Loeb provides access to the most comprehensive range of brewery equipment auctions for our clients. We go the extra mile to ensure you can acquire the high quality, used brewing equipment your company needs at the right cost and delivery. If you are looking for used brewery equipment for sale, Loeb offers access to a wide selection of brewery auctions as well as stocked equipment that will allow you move your brewery business forward.

Types of Brewing Equipment

At Loeb Equipment, we offer our clients access to used brewing equipment through our brewery auction listings. A wide variety of brewhouse equipment is offered.

  • Brewhouses are vessels or tanks that are used during the mixing, fermentation, and beer production process.
  • Mash and lauter vessels or tuns are used to infuse grains and to hold finished mash during the brewing cycle.
  • Boil kettles, as their name suggests, are used to boil wort as part of the brewing process. According to Food Republic, wort consists of a heated solution of grains, malts, and hops that combine during the boiling process to create the foundation for the unique flavors, carbonation, and alcohol content of beer.
  • Fermenters serve as the container for wort after it has been cooled to allow it to achieve primary and secondary fermentation.
  • Brite tanks also called bright tanks, are an alternative to fermenters and allow the beer to cool, ferment and age to create the perfect taste for your customers. The experts at Craft Brewing Business indicate that brite tanks require strict temperature controls to mature the beer effectively.
  • Whirlpools are specialized centrifuges that separate out hop pellets and trub from the wort after the mixture has been boiled.
  • Bottling equipment provides an automated way to place beer and other brewed products into containers for sale or delivery.
  • Labelers are designed to provide information for consumers about your brand and the ingredients of your products.
  • Boilers are one of the most popular types of used brewery equipment found in auctions. Durable and reliable, these large boiling tanks are essential brewing equipment for any serious beer manufacturing company.
  • Keg washers take some of the drudgeries out of the brewing process by allowing you to clean and sanitize kegs in a more efficient manner. This brewing equipment is often available through Loeb’s lineup of brewery auctions.
  • Chillers can produce long-term refrigeration or crash cooling for beer during various stages of the manufacturing process. By purchasing chillers and other used beer brewing equipment through Loeb, you can enjoy access to the best-used brewery equipment for sale and the best prices on brewery equipment for your current and future operational needs.

At Loeb, we make it simple to find the right brewery equipment at the right prices. Our used brewery equipment auction website is easy to navigate and can help you find the perfect used beer brewing equipment for your business. If you are looking for the best prices on used brewery equipment, Loeb has the right solutions for your needs.

Recent Loeb Brewery Auctions

We take pride in helping our customers to find the perfect used brewery equipment for their needs. Some of our recent brewery auctions are listed below. You can also check our website for our current auctions to make sure you do not miss out on used beer brewing equipment now or in the future.

  • Rabbit Hole Brewing Company Brewery Auction: Loeb hosted an online-only auction for brewery equipment after the closure of the Rabbit Hole Brewing Company in Justin, Texas. Available equipment included a three-vessel 20-BBL brewhouse along with processing and packaging machinery, fixtures, kegs, and bottles.
  • Russian River Brewing Company Brewery Auction: This past brewery auction featured a range of equipment that included a 50-BBL brewhouse along with tanks, fermenters, and mills.
  • Coelacanth Brewing Company Brewery Auction: Some of the items available during this past auction for used brewery equipment include an SK/Prospero brewhouse, two tank fermenters, a boiler, a brite tank, chillers, coolers, and keg washers. Kegs and taproom furnishings were also among the used brewing equipment sold at auction.
  • Aero Plains Brewery Auction: This used brewery equipment auction featured a number of tanks ranging from 20 BBL to 60 BBL and a Wild Goose 2018 complete canning line. A 20-BBL ABE brewhouse was also available for bids during this used brewery equipment auction.
  • Rolling Meadows Farm Brewery Auction: This online-only brewery auction featured a brewhouse, centrifugal pumps, a heat exchanger, and numerous tanks to include a jacketed mash tun tank, a fermenter tank, and brite tank.

The used brewing equipment made available through these auctions can generally be purchased at a much lower price than brewery equipment bought using other methods. This can allow your company to access the used brewery equipment you need to take your operations to the next level and deliver the best products for your customers. If you are interested in obtaining affordable brewery equipment through a used brewery equipment auction, Loeb Equipment is your one-stop solution for accessing these services online.

Brewing Industry Background

According to Smithsonian Magazine, the oldest known barley beer was brewed in the Zagros Mountains of Iran in about 3400 B.C. The educational site History.com estimates the arrival of the first fermented beverages to coincide with the development of cultivated grains about 120 centuries ago. Today, beer production represents approximately $116 billion in sales in the United States alone and is a major force in the U.S. economy.

Beer and brewing are big business operations in the United States. According to the Brewers Association, the craft beer industry can be subdivided into six distinct segments:

  • Microbreweries are defined as breweries that produce fewer than 15,000 barrels of beer each year.
  • Brewpubs are restaurants that contain a brewery and that sell at least one-fourth of the beer it produces on-site.
  • Taproom breweries also sell at least 25 percent of the beer they produce on their premises but do not serve food as a primary function of their business.
  • Contract brewing companies arrange with other breweries to produce some or all of the beer sold under their brand name.
  • Alternating proprietors have licensed tenants of a brewery that is shared between a number of brewing companies.
  • Regional breweries produce between 15,000 and 6 million barrels of beer each year.

The National Beer Wholesalers Association has released figures for 2019 that indicate that across the entire brewing industry, 203.1 million barrels of beer were shipped and sold in the United States from large breweries and craft beer operations.

How Loeb Brewery Equipment Auctions Can Benefit You

At Loeb Equipment, we take pride in delivering the best liquidation and auction solutions for customers throughout North America and Mexico. Our website allows you to set up a wish list and to examine all our equipment auctions and sales in one convenient location. If you are looking for used brewing equipment or would like to auction your brewhouse equipment, give us a call at 1-800-560-LOEB or visit us online to check out our current auctions and liquidations. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.