Recently Loeb Appraisal has been fielding the following question as it pertains to equipment valuations: What, in the appraisers opinion, is truly surplus equipment versus idle or seasonally needed equipment?

Traditionally, appraisal clients request gross value regardless of whether it was gross forced liquidation value (FLV) or gross orderly liquidation value (OLV). The logical progression, dictated by the late 2000’s, is that clients have now started requesting net values and want to see the calculations to understand how net values were achieved. This came from when liquidation occurred and no one was “achieving” the reported appraised opinion of value. Net values have helped tighten that range considerably.

Every manufacturing facility has some amount of surplus, idle, and/or seasonal equipment. The question then becomes: does the facility need this equipment for ongoing business purposes or is the equipment being retained so it can be leveraged?

Our financial clients are straight forward with the facilities and maintain the position there are no issues with a standard advance rate on necessary idle or seasonal equipment, but they are not always prepared to advance at the same rate on truly surplus equipment.

This “bone yard” of assets is only getting older and continues to lose value. Better that it is turned into cash now as opposed to later. This discussion is an open process with both the facility and our client. Often times there is a difference of opinion in terms of these assets that need to be discussed and worked through.

Loeb Appraisal has the ability to work through these issues with the facility. Our day-to-day involvement in the marketplace is critical when it comes to true asset valuations. With Loeb as an active participant in the market from multiple disciplines, our appraisals are based on actual transactions of buying, selling, financing, and auctioning industrial assets. We apply these real world values and analysis to our approach.

The more questions asked, the more knowledge that can be obtained from an equipment appraisal. Always ask!!! Our goal is always to make the assets within the appraisal as accurate and clearly defined as possible for our clients.