Equipment Term loan Recycler

Loeb loves working with customers again and again, just like recyclers relish being able to reuse materials. When a Northeast Recycler with an ongoing relationship with Loeb came to us looking to get the most out of their equipment, we were able to help them leverage it to keep up to speed with new purchases – kind of like turning trash into treasure.

The customer worked with Loeb to acquire an asset-based loan with an appraised value of $2,450,000. Loeb was able to offer continued financing and acceptable terms for the loan. We know this Northeast Recycler isn’t quick to throw anything away, and Loeb is grateful that this mentality extends to our good relationship.

The end result was an experience the customer would be happy to repeat: “I’m super impressed with Jim, Angie, and the Loeb team. I’ve used Loeb as an example in many of my management meetings to make us a better company.”

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