Loeb Appraisal specializes in appraising machinery and equipment within the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and chemical industries. Our certified market appraisals give our customers clear insight to the value of their capital assets.

Loeb’s expertise in the field comes from our direct experience in buying and selling quality used machinery and, unlike others in the industry, our appraisal values are based on actual historical transactions.

Loeb Appraisal’s certified market appraisals help companies and financial partners gain insight in situations involving:

  • Asset-based lending and procurement of financing
  • Acquisition cost allocation
  • Lease end negotiations
  • Partnership formulation or dissolution
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Litigation
  • Property tax issues
  • Risk management

For more information on Loeb Appraisal or to speak to a representative regarding Equipment Valuation, contact info@loebappraisal.com or complete our Appraisal Services Form, and an appraisal specialist will contact you.

Equipment valuations for industrial facilities of all sizes!  Contact Loeb for all your Appraisal needs!