Complete Stromberg 20 BBL Brewhouse System

Loeb # 78243 Model
Year 2010 Serial
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 20.00
Lease for only n/a / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Complete Stromberg 20 BBL Brewhouse System, Combo Mash/Lauter HLT Tank with a Kettle/WP, Direct Fire, 20BBL Direct Fire Natural Gas Propane Kettle Design Pressure: Atmospheric 4 Legs c/w s/s Footpads Shell Material T304 2b s/s Cladding Material T304 #4 S/S Interior Weld Finish Stain Removed, Polished to #4 on a Regular Margin Exterior Weld Finish, Cladding Penetrations. Formed Conical Head, Shallow Cone Bottom 1.5in, Mineral Wool Insulation on Sides and Bottom. Forced Air 400,000 BTU Burner, 10in Fire Chamber Vent Tangential Whirlpool Inlet Top Fittings: 10in Vapor Vent, 1in Water Inlet, Condensate Drain 24in Manway, 1in CIP Side Fittings: Whirlpool Inlet, Thermowell, Bottom Fittings: Drain, 1.5in Wort Draw-off, Liquor Blending System Temperature Indicator and Mixing Valves Allow Brewer to Adjust Brewing Liquor Temperature. System includes Thermometer and Inline Thermometer Mount, Control Valve for Hot Liquor, Control Valve for Cooling Water, and Pipe-work combining Hot Liquor and Cooling Water Lines. Complete Process Piping between Brewhouse Vessels with Hand Operated Valve Manifold, Stainless Steel Work Platform. Brewhouse Control Panel with Frequency Drives Mounted Inside Speed Controlled Wort Pump S/S Heat Exchanger 1 Stage Water Wort Aeration 2-Roll Malt Mill Grain Auger

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