A typical appraisal is a snapshot of a specific group of assets with an opinion of value rendered as of a specific date. However, the standard appraisal report does not capture all of the additional valuation work that is performed by the appraisal firm. Behind the scenes, there are often a number of additional scenarios discussed with the client.

Our relationship with our clients is paramount for us and they often call with a large list of questions and scenarios dealing with not only the specific industry but also the specific assets, typically long before an engagement letter is signed. Often, these hypothetical conversations provided are sufficient to give the client the quick input needed to keep them going with their deal. If the client is a bank, they may ask why they should continue to chase a deal if all the expectations of the client are unrealistic compared to the value of the assets. If the client is an end user wanting to purchase assets coming off lease they want to investigate the realistic pricing.

“Being able to use Loeb and their expertise as a sounding board early in our credit decisions is invaluable to our business. Because Loeb not only appraises but also actually sells assets, we see their expertise as grounded in real world application.”

Because of our day to day transactions buying, selling, auctioning, financing and appraising industrial assets, our relationships don’t start nor stop at a signed report. The industrial marketplace is fluid and fast moving. By being able to give a client insight into an asset or asset class early in the process, it helps them to achieve or retain the competitive edge in the transaction being reviewed. The earlier the knowledge is gained, the better.