Machinery and equipment appraisal

What happens when you’re facing a fork in the road? Before you know which way to turn, it can be helpful to know what’s ahead. When a lender contacts Loeb about a customer in forbearance, we were able to help them see each path more clearly.

To determine the route forward for this Natural Gas Fractionation and Pressurization company, the lender needed to know the value of their customer’s equipment. This past desktop appraisal customer returned for a full inspected valuation that required multiple values.

Loeb was able to help the lender weigh their options, down well-worn paths and roads less traveled, in no time flat. We provided multiple values, as well as possible liquidation services, to the lender. From there, the leasing company was able to determine the proper course of action.

With an appraised value of $3 million, the lender had the fuel to make the right choices for their customer’s situation.

When you’re running on empty, we can help you or your customers back on the road. Reach out for a quick and accurate appraisal:

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