Loeb Term Solutions announces its recent partnership in SQN Latina, a Mexico city-based industrial asset lender focused on small and medium enterprises. The partnership between the two companies is breaking barriers in the manufacturing, construction, and transportation industries by its ability to offer equipment financing in Mexico.

“We have received many requested from U.S. manufacturers that have facilities in Mexico that would like to leverage that equipment. Until now there has not been a seamlessly integrated way to do this in U.S. currency,” stated John Hagist, CFO of Loeb. “We’re thrilled with this new partnership and the opportunities that it will bring to our clients, both state-side and based in Mexico.”

Domestic companies wanting to leverage their assets in Mexico, but borrow and pay in U.S. dollars (USD), now have options to secure financing. The deals, ranging between $500,000 and $4,000,000 dollars (USD), are structured as sixty-month term leases with a small residual.

SQN Latina is founded by Tanir Helayel and Eduardo Mendoza, veterans in asset-based lending with over 30 years in industrial financing. Currently, the start-up has secured lending lines of over $75,000,000 USD.

Since 2010, Loeb Term Solutions has provided funding on over $200 million dollars worth of industrial machinery. The company’s asset-based lending division offers specialty financing for the industrial marketplace with funding amounts ranging from $300,000 to $20,000,000.

Loeb Term Solutions is an affiliate of Loeb, a fifth-generation provider of reliable equipment and related services to the industrial marketplace. For more information on equipment term loans from Loeb Term Solutions visit www.loebtermsolutions.com.

About Loeb
For five generations since 1880, Loeb has been a trusted provider of reliable equipment and related services that help manufacturers and financial institutions leverage their industrial assets by managing the equipment lifecycle. Headquartered in Chicago with a 150,000 square foot facility, Loeb provides equipment sales, purchases, rentals, certified market appraisals, auction services and equipment term loan financing.

About SQL Latina
Headquartered in the heart of Mexico City, SQN Latina was established to meet the needs of small and medium businesses for procurement and financing of industrial equipment, across industries as diverse as manufacturing, high tech, construction, industrial services, utilities, and more. Our funding capabilities are second-to-none, allowing for the leasing of all brands of equipment in the most competitive, efficient, and flexible terms. SQN Latina’s account managers are experts within the industries they serve and have an intimate knowledge of commercial equipment and leasing. Our goal is to establish solid, long-term relationships with our customers, investing in our partners and referral sources. For more information, visit: www.sqnlatina.com