To celebrate Loeb’s 130th anniversary of family tradition of assisting customers with reusing industrial machinery, the company is taking their green values to the next level and offsetting the carbon footprint for each piece of equipment sold, for each appraisal engagement, finance deal funded, liquidation and auction held. Their goal by the end of the year is to reach a carbon offset of 130 acres of Rainforest conservation that they will sponsor through the World Land Trust – US.

The Newman family has been in the business of reusing, reconditioning, and recycling used packaging and processing machinery since 1880 when Harry Newman first established Newman Soap and Tallow. Now in its fifth generation of family ownership, Harry’s great-great-grandson Howard, is committed toward making a difference for future generations through the company’s green efforts.

“We’ve always been involved in the green aspects of reusing and recycling with the equipment we sell,” states Newman. “Loeb’s ‘130 Acres for 130 Years’ program helps us close the loop and take our green efforts to the next level by offsetting the carbon footprint of our daily business operations. We’re making a much needed and immediate impact toward ensuring a cleaner environment for generations to come.”

As a company, Loeb focuses not only on the redeployment and repurposing of quality used equipment, but also recycling and conserving within its operations. Employees recycle throughout the office and there is an emphasis on electronic communications since Loeb strives to be a near-paperless environment.

Loeb’s purchase of 130 acres of threatened tropical forest is just the first step to help save this high-priority land from being lost forever. Their conservation efforts commemorate well over a century of successful business dealings and demonstrate our dedication to combating the effects of global warming, through offsetting.

Reforestation and forest preservation carbon offset projects are part of the global warming solution. Carbon offset projects fight climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide emissions from the atmosphere in rainforest lands that conserve rare or endangered species and ecosystems rich in biodiversity. Forest preservation creates jobs, maintains and expands wildlife habitats, protects biodiversity, and improves local environmental quality.

Much of the world’s tropical rainforests have either been cut down or are directly threatened with imminent deforestation. Deforestation and forest degradation have resulted in species loss and direct contribution to global warming accounting for over 20 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions – more than the entire global transportation sector.

About World Land Trust-US

World Land Trust-US is an international conservation organization that takes direct action to save rainforest and other biologically important lands. Since its foundation in 1989, WLT-US has purchased and protected over 1.7 million acres of tropical forests, coral reefs, coastal steppes and ancient woodlands. WLT-US includes local people and local partner organizations in every step of the process, fostering long-term sustainability for its projects.

About Loeb

For five generations since 1880, Loeb has been a trusted provider of reliable equipment and related services that help manufacturing and financial companies grow their business. Headquartered in Chicago with a 150,000 square foot facility, Loeb provides equipment, appraisals and financial services to global banking organizations and manufacturing companies specializing in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and chemical industries. Loeb services and business units include: equipment sales and purchases, certified market appraisals from Loeb Appraisal, liquidation and auction services from Loeb Winternitz Industrial Auctioneers, and purchase lease back financing from Loeb Financial Services.