image-Howard Newman, ASA, CEA, CSA

Howard Newman, ASA, CEA, CSA

image-Jim Newman

Jim Newman

image-Eric Schwartz

Eric Schwartz
Chief Information Officer


image-Stan Czupryna, CEA

Stan Czupryna, CEA

image-Chris Macchione

Chris Macchione

image-Carolyn McClure

Carolyn McClure

image-Matt DelGuidice

Matt DelGuidice


image-Charlie Ackerman

Charlie Ackerman
Asset Manager

image-Frank Redmond

Frank Redmond
Project Manager

image-Barry Orlov

Barry Orlov
Loan Specialist

image-Michelle Chappell

Michelle Chappell
Administrative Support Specialist

image-Amanda Rix

Amanda Rix
Office Administrator

image-Michelle Tyrala

Michelle Tyrala
Graphic Designer

image-Sammi Dittloff

Sammi Dittloff
Content Creator

image-Jesse Matlock

Jesse Matlock
Website Developer

image-Hugo Benitez

Hugo Benitez
Asset Services

image-David Jefferson

David Jefferson
Asset Services

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