“…The responsiveness and thoroughness of the entire Loeb Term Solutions team throughout this process was outstanding and ranks among the best I have encountered…” — Erv, PA

When approached by a customer with a very time-sensitive need for additional liquidity, Loeb Term Solutions was able to deliver! From the day Loeb got the initial call to the actual funding, took just 29 days.

Loeb Term Solutions Recently Closed the Following Deals:

Customer: Michigan Leading aluminum die-casting company located
Financial Situation: This client was in need of additional working capital during a period of growth.
Solution: Loeb Term Solutions worked closely with the client to structure new funding that provided additional capital while consolidating previous funding. Loeb Term Solutions provided a term loan on the equipment valued in excess of $1.5 million


Customer: Pennsylvania Manufacturer of Reciprocating Compressors
Financial Situation: Loeb Term Solutions was contacted by a client who had a very time-sensitive need for additional liquidity.
Solution: Loeb Term Solutions provided funding that went toward bringing the client back in covenance with the AR lender as well as providing additional working capital. The equipment was valued in excess of $1 Million.


Customer: Wisconsin Custom Metal Fabrication & Machining Shop
Financial Situation: Customer needed additional working capital in order to restructure their debt.
Solution: Loeb Term Solutions worked with the customer’s AR lender to provide an equipment term loan on the equipment valued in excess of $800,000.