Pizza places are known for speedy delivery, but what happens when the world slows down? During the peak of COVID closures, a pizza chain needed support to repay its equipment loan, and time was of the essence. Loeb came in piping hot with a timely auction.

When budgets were tighter than ever, Loeb helped reduce costs along the way. We worked with the client’s bank and real estate landlords to professionally move all the equipment. From there, Loeb coordinated an online auction to sell the assets for the bank. By moving and auctioning all equipment, we were able to eliminate both storage costs and rental payments.

Thinking outside the (pizza) box, Loeb expanded the marketplace to include national frozen pizza providers, allowing the financial institutions and client to liquidate all assets. These assets were then cashed in to repay the bank loan.

Even in tough times, Loeb can serve up a slice of hope for customers in a bind. We can’t get you a pizza in 30 minutes or less, but we can deliver efficient results with an auction: Loeb Auction Process