Advanced Food Systems Model ABM 350 Advanced Batch High Speed Mixer with Feeders

Loeb # 72132 Model ABM350
OEM Advanced Food Systems
Year 2013 Serial 0871212
Electrical 3/460/60 Location M-01
Condition As is Size 0.00
Lease for only 3,609.19 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Advanced Food Systems Model ABM350 Advanced Batch High Speed Mixer. Previously ran dough at a rate of 3,400 per hour. The dough mixing time was less than 3 minutes. With the automated ingredient loading system, they loaded the ingredients in less than 90 seconds. The finished batch of dough discharged in one minute, which means that they had be able to complete a batch in 5.5 - 6 minutes. This would yield approx. (10) 350 pound batches per hour or 3,500 - 3,800 pounds of dough per hour. The Advanced Food Systems ABM350 batch mixer increases hydration rate through a high speed mechanical mixing action that exposes more of the flour particles surface area to water. With a vacuum-rated mixing chamber constructed of 304 stainless steel, the mixer handles batch sizes from 200 to 350 lb. (finished dough). It has a liquid ingredient opening mounted near the top of the mixing chamber and a hydraulically operated, stainless steel, curved slide gate located in the top of the mixer for loading major dry ingredients. A bi-directional scraper arm scrapes the inside of the processing chamber and discharges dough in chunks through a bottom slide/gate. 30 in diameter x 24 in deep mixing chamber. Mixing chamber thermometer monitors dough temperature and is vacuum rated. One liquid ingredient opening mounted near top of mixing chamber. 16 in x 18 in hydraulically operated S/S curved slide gate located on top of mixer for loading major dry ingredients. Variable ingredient mix speed of 100-1200 RPM for 1-3 minutes. 15 in x 9 in hydraulically operated S/S curved slide gate located on bottom of mixer for discharging dough chunks. Slide clearance to floor is 24 inches. Bi-directional scraper arm for scraping inside of processing chamber and discharging dough chunks at 24 RPM. Over-pressure relief valve on mixing chamber. Hinged door on front of mixing chamber. 22 in x 10.5 in ingredient infeed on top of mixing chamber, (2) 6 in diameter top infeed ports, (3) 2 in diameter tri-clamp inlets on left side, right side and rear of chamber, 1 in diameter tri-clamp inlet on top, Allen Bradley PanelView Plus 1000 HMI, 50 HP, 460 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz. Includes Ktron Sodor Model K2MVS560DR S/S volumetric single screw auger feeder with 23 in diameter open top S/S hopper, feed rate of 3 pounds per 30 seconds, pneumatic vibrator. Rice Lake model BM1818S500 Benchmark Series 500 pound capacity platform scale with 18 in x 18 in S/S platform (S/N C43258). 18 in diameter x 32 in straight side S/S cone bottom feed hopper with (3) HBM model S351K20575 1,000 capacity weigh cells, pneumatic butterfly valve, Vibeco pneumatic vibrator. Mounted on S/S square tube frame. Advanced Food Systems 6 ft W x 19 in D x 7 ft H (2) door S/S starter control panel with Danfoss VLT Automation Drive and (6) Allen Bradley AC Inverters. Advanced Food Systems S/S PLC Control Panel with Allen Bradley PLC.

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