Loeb Term Loans Machinery and Equipment

In Q4 2022 we were able to help companies in very different transitional states.  Our theme this quarter was Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

We provided asset-based loans to a number of companies whose financial situation did not meet the requirements of traditional banking. These loans enabled these companies to finance their business endeavors and move forward with their operations and potential growth.

Highlights from 2022:

  • $1.2MM to an artificial fish protein company to scale to production (Reduce fish consumption)!
  • $3MM to an existing customer to refinance and expand their fleet (Reuse existing M&E as collateral!
  • $1MM to a recycler to survive the commodity cycle (Recycle FTW!)
  • $1.6MM to remove the barrier for a foreign buyer to purchase a winery (Cheers!)


We are very proud of our accomplishments in Q4 and 2022 and look forward to an even busier 2023. If your company is in need of working capital by leveraging existing machinery and equipment, please do not hesitate to reach out – we may be able to help you as well!