Modern businesses may require machinery appraisals for a variety of reasons. At Loeb Equipment, we work with you and your company to ensure the most accurate valuation of your equipment and machinery. Our team of professionals can evaluate the condition of your items to provide you with the most accurate equipment appraisal services for your needs.

Loeb Equipment has been in business since 1880 and has been serving the industrial and commercial communities with quality services since that time. If you need professional appraisals for collateralizing equipment, selling these items, purchasing new equipment or resolving legal issues, our team will work with you to provide the best and most practical options for your business.

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What Is an Equipment Appraisal?

Machinery and equipment appraisals are a method of finding out the value of an item. For equipment appraisals, a high degree of expertise and experience is required to ensure the highest degree of accuracy for these transactions.

Our equipment appraisal team has extensive experience with all types of industrial equipment appraisals. We can perform food equipment appraisals, cosmetics equipment appraisals and processing and packaging equipment appraisals that are accurate and that assist buyers, sellers and borrowers in determining the right pricing and the amount for which they are eligible when borrowing against these items.

Equipment appraisals are especially important when purchasing or selling industrial equipment. A machine appraisal can provide valuable information for buyers on the value of the item they are considering. On the other hand, an accurate used equipment appraisal can let sellers know how to price their excess machinery for a quick sale.

Our experience in the equipment industry allows us to provide the most accurate used equipment appraisal services for your business needs. We work with you to deliver the chemical equipment appraisals, brewery and beverage equipment appraisals and processing equipment appraisals for all your current and future needs.

How Machinery Appraisals Work

Loeb offers used equipment appraisal services that allow you to determine the actual value of machines for sale or the machines you already own. Our team will look at previous sales of comparable equipment and evaluate the current condition of your equipment to determine its salability. We will also take a look at the general demand for equipment of this type and the dollar amount it will likely fetch in a variety of situations.

Loeb offers three levels of machinery appraisal service, each with its own timeline:

  • Gold Level Appraisal will be completed within two weeks of the physical inspection of your industrial equipment. During your machine appraisal, we will take photos of assets comprising 80% of value and will provide you with an overview of the plant conditions and the status of the industry in which you operate. You will also receive a brief asset list in Microsoft Excel to assist in your recordkeeping process.
  • Silver Level Appraisal will be completed within three weeks of our physical inspection. Loeb will provide photos of the top 12 assets only and will offer a report on the condition of your plant and equipment.
  • Bronze Level Appraisal allows you to receive your industrial equipment appraisals within four weeks of our inspection. This basic machine appraisal does not include any evaluation of overall condition of the plant or machinery or general industry insights.

We will work with you to determine which equipment appraisal option is the best choice for you. All reports are delivered in a PDF format with out-of-pocket expenses charged as well as the standard fee for each tier of service. We are committed to the highest degree of accuracy when performing pharmaceutical equipment appraisals, brewery equipment appraisals and other equipment appraisal services for your business.

Why Businesses Need Machinery Appraisal Services

An equipment appraisal can be valuable for your company in many ways. Some of the most important uses for machine appraisals include the following:

  • Determining collateral value: Collateral is the assets or personal property used as security to ensure payment on a loan. Machinery appraisal services are necessary in determining the value of the collateral used as security for that loan is critical to protect lenders and to ensure that borrowers are able to secure lending arrangements to maintain their business operations.
  • Purchasing used equipment: Experts recommend the purchase of used equipment to circumvent the current supply chain woes. Machine appraisals can ensure that you receive the most accurate information on the items you are considering for purchase before you buy. Loeb offers machine appraisal services that can help you buy the right equipment for your ongoing operations.
  • Selling equipment: If you are planning to sell off some of your excess equipment or to liquidate your plant, Loeb offers machinery appraisal services to help you price these items for faster sale. We offer accurate equipment appraisal services that can help you determine the right price for the items you are selling.
  • Depreciating equipment for tax purposes: From time to time, it may be necessary to perform a machinery appraisal to determine the real value of your equipment and to determine the amount of depreciation that can be claimed on your tax returns. Our team can provide industrial equipment appraisals that will help you to manage your tax obligations more easily and with less chance of error.
  • Liquidations: Companies in search of distressed lending arrangements or going through bankruptcies may also benefit from the services offered by Loeb Appraisals.

Methods of Valuation

At Loeb, our equipment appraisal process uses four basic methods of valuation:

Your company’s situation and your preferences will generally determine which of these machinery appraisal options will work for your needs.

Machine Appraisals

Our team consists of credentialed and accredited appraisers, each of whom have more than 25 years of experience in the equipment appraisal field. We conduct USPAP-compliant industrial equipment appraisals that can be used to negotiate lease-end arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, property tax disputes, litigations and asset-based lending transactions. If you need accurate appraisals for your machinery, Loeb Appraisals can deliver the solutions you require.

Used Equipment Appraisals

We specialize in used equipment appraisals that use the latest standards for accuracy. Loeb Appraisals stays current with the latest trends in the industrial and commercial fields to make sure that your machinery appraisals are in line with current market conditions and the existing demand for your company’s equipment.

Equipment Appraisals by Industry

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, more commonly referred to as OSHA, maintains a list of the various types of industrial and commercial machinery. Loeb Appraisals can perform equipment and machinery appraisals for these and many other types of equipment in your commercial and industrial properties:

  • Food equipment appraisals: At Loeb, we offer the benefits of our experience and expertise in performing food equipment appraisals for your business. Our food equipment appraisals are designed to provide you with the most accurate and actionable information for your operations.
  • Chemical equipment appraisals: Loeb Appraisals can perform chemical equipment appraisals to determine the real value of your equipment. We work with you at each stage of the process to ensure that your items are valuated accurately.
  • Pharmaceutical equipment appraisals: Our team performs pharmaceutical equipment appraisals that can help you determine the real worth of your equipment. If you need pharmaceutical equipment appraisals for a planned liquidation or for any other reason, Loeb Appraisals can deliver the right solutions for you.
  • Cosmetics equipment appraisals: Accurate cosmetics equipment appraisals require an extensive knowledge of the industry as well as awareness of current market conditions. At Loeb, we specialize in cosmetic equipment appraisals that provide you with the most current and accurate information on the value of your property.
  • Processing equipment appraisals: Loeb’s experts can perform processing equipment appraisals on a wide range of machinery types. Our team works with you to make sure that your appraisal is accurate and up-to-date.
  • Packaging equipment appraisals: If you need expert packaging equipment appraisals, Loeb Appraisals can assist you with the appraisal services you need on a timeline that works for you.
  • Beverage equipment appraisals: We can perform beverage equipment appraisals to the highest standards of accuracy. We offer practical help for your beverage production business.
  • Brewery equipment appraisals: If you are interested in the value of your brewery equipment, Loeb offers brewery equipment appraisals tailored to your needs and your timeline.
  • Metalworking equipment appraisals: Loeb’s expertise in the equipment field ensures that your metalworking appraisals are accurate and on time. We know the equipment needed for metalworking processes and can provide you with appraisals that meet your needs.
  • Yellow iron equipment appraisals: Yellow iron is the common term for large construction equipment. Loeb Appraisals can provide accurate valuation of these large pieces of equipment for your business.
  • Plastics equipment appraisals: These types of appraisals require an in-depth knowledge of the industry. At Loeb Appraisals, we offer plastics equipment appraisals you can count on for accuracy and timeliness.
  • Other machinery appraisals: We offer a full lineup of appraisal options that will work for your needs and your scheduling requirements.

Other Loeb Financial Services

We also offer an array of other services, including equipment auctions, liquidations, lending arrangements, the purchase of excess equipment, equipment lines of credit, term loans and leasebacks to suit the needs of our customers. We work with you and your company to deliver the best and most practical options for all your industrial equipment needs. Whether you need used equipment for your operations or wish to liquidate your entire business, Loeb is your best source for the services and guidance your company needs now and in the future.

Loeb Offers Proven Industry Experience

At Loeb, we work with you to create accurate appraisals that will assist you in acquiring the financing arrangements you need or that allow you to buy or sell equipment at fair prices. We are committed to the highest standards of excellence in the equipment appraisal field. Visit us online or give us a call at 1-800-560-LOEB to touch base with us. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.