Castwell Products

Complete Gray Ductile and High Alloy Iron Foundry. Manufacturers of High-Quality Precision Castings

Featured Equipment:



  • Hunter HLM-20 Automatic Molding Machine, New 2014, with Progetti In-Stream Inoculator (2013)
  • (2) Disamatic Model 2013-MK4 Automatic Molding Machine
  • Hunter Model HMP20C Automatic Molding Machine & Hunter Model HMP10C Automatic Molding Machine
  • SPO Stack Molding Machine with pickoff, conveyors, sand screener, pallet car, etc




  • (2) BBC Model ITM-4000 Coreless Induction Melting Systems, up to 2012 with Transformers, charge buckets, Power Supply
  • BBC Model ITM-8000 Induction Melting System with Transformers, charge buckets, Power Supply
  • (2) BBC Model ISNG-12 Coreless Induction Melting System, 12 ton cap, with Transformers, charge buckets, Power Supply
  • (3) BBC IRB-6 Vertical Channel Induction Holding Furnace Systems, with Transformers, charge buckets, Power Supply
  • BBC Model IT-9, IRV-7, ISNG-1.5 Induction Melting Systems


Core Area


  • (9) Shalco Model 80HB & 85HB Single station Cold Box Core Machines
  • Disamatic 12-Liter Combicore Vert/Horiz. Cold Box Core Machine
  • (2) Redford Model 2 & 4 Core Machines
  • Metal Cast Model MM-100I MegaMixer Unit
  • (4) B&P; Model SF6CA & SF6BA Shell Core Machines
  • (3) Demmler Model 1C Hot Box Edge Blow Core Machines
  • (3) Shalco Model U-180 Double End Hot Box Core Machines
  • Redford Model H22RA-R #50 Shell Core Machine
  • Approx. 300 Core Racks


Complete Sand & QA Labs


  • Thermo Model ARL3460 Metal Analyzer with Oxsas 2.5, Leco CS230 Determinator, Microscopes, Blue M ovens, Ph Meter, Fume Hoods, Sand Lab, (3) Unitron MEC-2 Triocular Microscopes, Hardness Testers, Polishers, Cut-off Saws, Mixers, Large Qty of Testing Equipment, etc




  • P&H; 5 ton x 70’ Span Scrap Charging Crane
  • Whiting 5 Ton x 30’ Span Bridge Crane
  • Over 30 various overhead and jib cranes up to 3 ton cap


Sand System


  • (2) B&P; Model 85B Speed Sand Mullers, Hoppers, Conveyors, Screeners, Hartley Sand Cooler, Sand Silos, etc


Finishing Area


  • (4) Wheelabrator 14-Cu. Ft. Tumblast Shot Blast Machines
  • Wheelabrator 27” x 36” Rubber Belt Shot Blast System
  • Lindberg Heat Treat Furnace Model 3836-G
  • (4) Cincinnati #2 Centerless Grinder
  • Gardener Model 125 Disc Grinder
  • Blanchard Model 18-36 Rotary Surface Grinder


Plant Support & Machine Shop


  • Over 12 Various Wheelabrator & Farr Dust Collector up to 220,000 CFM & 400HP
  • (5) Gardner Denver 300 HP Air Compressors as New as 2012, with Air Dryer
  • Onan Model 8141, 450KW Standby Generator with Cat D346 Diesel Engine



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