Loeb offers an array of services that can help you manage a plant closure or factory closing more efficiently. We handle all types of plant liquidations and equipment auctions to assist you in managing the process of closing factory facilities and managing your plant liquidation with a better deal. This can often take some of the stress out of plant closures for stakeholders in the process.

Plant Closure Services from the Experts at Loeb Equipment

At Loeb, we have more than 143 years of experience in the equipment and machinery industry. We work with companies across North America and around the globe to assist in the sale of used equipment and the purchase of excess machinery or set up equipment auctions. If you are responsible for managing the shutdown and liquidation of a plant, factory or manufacturing facility, Loeb is here to help with practical support throughout the process.

Partnering With Loeb for Factory Closings

Whether you are currently at the start of the plant closure process or are managing a factory liquidation of all equipment and plant machinery, Loeb Equipment can act as a partner throughout the plant liquidation process. We have the experience and the knowledge necessary to help you in the following ways:

  • Assisting you in acquiring debtor-in-possession or DIP financing to navigate the liquidation process more easily
  • Providing you with expert appraisals for your equipment and machinery
  • Offering venues for liquidation of the machinery and equipment assets of the company through auctions, direct purchases and liquidation services
  • Helping you to extract the highest value possible from your equipment and machinery during liquidation
  • Providing you with the benefits of our deep experience and expertise throughout the entire process

At Loeb, we act as your partner in dealing with all the complexities of shutting down a business and managing the financial and practical necessities of manufacturer closings, plant liquidations and other factory closings. We have the right solutions for you in managing these situations in the best possible way.

Factory Closing and Factory Liquidations

Factory liquidations generally include materials and inventory as well as machinery and equipment used in processing and packaging products for the consumer or business marketplaces. These liquidation proceedings usually occur when factories fail to generate adequate revenues to manage overhead expenses and the costs of labor. This can occur when the overall economy is contracting or when a particular industry is affected by changes in supply or demand. If you are responsible for managing a factory closing, you will be juggling a number of different tasks during this time period:

  • Notifying workers about the current progress of the factory closing
  • Seeking debtor-in-possession financing arrangements that offer financial support during factory liquidations
  • Planning factory auctions to sell machinery and equipment
  • Appraising your equipment and machinery prior to factory liquidations and auctions
  • Managing all aspects of finances for the company during and after plant closings

Loeb Equipment is a trusted partner in plant closings. Depending on the condition of the items and current demand, Loeb will sometimes buy equipment outright to provide you with even greater flexibility when managing plant closings in our service area.

Manufacturer Closings and Manufacturer Liquidations

Manufacturer closings are conducted along the same lines as plant closures and liquidations. The machinery liquidators at Loeb can help you determine the best course of action for downsizing operations or implementing manufacturer liquidations quickly and efficiently. We offer the practical help you need to manage plant closing much more easily. Our expertise can help you manage manufacturer liquidations with less stress and greater confidence in the services we render.

Bankruptcy and Debtor-in-Possession Financing

The way in which plant closings are handled will vary depending on the financial situation of the operation. For certain types of bankruptcies, a manufacturer liquidation may be required to recoup funds for creditors of the company. Other plant closings during bankruptcy may require the acquisition of debtor-in-possession or DIP financing to continue operations and to provide capital funding during the process of reorganization.

Loeb Equipment can provide DIP financing options that are based on the value of the machinery or equipment in the factory or plant. This can allow for greater financial flexibility and, in some cases, may allow companies to come out of the bankruptcy process to reopen their factories and manufacturing plants in a better financial position.

The Factory Liquidation Process

If the equipment and machinery involved in a plant closure must be sold quickly, Loeb can provide the help needed to manage these plant liquidations efficiently. Our team of equipment liquidators can provide appraisal services, plant auctions and liquidation marketing options that will assist you throughout the process of closing factory and plant facilities.

  • Performing appraisals: Loeb’s appraisal team can provide accurate assessments of the value of machinery and equipment for plant closures.
  • Evaluating financial requirements: If the company intends to continue operating and to restructure during bankruptcy, Loeb can help with practical financial solutions that leverage the equity in equipment to allow greater flexibility for debtor companies.
  • Setting up plant liquidations: Plant closures and factory liquidation plans must be organized in advance of these events. Loeb Equipment has the knowledge and experience you need to manage the sales and liquidations associated with factory closings effectively.
  • Marketing factory auctions and plant liquidations: We have the connections and the structure needed to market factory auctions and manufacturer liquidation sales to the right audience for your facility.
  • Allocating financial risk: Because Loeb offers asset-based loans, we can afford to provide loans even when other financial institutions cannot offer any assistance. We are trusted machinery liquidators with a proven reputation for flexibility and fair dealings in the plant liquidation field.

At Loeb, we offer the right help for you whether you are closing factory doors or shutting down temporarily to restructure your operations. Our equipment liquidators can provide you with practical help in managing all aspects of your factory closings and plant liquidation activities. There entire process can take as little as 4-6 weeks.

Navigating the Process of Plant Closures

Certain regulations apply to plant and factory closings. For example, workers must be given advance notice of a factory closing under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act. This is necessary to make sure that these employees have time to seek alternative employment and to manage their financial situations in the a positive manner.

Because workers have certain rights during a plant closure, it is important to be as open and transparent about the process as you can. This can reduce the stress involved in the factory liquidation process for you and your employees.

Managing a plant closure properly requires clear lines of communication between management, employees and vendors. Working with Loeb can allow you to get the answers you need about factory liquidation processes and to communicate that information to those who need to know. As leading machinery and equipment liquidators, Loeb Equipment can help you to manage your plant closure in the right way.

The Areas Loeb Equipment Serves

Loeb Equipment offers services for plant auctions and factory closings throughout the United States, Mexico and the English-speaking parts of Canada.

Liquidation Sizes Loeb Oversees

Because of our long history in the equipment and machinery industry, Loeb can provide help for plant and manufacturer liquidations ranging from $500,000 to $20 million in value. We have built our reputation on reliable services tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Auctions and Liquidation Services

Loeb Equipment has built a solid reputation over our 14 decades of experience in the equipment auction and liquidation industry. Our auction services are known and trusted across North America and around the world. We work with our clients to promote their auctions of excess equipment or manufacturer liquidation activities, which can ensure the fastest sale for companies closing factory doors or planning to reemerge from bankruptcy in a better position.

Our knowledgeable machinery liquidators can provide you with accurate information on the best ways to market your equipment during manufacturer closings and plant liquidation proceedings. Our experience allows you to enjoy the best guidance and support when closing factory or plant operations down and disposing of company assets through plant auctions or manufacturer liquidation actions.

Financial Services for Manufacturer Liquidations

At Loeb, we offer an array of financial options for buying, selling and liquidating equipment and for drawing on equity to obtain necessary operating cash. Our team works with you to find the right financial solutions for your current and future needs.

  • Debtor-in-possession financing: For companies in the process of reorganizing to avoid closing factory doors, DIP financing options are often the best way to acquire operating capital quickly. Loeb delivers outstanding options for DIP financing that allow companies to acquire the working capital needed to continue producing goods and generating revenues during reorganization, restructuring or certain types of bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Equipment financing: Loeb offers a variety of asset-based lending options that allow us to hold an interest in your equipment while you use it to generate profits.
  • Equipment appraisals: Appraisals are a key element in preparing for plant auctions and liquidations. As leading machinery liquidators, Loeb maintains a team of experienced appraisers who can provide you with accurate information on the value of your equipment and its likely selling price in the factory auctions we host.
  • Auctions: Plant auctions offer opportunities for both buyers and sellers. For companies going through bankruptcy or restructuring, factory auctions can provide a source of cash to manage debts and to provide added financial stability during this time period. Buyers can often acquire used equipment at reasonable prices by attending plant auctions online or in person. Loeb specializes in plant auctions that attract bidders and that provide added help for buyers in the industrial equipment marketplace.
  • Term loans and asset-based loans: Asset-based loans use the equity in your equipment as a way to guarantee repayment on higher-risk loans like those needed by companies in bankruptcy or restructuring. Our term loans allow you to pay off your debt over time, which can help you to navigate unfavorable economic conditions in a better financial position.
  • Equipment lines of credit: At Loeb, we offer equipment lines of credit that are based on the value of your machinery. Our appraisal process ensures that you receive loans that offer fair value for the equity in your equipment and that you know the real value of your machinery before you sign your loan documents with us.
  • Leasebacks and leasing arrangements: The equipment leasebacks available from Loeb Equipment are an innovative way for companies to obtain necessary working capital while retaining the use of their current equipment to generate revenues. By selling your equipment to us and then leasing it back on a month-to-month or annual basis, you can often manage cash flow issues efficiently and in a way that benefits your company’s bottom line.
  • Purchasing equipment: Loeb also offers opportunities for those in the market for used equipment of nearly all types. We make it easy to buy used machinery through our plant auctions and directly from us to ensure that our customers receive the best options for their equipment needs.
  • Equipment liquidations: Our machinery liquidators can help you to find the perfect solutions for selling your equipment quickly and for the highest price possible in current market conditions.

At Loeb Equipment, we work with our clients to make sure that they receive the best options for their needs. Our team is committed to the highest standards of customer service and integrity in the used equipment industry.

The Industries We Serve

Loeb works with a wide range of industries to provide the right solutions for liquidating equipment during bankruptcy or restructuring. Some of the most important industries we serve are listed below:

  • Cosmetics equipment liquidations: Our experienced equipment liquidators can provide you with expert advice on liquidating cosmetics processing and packaging equipment.
  • Metalworking equipment liquidations: Loeb also offers liquidations for metalworking equipment, which can assist you in managing financial issues during bankruptcy or reorganization.
  • Plastics equipment liquidations: Forming, shaping and molding machinery items are among the most common types of plastics equipment. At Loeb, we have the experience and knowledge needed to help you liquidate these items for the highest possible price.
  • Food equipment liquidations: The food industry operates under stringent guidelines for purity and cleanliness. Loeb can help you to liquidate your excess food equipment to assist you in managing the financial aspects of reorganization.
  • Beverage equipment liquidations: Loeb offers solutions for beverage equipment liquidations that can help you manage economic downturns more easily.
  • Transportation equipment liquidations: Loeb works with companies in the transportation industry to deliver the right liquidation options for vehicles and other equipment used in this field.
  • Brewery equipment liquidations: The brewing industry accounts for about $100 billion in sales annually. Loeb can help you to find the right buyers when liquidating your brewery operations.
  • Yellow iron equipment liquidations: Large-scale construction equipment is generally referred to as yellow iron. At Loeb, our team of experienced machinery liquidators can provide you with the right guidance for selling this heavy equipment quickly and profitably.
  • Mining equipment liquidations: Loeb also offers liquidation services for mining equipment that can provide funds for paying off debts and reorganizing your business.
  • Packaging equipment liquidations: At Loeb, we offer an extensive lineup of packaging equipment options that can ensure the best financial outcomes for your business whether you are looking to buy or sell in the used equipment marketplace.
  • Processing equipment liquidations: The processing equipment liquidation solutions we offer at Loeb are tailored to suit the needs of manufacturing firms. We work with you at every step of the process to help you liquidate your processing equipment efficiently.

Why Choose Loeb Equipment for Your Plant Closures?

Working with the experienced equipment liquidators at Loeb Equipment can help you to make the best moves for your company when planning factory auctions and other activities associated with closing down your operations temporarily or on a permanent basis. Our team can assist you in managing your shutdown processes and can put our years of experience to work for you. Give us a call today at 1-800-560-LOEB or visit our website to learn more about our lineup of services. At Loeb Equipment, we are here to serve you.