For the episode “On the Warpath”, a fire breaks out in a local brew pub and the set crew for the show came to Loeb for tanks and other equipment.

“I work as a Buyer for a television show in Chicago. We often have very demanding (short) schedules and have to pull many rabbits out of a bag in order to get things done.

We were creating a Distillery for an upcoming scene and I needed to get my hands on a tank that fitted the bill. After many swings and misses from other sources (too expensive, could only buy, shipping too long/costly, etc.), I came upon Loeb’s website. The Loeb website is very easy to use/navigate, tremendous descriptions and pictures which helped guide my decision-making, pricing, etc.

But even better was the service! Andy and Brian are top-notch, and helped guide me through every step of the process and answer any questions along the way. They were sensitive to our schedule, budget, and limitations (helped us load the equipment, etc.). Their follow-through/up was amazing, and the entire experience was a winner for us.

I HIGHLY recommend Loeb Equipment for any heavy equipment needs. It’s a virtual one-stop shop with excellent customer service/attention and they are super easy to work with.” – Tom Glynn, Open 4 Business/Buyer for Chicago Fire