That is the way it happened here at Loeb when we received a request for an appraisal that needed to be turned around in just two weeks! Our client requested a two-week turnaround that would need to include net values. This is usually a complex request as it is not typically an easy task to obtain net values as the client is asked to provide additional information for our appraisal team to calculate the correct numbers.

The company, a manufacturer of pipe support, was a dream client! Their equipment consisted of CNC Burn Tables, Pipe Bending Roles, Foam Fabrication Equipment, and various types of Metalworking, Plant Support, and Material Handling Equipment.

We went onsite, the plant was appraised quickly and not only was the client extremely cooperative, but they were willing and able to move the project forward by providing all the information needed.

In a bind and in need of a quick and accurate appraisal you can always count on Loeb to get the job done!