Loeb Term Solutions recently funded 8 million dollars to a West Coast metalworking facility specializing in aerospace components.

The term loan provided the working capital necessary to restructure the firm and reassume a majority holding of stock in the firm. Headquartered in the US, but with global capabilities in Mexico and the United Kingdom, the client is a leading manufacturer of high-precision, close tolerance, large-scale, flight critical components and tooling for the commercial aerospace, defense, space and industrial markets.

“Fundings of this size require a real team effort. We really enjoy working with the borrower, the business broker, and all the professionals involved in a funding like this one,” stated Jim Newman, Loeb Term Solutions’ Managing Partner. “It is gratifying to be able to help a borrower accomplish something like this.”

This finance deal represents one of two large additions to Loeb Term Solutions’ portfolio this month with the other funding totaling just over 12 million dollars. Since 2010, Loeb Term Solutions has provided funding on over $40 million dollars’ worth of industrial machinery within the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, metalworking, and woodworking industries. The company’s asset-based lending division offers specialty financing for the industrial marketplace with funding amounts ranging from $300,000 to $20,000,000.