Aero Plains Brewing
Aero Plains Brewing
Aero Plains Brewing

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Craft Beer Brewery & Taproom, Featuring:
• 20 BBL 2-Vessel Steam Brew House with (2)Liquor Tanks Including: Mash/Lauter Tun Tank, Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tank, 45 BBL Hot Liquor Tank, 45 BBL Cold Liquor Tank, Plate Heat Exchanger, Pumps, Related Piping and Valves, Controls, and Tank Platform, Etc.
• (3) 60 BBL Allied Beverage Tanks Uni Tanks
• (2) 20 BBL American Beer Equipment Uni Tanks
• (1) 40 BBL American Beer Equipment Brite Tank
• Fulton ICS30 Natural Gas Fired Steam Boiler
• 15 Ton Water/Glycol Cold Shot Chiller
• Roll Mill, 1200 lb/hr, with Grist Case
• Pumps; Beer Filters; Portable CIP System, Keg Washer, Wooden Kegs, Merchandise

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