Join hundreds of other businesses that found the right solution at Loeb.

Howard Newman, President at Loeb, is one I recommend often. Great guy and straight shooter. Once your growth ramps and financial metrics improve, Howard would be the first to tell you and send you back up market. If it’s not a fit, I’ll suggest a few others, but they would be secondary to Loeb in my rankings.

Steve, Vice President

Thank you so much for all your help through this process, Loeb has been great to work with!

Amanda D.

I’m super impressed with Jim, Angie, and the Loeb team. I’ve used Loeb as an example in many of my management meetings to make us a better company.

Gregory B.

I wanted to send along a quick note regarding the great relationship between Loeb Term Solutions and Butler Gear as a financing scenario that allowed the purchase for fixed asset value... This type of deal traditional bankers could not figure out and for that, I am grateful for our relationship.

Robert K. President

Thank you! We truly appreciate your patience in working through some of the quagmires that accompanied this deal. Everyone at Loeb was great to work with, very responsive to both us and the client.

K. Hosey COO

LTS and their partners figured out how to reduce our final principal repayment by transitioning from a lending agreement on our hardware to guaranteed payment in an auction agreement. From start to finish LTS and their partners were supportive of the Flyer’s mission.

S. McKinnon President

... the company is structured as a EB5 company, where most of the funding comes from overseas. When the process of sending funds [from overseas] changed ..., I had to find a temporary alternative source of funding. ... Loeb stayed with us until we were able to secure additional funds from overseas.

K. Zarrabi COO

I must say that your team did a great job protecting our building and leaving it in a clean and orderly fashion. You exceeded my expectations. I would recommend your firm for similar services in the future. It has been a pleasure working with your company.


... over the last 15 or so years have more and more found your firm to be the best to buy from. The reasons you outlined are a large part of why we choose Loeb. .. Without question, every one of them has been knowledgeable and would always go the extra mile to answer our questions.

Earl B.

Arrived in great shape! Thank You so much for your attention to this small freight load!

Frank M. COO

It has been great working with you guys, and I would definitely recommend Loeb to people looking to sell equipment! Great service, moved pretty quickly, and reasonable commission rate.

Claire F.

We appreciate Loeb getting this done so quickly, and for the great Customer Service. We will always come back when needed. Thank you again!

D. Arrington Controller

This was the best online auction I have ever been a part of especially how quick and detailed the invoice information was from Loeb. You guys sent me everything I needed and it was very easy for me to understand your process, please tell your team thanks!!!

Chad B.

Thank you for your interest in Innovative Proteins, Inc. As President to President, I wanted to take an opportunity to let you know that or dealings with Loeb have been refreshing compared to other instances with other suppliers. It is why we are back again as we tend to be loyal customers when we find good associates and in fact what we consider business partners. Both Andy Barriga and Brian Clettenberg have been in communication and follow-up with me regarding the equipment. As you are probably aware, we have a lease now on a similar machine and it has performed just as we expected it would. We are expanding our operations and are just now in internal discussions as to the number of units we will be requesting to lease.

Tim F. President

I work as a Buyer for a television show in Chicago. We often have very demanding (short) schedules and have to pull many rabbits out of a bag in order to get things done. We were creating a Distillery for an upcoming scene and I needed to get my hands on a tank that fitted the bill. After many swings and misses from other sources (too expensive, could only buy, shipping too long/costly, etc.), I came upon Loeb's website. The Loeb website is very easy to use/navigate, tremendous descriptions and pictures which helped guide my decision-making, pricing, etc. But even better was the service! Andy and Brian are top-notch, and helped guide me through every step of the process and answer any questions along the way. They were sensitive to our schedule, budget, and limitations (helped us load the equipment, etc.). Their follow-through/up was amazing, and the entire experience was a winner for us. I HIGHLY recommend Loeb Equipment for any heavy equipment needs.

Tom G. Buyer

Rob and I want to thank you and you team for the great job you did to get the closing funded. Without your steady and rational approach I doubt the financing would ever have closed. I particularly want to single out Loeb team member Angie Mojica for the outstanding contribution she made to keeping everything under control and moving forward. Your cool-headed and logical approach to the matters at hand was critical, but the professional back-up Angie provided was exceptional in my experience...and you were only a sophomore when I was a senior, if time in grade matters. I particularly remember our client getting somewhat irritated as things weren't progressing on the schedule he wanted, and he fired back a curt response to Angie regarding the need for some additional data. She responded that she was only anticipating next steps to get ahead of the curve so she could get his funding as soon as possible and he apologized immediately.

Robert E. S.

Thank you for all your help through this difficult time for our business. Not sure how this would have gone if you didn't have my back. I will not forget and hope we can do something in the future.

Chris Dandrow CEO

On behalf of Pacal Industries employees and management, I would like to extend to you and your entire team a hearty Congratulations for a Job Well Done on our recently completed auction. On any basis, this has to rank as one of the better auctions that have been accomplished. Over 100 people visited the site pre-audit...Over 250 bidders were involved…Of the 849 items for sale only three received no bids! As a plus, Pacal employees who visited the plant recently commented the plant looked more orderly than ever. Very impressive. Thank you very much.

Erv K. President

Thanks Angie for the beautiful cooperation. It's been a pleasure working with you, and I can't say that about most. You, though, get it and make my job easy. I've been doing this 58 years so know the good and the bad and a compliment from me doesn't come easy. Thanks! Look forward to our loan documents and closing.

Jo B.

I needed a machine based on a very short time line and Loeb was able to meet that deadline.

Mark T.

Thanks for all your help – we appreciate Loeb and how you have helped us.

Trevor S. Controller

Thank you for all of your help in closing this M&E term loan. Although it has been a long journey from where we started, due to difficult negotiations with two judgment creditors, my interactions with Loeb throughout the process have been nothing but professional, responsive, pragmatic, and friendly. The entire process – initial contact, letter of intent, site visit, due diligence, resolution of gating issues, documentation, and closing – has been one of the easiest interactions that I have had as a turnaround professional in almost 20 years.

Samuel M. W. Managing Director

We produced our first batch of candles out of the Soy Basics facility last Friday. It's been a bit of a haul, as we've had to reprogram everything, but we are making some great progress. I wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your working with our little company through that process. We are really excited about the opportunities ahead of us right now. Thanks again!

Eric S.

I have to tell you how much I enjoyed my visit with Stan. He is very knowledgeable and I really enjoyed our conversation. All the people I have worked with from Loeb, including Dave Wanders, Stan and Len, are an absolute pleasure to deal with and thank you for all your efforts.

John P.

I wanted to write to thank you personally for your heroic efforts and "stick-to-it-iveness" in getting our deal done. We stared talking in July...This business is our life's work. And you are an integral part of it now. You are way more than a lender to me. More like a real hard working and trusted friend. We thank you for what you are doing as a lender. We cherish you for what you are doing as a friend.

Robert D. CEO

When a strategic acquisition opportunity presented itself, I needed to move fast with assets that typical lenders do not like to finance. To get the deal done Loeb Term Solutions not only assisted in the syndication but also assisted in the organization of the collateral, the cleanup of over 600 liens all above the other various hurdles normally encountered during an acquisition by a new company. Loeb was a real team player in this process and saw these issues through with their persistence, determination and their suggestions to take care of the matter at hand.

Chris D. CEO

When the opportunity to acquire Stadco presented itself, we knew that it would be a financing challenge. We were introduced to Loeb Term Solutions, among several other lenders. We knew immediately what our choice will be. We selected Loeb to be our Term Loan financiers after our initial discussions with Jim Newman, Manager of Loeb Term Solutions. The process was simple and we had access to the decision makers and were able to hammer out a win-win solution quickly. The process was simple. Loeb staff was courteous and helpful. We got the deal done as promised by Jim with no glitches. We look forward to a good relationship going forward.

Doug V. CEO

During the life cycle of a development stage food investment business, Loeb provided valued counsel on multiple occasions with detailed equipment appraisal analysis as well as market data on the respective food space niche. While CapX's investment did not reach a favorable conclusion, a cornerstone to our strategy Is value recovery via equipment ownership or lien. Loeb performed as a trusted asset management partner and worked closely with CapX to appease the landlord where the equipment was domiciled and led a robust auction process. Most impressive was Howard's accuracy in projecting the final gross proceeds of the auction. We will continue to use Loeb in our appraisal and liquidation needs as they are a trusted partner and good faith negotiator throughout a process that certainly can take different twists and turns.

Doug P. President

We appreciate all your help and efforts in seeing this transaction through and we look forward to working with you on many more deals in the future. Your team and service was professional, sincere and sound throughout the entire process and it was a pleasure working with you all.

Travis K. Senior Analyst

You'd be surprised & pleased with how far we've come in the last 5 years! I wished to thank you for helping us get started. The little 2418 Stein roaster I purchased from Loeb in 2009 ran almost 6-million pounds last year. Thanks and please note that we're glad to do business with Loeb whenever possible.

Chip P.

I can't say enough about everyone at Loeb. Great people and great long term relationship.

Pat G. President

On behalf of all the folks at GA Hydraulic. I wanted to send a personal thanks for all your efforts getting us to the number needed. You have demonstrated great deal of sincerity and dedication to your clients. This goes a long way with us and we look forward to a long relationship with you and your organization.

Joe B.

I am writing to recommend the services of Loeb Term Solutions. As a small business owner of Graingeco LLC, a CNC precisions machine shop, I had significant orders on the books but was in need of some working capital to purchase material and to cover additional expenses in order to complete and ship those orders. Loeb Term Solutions came through with a quick and affordable financing option for us and the process was seamless from start to finish. We were very pleased with the quality of the service provided, the responsiveness, and the way the entire Loeb team conducts business. I would highly recommend Loeb Term Solutions to others because of our satisfaction with the service we received.

Kimberly G. President

Your donated Equipment is helping people with disabilities work! Your company was a pleasure to work with. Thank you!

Jeff J.

Was able to work with me on the Right-to-Return time allowing me to gt the parts I needed to make sure the equipment would fit my needs.

Chris S.

On behalf of our lender and myself, here at Graingeco, I would to thank you for the professional assistance you and your firm, provided to our secured lender and us. We faced a difficult situation which resulted in the need to liquidate the majority of our equipment, allowing us the ability to re-group and rebuild our business. Not only were your estimates of value right on, but you and your staff did a great job "holding my hand" and answering all our questions. You and your team were uplifting and reassuring throughout the entire course of the auction. We really appreciate your team's hard work and dedication. The auction results, which far exceeded our best expectations, allow us to pay our secured lender while positioning us very well for our re-organization and path forward.

Kimberly G. President

I am thoroughly impressed with you and your company. Organized. Responsive. Clear communicators. I've needed a partner like Loeb and am eager to find out where it is going to help me go.

Jeff Z.

Loeb Term Solutions, LLC (LTS) provided exceptional service to Great Lakes Die Cast Corp (GLDC) during the refinancing of our machinery and equipment. Despite the numerous challenges encountered during our process, we were able to rely on LTS' persistence, determination, counseling and sense of humor. GLDC confidently recommends LTS for your company's machinery and equipment financing needs.

Con J. N. President

I already sent my thanks and appreciation to Hattie, John and Kevin, however I wanted to mention to you how impressed I am with Loeb Appraisal. Your people did a fantastic job and were a pleasure to work with throughout the process.

Matthew D. Director of Credit and Underwriting

Just wanted to thank you again for your help during this difficult process (for all). Although I will for sure be dealing with many legal and financial issues going forward for some time to come, I can only imagine how much worse things would have been without your advice and financial support. I might have said it before but if I can ever be of help in any way please don't hesitate to ask and I will most definitely keep my eyes and ears open for any prospects looking for the types of services you offer. Appreciate everything.

Andy V. President

Thank you for hosting me and our financial analysts Erik Vining and Nick Federighi at the Optimum Food liquidation event last week. What a great way to show off Loeb in action to your referral sources. With the amount of lending we do on "OLV" and "FLV" values, there's no reason we shouldn't take the time to see a liquidation in person to understand how those values come to be. I appreciate you taking the time to answer our questions and help us better understand your world. I've got a couple prospects in the hopper with M&E borrowing needs, I will look forward to being in touch.

Brian R. VP Chicago Commercial Banking

I would like to thank TEAM LOEB and especially Angie Mojica. Angie has been on the spot to support and service GLDC with great customer focus. Is is a joy to work with people who show respect and courtesy to their customers. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with Angie and look forward to future opportunities. Her task focus is great.

Jim W. Plant Engineer Budget & Purchasing Mgr.

We thank you for the efforts and professionalism in dealing with this matter. We wish to inform you that generally we are pleased with our first purchase from your company. All departments have shown has shown a great level of effectiveness and professionalism.

Anesh P.

I would like to take this opportunity to share a delightful financial experience we have just concluded We closed a [sizable] equipment term loan with Loeb Term Solutions yesterday after requesting Loeb to consider a transaction with us on August 15 2013.Completion of the due diligence needed to conclude the transaction included a full appraisal of our manufacturing equipment valued at over $1.0M. On any basis, the responsiveness and thoroughness of the entire Loeb team throughout this process was outstanding and ranks among the best I have encountered. I would unequivocally recommend Loeb to any entity in need of equipment financing.

Erv K. Chairman, President & CEO

Thank you so much! I will not hesitate to bid in the auction conducted by Loeb Auction in the future. You take care of your customers well.

Rainier B.

This afternoon your shipment has arrived in very good condition at our facilities. All seems OK and our people had a lot of fun unpacking the huge airplane boxes! Within the next few weeks we will have it up and running in our microbiology labs. Thanks for your very good job.

Helmut H.

We look forward to doing a lot of business with you and really appreciate you, your company, and the professional/efficient manner in which your company conducts itself. Frankly, it's refreshing and not something we are necessarily used to vis-à-vis previously-utilized food processing equipment. The other equipment vendors do not work like this.

Anthony M.

I appreciate your professional service throughout this ordering process and the prompt delivery of this blender, which will be helpful for our production of generic drugs.

Tom T.

Good Service!! Excellent shipping and logistics. The machine arrived a day earlier than expected.

Paul G.

I have had an opportunity to work with Loeb and Jim Newman in the past. I was very impressed with how creative and quickly Loeb was able to complete the transaction. I would not hesitate to call on Loeb in the future for either a financing or appraisal engagement. I look forward to working together in the future.

Matthew J. D.

Thank you again for walking us through the appraisal yesterday. [We] commented after getting off the phone with you that we appreciated the education that you gave us as far as the appraisal process worked, terminology, etc. It was certainly a surprise to see the appraisal come back the way it was, but after speaking with you it was obvious that we had a wrong set of assumptions. As a result of the final appraisal that we received, we have had a few new developments on our end and wanted to engage your firm again to perform a FMV In Place appraisal on all assets (i.e. equipment, leasehold improvements, etc.).

Nick B. CPA, Controller

We at Elite Dairy in Toronto wanted to thank you and everyone else at Loeb for all your help and prompt service from when we placed our order to any questions or concerning we had. Loeb made it easy for a Canadian company to purchase and receive an American product.


Congratulations on your 130th Anniversary and achieving your goal of saving 130 acres of rainforest from deforestation. It is great to see you expand and keep your organization committed to the community and your customers. We look forward to growing with you for many years to come.

Marc S. President

I'd like to thank you for your help in auctioning my lessee's equipment last week. Your team provided an efficient marketplace where hundreds of potential buyers were able to bid up the prices in a competitive environment. My lots sold for more than what I was owed. Thanks to you I was able to recoup what I was owed without ever taking possession of the equipment or spending time trying to find buyers. Although I hope that I won't need your auction services again, if I find mysef in a similar situation with a lessee in default, you will be the first person that I will call.

Michael G. President

I just got your voicemail. I was a little disappointed last night when I went home, but when I heard your voicemail this morning I was extremely ecstatic. I really, honestly appreciate all the work you guys have done waiting for us and I'm so happy [the equipment] came in. Apparently we're going to get it delivered this afternoon...Once again, I appreciate everything you guys have done! Thank you very much. I was a pleasure dealing with you.


Thank you for doing such a terrific job on the equipment [from the Protein Solutions Auction]! You delivered in rapid time, promising realistic numbers and over delivering results! We are very pleased with your performance and expect to do some additional business in the near future. Be assured that everyone here realizes that you have done your best to take care of our interests in all avenues of this incredible deal.

Christina A. Contract Servicing Manager

Thank you for all your help today. As usual it is pleasure working with Loeb equipment. I have always found your prices fair and dedication to customer service without par. You continue to be my go to source for my used equipment purchases.

Paul W.

Thanks for everything. Loeb has been one f the few institutes I have worked with that value the importance of integrity.

Luke W.

I got what I needed when I needed it. Your people went the extra mile to check my equipment prior to shipping which gave us much needed peace of mind when dealing with the used market.

M. Lis

Good job by you and your team getting this auction done!

Jim M.

Look forward to more auctions with Loeb!

Tony C.

The equipment was in great shape. The work done on the sleever was excellent!

Brad D.

The men you sent to pick up the equipment were both very professional and fast! We were impressed with their positive attitudes and also with their ability to negotiate the equipment through the tight passage out to the garage.

Becky M.

Very well organized. Very customer oriented. Well pleased with Loeb!

David A.

Well organized auction. I would buy at your sales again.

Dan J.

Loeb Equipment sales was very responsive in taking care of an issue we had, and we will definitely look to Loeb for future equipment needs.

Bruce A.

The equipment we purchase from Loeb has been exceptional!

Dave W.

Thanks for addressing the issue promptly and fairly, it is refreshing to know that Loeb Equipment stands behind their sales.

Al B.

I had a Hole-in-One yesterday using one of your golf balls. I am a 25 handicap and have never had a Hole-in-One in my life. The hole was 185 yards and used a 3 Iron. I guess miracles can happen even to a 25 handicapper.

Tom T.

Please thank all those involved in the resolution of our issue. Your group has been extremely helpful and fair with the solution. We look forward to purchasing more equipment from Loeb with confidence.

Jerry J. President

Your guys are always good!

Reuben N.

Very thorough with making sure our shipment was on time and delivered to the right destination.

Dave B.

Working with Mark and Sandy was great! Especially Sandy--she was very thorough with follow-up.

Gary R.

Mark was very knowledgeable and courteous!

Robert S.

Everything was handled very well when we purchased our heat exchanger from Loeb! A very positive experience, Thanks!

Tom L.

Appreciated the patience as we went through our internal review process.

Dan B.

Tom Larson was very good to deal with. He made out leasing/purchase go very well. We appreciate it very much!

Jeff B.

Had the exact equipment needed.

Tom C.

We have been working with Bill Shaw for years and value the services he offers.

Ray G.

We visited your warehouse in Chicago a few months ago. Your inventory looked visible and your buildings are clean. We have been in other used equipment storages that are considerable less impressive in all regards. Bill Shaw spent most of an afternoon with us. He does good follow up with information and new equipment offerings the Loeb has to offer.

Bob J.

Did not know what to expect, but great results.

Bill G.

Quick, friendly and experienced service. Thanks!

Alon O.

Had excellent service from Loeb in the past. Tom, the office and warehouse staff were very accommodating!

Richard B.

Your staff is very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. I look forward to a long business relationship in the future.

James H.

Tom Larson was very accommodating in making arrangements to see equipment.

Larry E.

Elgin Dairy Auction was the best run/organized auction I have ever attended--and I've been to many!!! Everyone at Loeb goes out of their way to provide the best service and follow-up. Special mention to Mark Israel - Top Notch as always!

Pat G.

I wanted to write a note to thank for your providing us with the Loma Metal Detector w/Conveyor. Not only is this unit user friendly, but, it has given us an increased sense of security that we are providing consumers with the best possible product. Your sales staff took the time to explain purchasing options, as well as gave detailed information on how to operate the equipment. Customer service is normally where companies lose focus. Not with Loeb! The representatives went the extra step to obtain answers to even the most trivial of questions. As our company grows, I look forward to a successful business relationship in the future.

Nezar VP Operations

In follow up to our concluded business, I wish to thank you for the excellent service, advice, and success of the auction. This is the first time I have had to look to liquidate assets and was thoroughly impressed with your advertising and ability to get so many businesses represented at the auction. Once on site you made sure our facility and equipment was organized, photographed, and ready for the sale and you gave very good advice on how to showcase and prepare the equipment for maximum potential return. On the day of the auction you and your team was organized and professional, I was extremely impressed with [Loeb's] knowledge of the various values of the equipment and how well he used that knowledge and experience to push for appropriate values. I felt the actual auction went as well as it possibly could have. After the auction your team did a good job of getting the equipment moved and the plant cleaned, we received our money in a timely manor, and everything you promised...


You guys are a class act – pleasure doing business with you.

John Director of Operations

We have been working with Bill Shaw for years and value the services he offers.

Ray G.

Bill Shaw spent most of the day with us. He does great follow-up with information and new equipment offerings that Loeb has to offer. We visited your warehouse in Chicago a few months ago. Your inventory looked visible and your buildings are clean. We have been in other used equipment facilities that are considerably less impressive in all regards.

Bob J.

Just a follow-up note since I think the physical appraisal process is now complete and all of the information to complete the report has been communicated. I'd like to say that Kevin Miller did an outstanding job in visiting the plants and being thorough in gathering his facts. He worked some long hours and covered every corner of the facilities. He was accepted by plant personal as a professional which makes everybody's life easier. I'm sure we'll do business again. Thanks,

Drew C.

Just to confirm what I told you on the phone, your team did an outstanding job in our Salt Lake City facility getting the ovens installed and running. Our people are very pleased. I have spoken with our Operations Manager and he has been test firing the ovens all day since the installation and reports that all looks to be in good shape. We very much appreciate the help you and your people have given up to get the equipment lined up and installed for this project. We couldn't have done it without you. Please thank everyone involved. Regards,

Rod C. Vice President of Operations

This is a heart filled Thank You for emailing us a complimentary registration for the Pack Expo. I wanted to go to the Packaging Expo but knew that usually these tickets were kind of expensive; I was not sure how I was going to get in. I contemplated sitting down stairs in the McCormick place and asking if anyone had an extra ticket. Our business is small we chug away at it because of the love of owning a business and people seem to love our product....that makes it worth it. I have purchase a couple of items from you over the years as we have grown and was looking for automating our business a little. I came away with great ideas. There was a lot to see, I visit your booth and spoke with Tom, his warm smiling face made me feel like a valued customer even though I know I have no financial value to LOEB Equipment...(I mean that I don't buy the big priced items).

Angella T.

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you for the extra effort on your part to minimize down time to a major drive failure. I had contacted you searching for a used Reeves Vary-Drive and you indicated that Loeb did not have a unit in inventory, and that you would search the system to see if a used unit was available. With no used units available, we were facing significant expense and down time to purchase a new replacement unit. Due to your personal effort, you located a company close to A & J that reconditions these units. Your unsolicited effort reduces our down time from approximately three weeks to five working days and saved several thousand dollars. Again I would like to express our sincere thank you personally for the assistance that you and Loeb Equipment extended in reducing our down time and cost savings as a result of your efforts. Sincerely,

Joseph L. S. President

Mark Israel has stepped up to the plate for Lawrence Foods on several occasions, but he hit a home run on Friday, 8/12/05. In the late afternoon, one of our metal detectors failed. We needed a replacement in a hurry, as we had planned our production for the entire weekend. Because of our long standing relationship with Loeb Equipment, we immediately called Mark. At 3:30 in the afternoon we called and by 6:00 PM that evening we were back in business. In less than three hours of our call, the machinery was at our door. That's what we call service! It's no wonder that Loeb Equipment has been in business for so many years. Once again, you demonstrated your commitment to service and quality. We thank you.

Lawrence F.

Just to let you know we have used the 2,000 gallon mix tank for two introductory batch formulas very successfully. Thank you for your quick response and providing a tank with integrity. The tank will provide many years of great service.

Project Engineer

I am in receipt of your e-mail and phone call. My Equipment Manager has replaced the temperature sensor and now the unit appears to be working fine. We do not anticipate any other problems. Thank you for your prompt response and appropriate resolution to this matter. I am sure we will continue to do business in the future as Stonewall Kitchen continues to grow and expand.

Director of Facilities

Those familiar with Texas business personal property taxes are more than likely aware of its failing history of trying to impose a State mandated penalty for bpp non-filers........ With all of these changes and the highly specialized nature of the beverage and bottling industry it was time to call a qualified expert. My extensive research led me to Loeb Equipment & Appraisal Company in Chicago, Illinois. I picked up the phone and called Jim Newman with Loeb and after we visited for 10 or 15 minutes I knew the calling was finished. I am sure most will wonder why this cowpoke from Texas (D Cowboys) called a unfamiliar appraisal company from Illinois (Bears). The initial factor was my conversation with Jim and the credentials of the company. A very important factor for me was that these folks weren't just appraisers, but were involved in every aspect of the bottling equipment industry. I must say that I have been extremely happy and the appraisers at Loeb are truly exceptional....

Regional Property Tax Manager

Thank you for meeting our (perhaps unreasonable) time requirements on this project. We asked you to complete an appraisal by a certain date and you delivered the report on time - and on the date you said that you would. Thank you again Jim, It will be an easy decision as to who we call first the next time we are in need of an appraisal.

Stephen C.

Thank you for the PDF version of the report. I received the bound copies today. Please thank Jim and Stanley for the fine job they did. We are very pleased with the quality and professionalism of the report. Also, thank you for all of your fine work too. As busy as Jim appears to be, I can tell he would be in big trouble without your great help.

This letter is to advise you that BestSweet Inc. had two business transactions with Loeb Equipment & Appraisal Company in 2003 and both have been pleasant and expedient. Loeb found buyers for two pieces of equipment we put on the market. We have recognized the fact that Loeb puts forth an effort that produces results as well as great customer support with contracts, return phone calls, and prompt payments. Our business relationship has been very satisfactory.

Richard Z. CEO

I am writing this letter so that I may formally thank you for the quick and businesslike manner in which your company helped Mardale with the problems that availed itself when we started up the processor we purchased from your company. It is very unusual to deal with an equipment dealer that stands by its word and actually helps a user instead of leaving him hang. Again may I offer my sincere thanks to you and your company.

Robert S.

Thanks AGAIN for the service on the desktop appraisal. I have received several very positive comments on how this process works and the fact that we had the foresight to previously develop it. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Loeb Equipment and GE Capital for our surplus equipment needs.

Now that the sale of our plant and equipment to LOEB is complete, I'd like to thank you for completing this difficult transaction as smoothly as possible. Loeb's flexibility, quick response and professional staff brought this project to close in record time and with minimum issues - Thank you! We spent considerable up-front time reviewing a number of national equipment, appraisal and liquidation companies before choosing LOEB Equipment and looking back, it is clear that we made the right choice. I would highly recommend LOEB Equipment to anyone looking for a professional, easy to work with, equipment and appraisal company and I plan on using you in the future as the need arises.

Mercer M. General Manager

I know everyone is going crazy about this time of the year! I wanted you to know how much I enjoyed working with Stan. He is truly a superb Appraiser and a great guy. I was extremely impressed with his ability to facilitate his way with the CCE production folks and I have received some great feedback! Looks like I am going to have more work soon... Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


A short note to let you know we have the equipment installed that we recently purchased from you. The machines are running great, and the improvement is apparent to even the casual observer! The whole process went well, from negotiations through setting up and getting the machines running. You guys have a great attitude! Buying used equipment is sometimes a little "tricky" but you made it a pleasurable experience.

James S.

It has been a long six months since the devastating fire, and thanks to you for your help in accomplishing the nearly impossible. We have finally completed the rebuilding. We have moved into our new offices and have installed the equipment in the new production facility.

We would like to thank you and your firm for the long-standing business relationship we have developed over time. Our business success at Frito-Lay Engineering is based upon your commitment to deliver quality goods and services against aggressive schedules and pricing challenges.

Rick C.

I work in the Real Estate Department, working on the acquisition and disposition of leased and owned properties of The Procter & Gamble Company and all its subsidiaries. Within the past year, one of the projects I worked on was the sale of a manufacturing facility, here in the states, that had recently been shut down and production consolidated to another plant. Although not part of my normal business, we were approached by a company, Loeb Equipment, who was interested in the equipment, AND the property itself. Through much financial analysis and evaluations, P&G decided to sell the unwanted and unneeded equipment associated with the plant shutdown to Loeb Equipment along with the property. The experience turned out to be a great decision! The equipment was off of our books within days of the plant shutting down and the property was as well. My experience with Loeb has been a pleasant one. They are fair and work to do the right thing for all parties.


On being faced with closing his business, our customer still appreciated our integrity and business processes: Thank you, and again I appreciate the way your company handled our liquidation.

David T. President

Great Experience! My first online auction, but not my last!

Tod P.

Nothing but good news from [our customer's] team in light of the successful auction at the Kraft Nabisco Center. It was great to visit with you, and look forward to this relationship growing to our mutual benefit, and that of Kraft Foods.

Asset Management Manager

One of my customers recently needed financing on several cup-filling machines. As this is a new industry for our company, I needed an expert appraiser, one who specializes in food packaging and fulfillment. LOEB proved to be the right choice, as I received a concise, detailed appraisal which not only provided the values I requested, but also included pictures of the equipment and a detailed industry overview. I just wanted to take a second to thank you for your professionalism and timely assistance. I am looking forward to working with you and your company again in the future.

Steven Cubellis Vice President

I just wanted to let you know that we are thoroughly satisfied with our recent purchase of the two Angelus can seamers. The assistance in locating a competitive trucking company for delivering the machines relieved our purchaser from the timely chore of phoning and getting shipping costs. This saved him a lot of time and aggravation. If we have any machinery requirements in the future, you will be the first to be considered. P.S. Thanks for the jellybeans my grandchildren love them.

Marc K.

Reference recent machinery and equipment appraisal your company did for our company. A short note to advise [that we were] very pleased with the professional manner in which this work was done. The project was handled in a timely fashion and your full report is very professional. Thanks very much for the fine service.

Neil S. President

Since 1967 your company has worked hand in hand with both my father and myself in securing equipment for our various operations. I want to thank you for operating a fine family held business that has always demonstrated high business ethics. The relationship that has developed over these years has made it a pleasure to do business with you and your company. I especially appreciate the guidance you have provided me over these years in finding sources for equipment you could not provide, knowing that you would not profit from these transactions. It is that type of character that sets Loeb Equipment apart from the rest! As we enter the new Millennium I look forward to continuing our relationship with Loeb and the family that operates it.

John T. President

I just wished to write you a short note saying what a pleasure it was to work with you on the cosmetic / pharmaceutical auction which took place earlier this month. While the auction took only two days, I believe its successful outcome was due to the months of hard work in its set up and strategy in which you had a large involvement. I realize that while your firm has worked with Heller's Chicago office in the past, this was our offices' first opportunity to have worked with you, and it is apparent to me why your firm is so highly regarded by other members of our organization. Your overall professionalism, knowledge of the industry and honesty enabled me to make informed decisions based on facts and your extensive experience in your business. This assisted me in maximizing my recovery and making the best of, what always is, a very difficult situation. Once again, thank you for all your hard work, and I wish you and your firm much success in the future.

Joseph S. Vice President

We have been doing business with Loeb for many, many years and we have always been pleased with the results. I started doing business with Irwin your grandfather so long ago I cannot give you the exact year. He, like his son and grandson, was a gentleman with whom it was a pleasure to deal. We almost invariably start with Loeb Equipment when we are in need of help, advice and equipment. Keep up the good work.

Eugene J. G. President

Without question, your involvement in this case as an expert on the issue of the in-place value of the existing equipment at the beverage plant has proven pivotal to our success to this point. I have always enjoyed working with a person who knows his business and is able to communicate his knowledge to others-you know your business and are able to communicate it to others. I am very impressed and grateful that you made yourself available to us on an as needed basis. You are an expert and professional in the true meaning of the words.

Claude E. H.

We have finally reviewed all of the details of the auction and want to commend you and your associates on a fine job moving virtually everything and obtaining the goal, which we so desperately needed. From our perspective, the auction went smoothly and it was a pleasure to be able to simply turn over such a large project to someone else and to achieve the desired results. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Randolph S. K. CFO

Over the years, Loeb Equipment has been an extremely valuable resource upon which I and my colleagues at the Northern Trust Company have regularly relied upon for guidance in evaluating and remarketing the processing equipment that serves as the security for our leading activities in the food and chemicals industries. Your input and market intelligence are fundamental to our collateral risk management in these fields. Please extend my fondest regards to your dad. I think of him often. Nearly twenty-five years ago, he did the appraisal work on the first asset-based transactions I was involved in underwriting. Thereafter, until his retirement, I routinely called upon his wealth of expertise and in doing so, we developed a truly great business relationship. I wish you and everyone at Loeb a happy holiday season and continued good health and success as you carry your family business's proud tradition o exemplary customer service into the new millennium. Thanks again

Jay P. President

I wanted to drop you a note and thank you for coordinating the sale of the equipment for us out of the Peanut Butter Plant in Chaska, Minnesota. I felt the auction was a success and appreciate the time and effort Loeb Equipment put into this.

Chuck N. Director of Manufacturing

Over the last twenty years, Loeb Equipment and your family have been at the forefront of the processing and packaging equipment appraisal business. Your prompt response, accurate listing and evaluation of force liquidation has always been on the mark. In this business world of ours, we sometimes don't take the time to express our thanks. We at K & L want to thank you and wish you and your family the best for the holiday season.

Vee L. President

All of the equipment sold at the auction in November has been removed from the LTBA facility in Robinson, Illinois. The removal was performed in an expeditious manner and the facility was left in acceptable condition. Thanks for your assistance and cooperation.

P.J. B. Manager, Technical & Maintenance

I just read your latest Loeb Letter. Congratulations to your great grandfather, grandfather, father and now your son: I didn't leave anybody out did I? Seriously, I've been in banking for 15 years now (yes, it's been that long) and I've never heard of any privately-held company remaining in the same family for five generations. Congratulations. On a separate matter, I'm very pleased that we will be employing your services in Milwaukee soon. I asked you to review on some equipment about one month ago. Well, we got the deal. I'll be in touch. Congratulations again to you and your family.

Roger A. P. Senior Vice President

This letter is to highly recommend the services of Loeb Equipment as a supplier of appraisals for bank valuation purposes. American National Bank has had extensive experience with Loeb Equipment for appraisals. These appraisals have constituted both orderly liquidation and auction values. Typically, but not exclusively, these appraisals have covered food and chemical processing equipment. Appraisals have always been delivered on a timely and cost-efficient basis. ANB customers have been satisfied with your service and reports. However, the true standard by which we judge appraisers is their ability to accurately forecast the valuations requested. In this manner, Loeb Equipment has performed extremely well for us. On two recent occasions, workout liquidation's on equipment resulted in ANB recapturing 95% or more of the estimated value placed originally by Loeb Equipment. Loeb Equipment is one of six approved appraisers for American National Bank.

Arthur W. M. Second Vice President

Just a short note to tell you that we are very happy with the Artofax mixing bowls. As you know we purchased these bowls through the telephone and because of this I was a little worried as to what I would see when they arrived here. I had no reason to be concerned as they are better than expected and better than you said. For this I want to thank you. We will call you when we have other needs.

John V.

Hartigan students are so fortunate to have a guardian angel who always thinks CHILDREN. Our students who received the BULLS tickets are so excited in anticipation of attending an upcoming Bulls game. Nathan Long, an eighth grader went to the Bulls game that was held on Tuesday, March 9th. He thoroughly enjoyed the experience and probably would not have had the opportunity if not for your generosity.

Betty J. G. Principal

Thank you so much for the gift of $1,500. You have been such a wonderful benefactor for our children. In our ever-increasing technological society, a new computer is a needed and appreciated gift to our school. Also, I am so happy that you like the scoreboard. It certainly is possible to mount a small sign on the scoreboard indicating that it was donated by your company. Please let me know when you wish to take care of this. Thank you again for all of your generosity, your kindness and your commitment to our children. Sincerely,

Betty J. G. Principal

It has been most gratifying and exciting to have seventh and eighth graders from "Project Community Core" (Hartigan Elementary School's School-to-Work Program) working this summer at your business on State Street. In this day and age, it makes very good sense to offer students practical job experiences in lieu of students becoming involved with gangs, drugs and teen pregnancy. In addition to improving reading and math skills, students have received valuable on the job training with computer, as well as significant "boost" in self-esteem and social skills.

Argie K. J. General Superintendent of Schools

On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire Wabash YMCA Family, I want to thank you for your recent pledge payment to the Wabash YMCA. Your gift will go a long way in helping us to continue our mission in serving the people of our communities. Without people like you and your generous support, we simply could not provide our communities with the quality programs and healthy atmosphere the YMCA is known for. You are a hero!! Again, thank you for your gift. You are truly making a real difference in the lives of many people. Sincerely,

Adrian M. Executive Director

You have shown that big business is both caring and giving. Maple Lawn Elementary sees these wonderful qualities in you and would like to express a wholehearted thank you from all the students, teachers and staff. You donation demonstrates your generosity toward our children and this community.

Juanita N. Principal

On behalf of the March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, we want to thank you for your generous contribution of $1,250 to the 2000 Celebrity Golf Outing in support of the Campaign for Healthier Babies. Through your gift, more money can be invested in our pursuit of research, education and community service programs, which will lead to a time when every baby will have the chance to start life strong and healthy. Again, our deepest appreciation for your support.

Gail J.H. W. Executive Director

Your support of the United Way - Gerber products Charity Golf tournament is greatly appreciated. Your assistance will enable 26 United Way Agencies to touch more than 288,000 men, women and children in the six county area. Thank you for your support!