AEW Flexline 5-lane hydraulic block press and shaper

Loeb # 63275 Model FlexlinePP530
OEM A E W Delford Systems Limited
Year Serial 4995012
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 5.00
Lease for only 1,032.23 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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AEW Flexline 5-lane hydraulic block press and shaper. This Flexline shaper is a modular system for shaping portion directly from frozen state. Press produces portion of required weight, shape & texture in 3 dimensions from frozen planks up to 32mm thick. Natural fillets and cavity portions for sauces or fillings can be shaped from frozen state. Different portion shapes and/or weights can be produced at the same time. Press works with frozen natural fillet or minced block with out the need for thawing, grinding or further processing. Portion weights are infinitely adjustable and two part tooling helps keep the die costs down.

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