During this Holiday season, we wanted to take a moment and express our appreciation.

In today’s world, you can’t be successful without others and we wanted to take this time to thank you for your support of us and we hope that you feel we have been equally as supportive to you.

For the last 5 years instead of giving out small trinkets as a sign of our appreciation, we have been making donations to worthy causes to help make our world a better place.

This November, a massive storm system swept through the Midwest, leaving widespread destruction in its wake. Hundreds of thousands were affected by these storms including friends and family of Loeb employees.

We wanted to help with the ongoing support of Southern Illinois this holiday season as they continue to recover and rebuild. By donating to the Red Cross, we are mobilizing relief workers and helping to stock shelters with greatly needed food and supplies.

We are grateful to you, our customers and partners, for your continued business and we hope you appreciate being a part of our support of the Red Cross and their efforts to bring assistance to those deeply affected by the storm.