130 Gallon DC Norris S/S Jacketed Kettle with High Shear Agitator and Jet Cook

Loeb # 78633 Model
Year 2014 Serial N2980
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 130.00
Lease for only 3,445.14 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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130 Gallon (500 Liter) DC Norris S/S Jacketed Kettle with High Shear and Sweep Scrape Agitators, 2 Zone Steam Jacket. Fixed Speed Agitator. Load Cells, Tote Dumper, Platform, Controls. Jet Cook Steam Infusion Unit. The Jet Cook Unit Operates by Collapsing Steam Into the Product at High Velocity Through a Specially Designed Nozzle. As the Steam Collapses it Pulls the Product (liquid) Through, Creating a Re-circulating Effect (partial vacuum) in the Re-circulating Pipe. 99.5% of the Steam is Utilized and Then Collapsed Into the Product Ensuring Huge Energy Savings. Two Piece Hinged Cover. Jacket Maximum Working Pressure 87 PSI at 329 Degrees F. Minimum Design Metal Temperature -20 Degrees F at 87 PSI. 3 in Diameter Outlet.

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