted on the fryer. All sensors are pre-wired to the junction box using PVC-coated rigid conduit and seal tight flexible conduit. Automatic oil level control and safety shut down level sensor are included. Units are pre-wired to junction box. Level sensors are located for easy sanitation and inspection. Fryer steam vent oil demister system with higher efficiency demister material. Removes oil captured in steam by means of a passive stainless steel filter. The demister material is a combination of stainless steel and Teflon material. Includes stainless steel frame welded to fryer frame, stack extension, hinged access door with clamps, two removable filters and additional controls for the exhaust blower. (2) Hot oil circulating pumps OP-250. Includes a pump specifically selected and designed for hot oil applications, wash down duty AC motor, stainless steel pump stand, piping and additional controls. The circulating pump increases heat transfer between oil and immersion tubes and is also needed for hot oil filter system. Pump setup includes oil manifold and manual stainless steel ball valves. Oil holding (storage) tank model OT-550. Tank is all stainless steel construction with tubular legs, top dished cover, sanitary connections, conical bottom, analog level sensor and high limit sensor. Tank useable capacity is 495 gallons and overall capacity is 550 gallons. Tank should provide sufficient capacity to hold fryer oil volume and oil volume for 16 hours production. It is recommended that the cooking oil be stored in oil holding tank after production. In addition the oil is stored in the tank when the fryer is being cleaned. Oil transfer pump/powered valve for transferring oil from oil holding tank to fryer. Includes high-temperature OP-75 pump for hot oil transfer, pump skid, powered valve and additional controls installed in the fryer control panel. The oil transfer pump is used to transfer oil from the oil storage tank to the fryer. It is also used to transfer oil automatically to the fryer in order to maintain proper oil level for cooking

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