Industrial Auctions

Industrial auctions are a great way for sell equipment that is no longer needed for corporate operations and for companies to acquire used equipment at affordable prices. According to IBISWorld, revenues from online auctions alone are expected to exceed $619 billion in 2021.

According to the market researchers at Global Market Insights, the used construction equipment market alone was valued at $98 billion in 2019. Industrial auctions benefit buyers and sellers alike by providing venues for purchasing or selling used equipment in an efficient way. At Loeb Equipment, we offer online industrial auctions and liquidations to allow greater flexibility and convenience for your company’s current and future needs.

Loeb Equipment is widely known throughout the financial marketplace as a trusted provider of industrial auction services. Our industrial auctioneers have the deep knowledge and broad experience needed to ensure that these events run smoothly and produce optimal results for our clients. At Loeb, we are committed to the highest standards of quality and integrity in all the industrial auction and liquidation services we manage.

Why Do Companies Use Industrial Equipment Auctioneers?

Bankruptcy, a factory closing or a plant liquidation can leave your company with excess equipment. At Loeb, our industrial equipment auctioneers can provide the experience and expertise needed to get the best prices for your equipment through the auction process. We specialize in industrial auctions, which allows us to provide the best set of services for our clients in the United States, Canada and Mexico. This can help companies to convert excess equipment into cash in hand for a wide range of business purposes.

The Loeb Auctioneers Proven Process

Loeb’s industrial auctioneers have designed a streamlined process to auctions from start to finish. At the time the request for auction services is received, the team is put in place and a project plan is mapped from the time of inspection, through to the online or webcast event, and through post-sale management & finalization.

Appraising the Equipment

It is important to obtain an appraisal of your equipment prior to your industrial auction. If the auction is the result of a forced plant liquidation, factory closing or bankruptcy, you may receive less than the fair market value or replacement cost of this equipment. According to the American Society of Appraisers, the forced liquidation value is usually calculated by determining what the equipment is likely to fetch at auction when sold as-is in a properly advertised and attended event. This can provide industrial equipment auctioneers and companies with more accurate assessments of the expected sales price of industrial equipment sold at auction.

Types of Industry Auctions

Our industrial auctioneers have the experience and the knowledge necessary to ensure fair pricing for your equipment and the best selection for potential buyers. Our industrial auction lineup includes a wide range of categories, including the following equipment types:

  • Coffee roaster auctions typically include equipment like grinders, tea bag form fill and seal machines, air compressors and coating drums. The industrial auctioneers at Loeb Equipment can provide the right services for buyers and sellers alike.
  • Brewhouse auctions and brewery auctions – Also refer to our brewery auction overview page. Our past often include brewhouses, tanks and fermenters. Loeb can provide the industrial auction services needed to bring brewery buyers and sellers together for faster sales.
  • Surplus vehicles auctions allow companies to downsize their fleets and to sell older vehicles. According to Business Wire, this industrial auction segment of the marketplace will continue to expand and grow in the next few years.
  • Castings company industrial auctions usually include melting, molding, core machines and testing and polishing equipment. These systems are used to create precision castings for industrial use.
  • Scientific equipment auctions can include a wide range of items that include plastics processors, machine tools, packaging systems and material handling equipment. Our industrial auctioneers can help you sell these items to interested bidders in both in-person and online auction events.
  • Metalworking equipment auctions often include chillers, grinders, bar and parts feeders, scrap hoppers, lathes, saws and drilling machines. Sanders and drill presses are also commonly found in these industrial auctions.
  • Food processing equipment auctions typically includes feeders, blanchers, vacuum cookers, kettles, mixers and mills. Loeb also carries an array of food processing equipment in both new and used configurations.
  • Food packaging equipment auctions usually include some of the most important equipment for these tasks, including checkweighers, feeders, labelers and wrappers. This industrial equipment is essential for protecting the quality and safety of food products on their way from factory to store shelves.
  • Industrial machining auctions may include drill presses, screw machines and milling machines. Loeb offers machining tools both at in-person auctions and through online industrial auction listings.
  • Printing company auctions typically include items like continuous feed folders, paper sheers and saddle-stitch systems to create bound volumes for large-scale printing projects.
  • Bakery auctions typically include dough dividers, cake slicers, sheeters, extruders and forming and filling equipment for industrial-scale bakeries.
  • Fabricating equipment auctions sometimes include metalworking equipment as well as the tools necessary to manufacture items in the factory environment.
  • Cosmetic company industrial auctions and liquidations may allow businesses to purchase used coders, formulas and unopened materials for their own business needs.
  • Pharmaceutical equipment auctions typically feature precision tools and materials used in the manufacture and delivery of pharmaceutical products for over-the-counter or prescription use.
  • Canning industrial equipment auctions may include items from breweries or other food production facilities. At Loeb Equipment, we represent companies that are divesting their inventory of unneeded canning equipment.
  • Construction equipment auctions may include vehicles, heavy and light equipment, bulldozers, graders and many other common pieces of equipment available through the auctions at Loeb Equipment.
  • CNC equipment auctions include systems that support computer numerical control (CNC) for processing materials to exacting standards. Loeb Equipment routinely handles CNC industrial equipment auction events both online and in person.
  • Industrial real estate auctions can be an excellent way to acquire new properties and facilities for buyers and a convenient and practical solution for property owners. Loeb Equipment makes it easy to manage these arrangements in the most efficient way possible.

Loeb offers in-person and online industrial auction solutions that work for both buyers and sellers. Our commitment to outstanding customer service has made us a preferred choice for companies divesting themselves of unnecessary assets as well as buyers looking for the right industrial equipment auctions in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Auction Services from Loeb Auctioneers

Loeb Auctioneers offers several options and programs structured to meet your asset recovery needs.

  • Cash Buyout – We have the capital base available to purchase assets, including entire plants (with or without the real estate), outright for cash for the reduction of corporate time commitment.
  • Guarantee Program – We offer an advance cash payment to mitigate market risk with a sharing of gross proceeds and the ability to retain flexibility of the sale process.
  • Commission Structure – As your exclusive agent, we provide a customized sales strategy ensuring total flexibility to make important equipment decisions to maximize your recovery values.

Other advantages to working with Loeb auctioneers include:

  • Industrial Expertise – Loeb Auctioneers has generations of relationships working with manufacturers in all industries globally. We provide our clients with the broad ability to cross-market their assets.
  • Global Marketing Reach – Our extensive database keeps track of customers by industry, auctions and liquidations attended, and by the machinery quoted, sold, or purchased. Coupled with our dynamic e-commerce-based website, Loeb Auctioneers can expose your assets to a global market of qualified buyers.
  • Loeb Auctioneers is a division of Loeb – Our asset disposition programs are backed by a full-service equipment company providing: equipment sales, purchases, rentals and leasing, certified market appraisals and financing.

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Our Success Speaks for Itself

We are proud of our repeat client base that keeps growing yearly due to our ability to organize, market, sell, and empty entire facilities in a timely manner.

Past Loeb Industrial Auctions

We have successfully managed and executed a variety of equipment and plant auctions including:

Abbott Laboratories
Bake Line Group
Bank of America
Best Kosher / Sara Lee
Cadbury Schweppes
Campbell Soup
Central Iowa Soy
Chef Fresh
Coca Cola
Cott Beverages
Dean Foods
Diamond Products
Elgin Dairy Foods
Fleischmann Yeast
Frito Lay
GE Capital
General Binding Corp.
General Mills
Glaxo Smith Kline
Grande Foods
Guiltless Gourmet
Guys Foods

Hanmanns Mills
Heinemann’s Bakeries
Heinz – Chef Francisco
Helene Curtis / Unilever
Hershey Company
Hires Root Beer
Humboldt Creamery
Icelandic USA
Interbake NJ
Iroquois Water Ltd
J M Ethnic Hair Products
Jay’s Foods
Johnson & Johnson
Kellogg – Keebler
Kraft – Tombstone Pizza
Kraft Foods Global
Lasalle Labs
Magruder Color LLC
Merrill Lynch
Miles Labs
Molson / Coors
Mothers Bakery
Nabisco Foods Group
Nature’s Path
Olmarc Packaging

Organic Milling
Orval Kent
Orville Redenbacher
Oxford Foods Inc.
P M Specialty Meats
P P G Industries
Pabst Brewery
Pandora Manufacturing
Penny Curtiss
Pitt Penn
Procter & Gamble
Quaker Oats
Ross Labs Div. Abbott
Royal Crown Bottling
Sara Lee
Snyder’s of Hanover
Sparboe Foods
Stella D’Oro
Tri-Valley Growers
United Signature Foods
Wells Fargo
West Irving Die Casting
Windsor Foods
Winn-Dixie Florida

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Other Services Offered by Loeb

Loeb also offers a variety of financial services to assist our clients in managing their money in the most effective and convenient way.

  • Debtor-in-possession financing – Investopedia defines debtor-in-possession (DIP) financing as a way for companies facing Chapter 11 bankruptcy to continue their operations and to work their way out of these situations while producing revenues and profits during the process. Loeb offers these options for qualified customers in North America.
  • Equipment bridge and term loans – These lending arrangements are available through Loeb and offer shorter-term financing for acquiring new or used equipment. This can help your company to manage its cash flow more efficiently.
  • New and used equipment leaseback – A leaseback is an innovative way to manage cash flow while acquiring the necessary equipment. By purchasing equipment from Loeb and then borrowing against the value of that equipment to ensure adequate cash on hand for your regular operations.
  • Line of credit solutions – Monitor Daily reports that Loeb now offers a line of credit option for its clients. This allows more financial flexibility for companies interested in acquiring equipment in industrial auctions on a schedule that suits their needs.

Why Choose Loeb for Your Industrial Equipment Auctions?

Loeb is known throughout the industrial auction marketplace as a trusted partner in managing equipment acquisitions and liquidations. As an innovator in the online industrial auction marketplace, Loeb can provide the rapid responses and auction services needed to manage your situation effectively. Because we are not a bank, we have greater flexibility and an ability to act swiftly on your behalf.

We work with you to make sure that your buying or selling experience is as positive as possible. We have created the Loeb’s Guide to Buying and Selling Used Equipment to help you manage the process more effectively whether you are managing a liquidation or looking for the right used equipment for your current operations. We work with you at every stage of the process to make sure that you achieve your goals in the industrial equipment auction marketplace. Call us today at 1-800-560-LOEB or visit us online to learn more about the services we offer and how they can help you manage your acquisitions and divestitures in the most practical ways.