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If you are in the pharmaceutical industry, finding the right equipment and financing solutions can help you to expand your product lines and maintain profitable, quality operations. Loeb Equipment has been providing equipment purchase and sale solutions for more than 140 years. We offer practical help in managing your pharmaceutical equipment requirements and can help you find the right loans for pharmaceutical equipment.

Whether you are looking for practical help to buy or sell pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb is your best source for information and assistance. If you are in the market for new or used pharmaceutical equipment, here are some key points to keep in mind.

What Is Pharmaceutical Equipment and How Is It Used?

Understanding the various types of pharmaceutical equipment can help your company to make the most practical and profitable decisions when planning to sell pharmaceutical equipment or to buy these items at auctions or liquidation sales. Some popular types of pharmaceutical equipment include the following:

Pharmaceutical products can take years to go from initial concept through testing and development before they finally arrive on pharmacy shelves. Pharmaceuticals combine non-active ingredients with carefully controlled dosages of active pharmaceutical ingredients to create a medication that works effectively for patients and that is relatively easy to administer.

Because of the stringent purity and quality controls required in the pharmaceutical industry, it is essential to work with a trusted source for used pharmaceutical processing equipment. If you are looking for used pharmaceutical packaging equipment or processing equipment, Loeb is your best source for tools and equipment at affordable prices.

Our team can also provide you with financing options for pharmaceutical packaging machines and other types of pharmaceutical equipment loan solutions. This can help you to buy used pharmaceutical equipment to boost productivity and profitability for your manufacturing. We work with companies that produce supplements, veterinary supplies and pharmaceutical products to ensure that our clients can access the right financing and affordable pharmaceutical equipment.

What Is Pharmaceutical Equipment Financing?

You have many options for equipment financing through Loeb. We can provide you with financing for new and used pharmaceutical equipment that will work for your needs and for your budget. Whether you are looking for financing for used pharmaceutical processing equipment or leasebacks for your current pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb offers a variety of loan options designed to suit your needs perfectly.

Loeb is your source for pharmaceutical equipment auctions and liquidations that can help your business to acquire the right pharmaceutical equipment. We also offer pharmaceutical equipment financing options that include term loans and leasebacks to suit your company’s current and long-term needs more effectively.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Appraisals

Accurate pharmaceutical equipment appraisals are necessary to determine depreciation on pharmaceutical processing equipment and to determine the amount of money available to you with pharmaceutical equipment financing.

Because we have extensive experience in the equipment industry, we can provide you with accurate appraisals that work for your business and your financing needs. Loeb pharmaceutical equipment appraisals are often the first step in acquiring the financing you need to purchase or lease equipment for your company. By determining the worth of your equipment and any pharmaceutical packaging equipment or processing equipment you are considering buying, Loeb can streamline the pharmaceutical equipment appraisals to save you time and effort during this process.

Pharma Equipment Auctions

At Loeb, we have built a reputation on holding industrial and pharmaceutical auctions that allow you to purchase used pharmaceutical processing equipment at reasonable prices. Our pharmaceutical equipment auctions and pharmaceutical equipment financing solutions work hand-in-hand to help you achieve greater success in the pharmaceutical industry.

Because we specialize in auctions for pharmaceutical processing equipment, you can often find the right pharmaceutical equipment at affordable pricing through Loeb’s auction services. Whether you are looking for like-new pharmaceutical packing equipment or interested in expanding your inventory of pharmaceutical processing equipment in response to increased demand for your products, our auctions and liquidations are the perfect way to pick up the pharmaceutical packaging equipment and processing machinery your company needs to succeed.

Pharma Equipment Loans, Term Loans and Asset-based Loans

Loans for pharmaceutical equipment are available in a wide range of configurations and with terms designed to suit the needs of business. The Small Business Administration (SBA), for example, offers some SBA loans that can be used for the purchase of pharmaceutical packaging machines or processing equipment. Loeb offers equipment lines of credit, pharmaceutical equipment term loans and other types of pharmaceutical equipment financing to help our customers acquire the pharmaceutical packaging machinery and pharmaceutical processing equipment necessary to stay competitive in this fast-paced field.

If you are planning to buy used pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb is your best resource for pharmaceutical equipment loans and financing options. We work with you to make sure that you can access the pharmaceutical equipment term loans and other loans for pharmaceutical equipment purchases for your company. Our team can help you acquire the funds necessary to buy used pharmaceutical equipment that will work for your company’s current and ongoing needs.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Line of Credit

A pharmaceutical equipment line of credit works much like a consumer revolving credit account. Your business can borrow up to the limit of your line of credit and repay over time. The line of credit is based on the value of your equipment. As you pay off these loans for pharmaceutical equipment, the amount available on your equipment lines of credit from Loeb will increase. This will allow you to enjoy optimal flexibility when managing pharmaceutical equipment loan arrangements with us.

Unlike other types of pharmaceutical equipment loans, lines of credit are flexible and renewable. This makes them a popular choice among customers at Loeb who prefer ongoing lending relationships with us.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Leasebacks and Leasing

In the field of real estate, a sale-leaseback transaction allows owners to sell their current residence to acquire cash on hand. They can then lease back the property from the new owners to limit their financial obligation to the monthly cost of the lease agreement.

Pharmaceutical equipment leasebacks can allow you to sell your pharmaceutical packaging machinery and other types of pharmaceutical equipment while still retaining the use of these items. By looking into pharmaceutical equipment leasebacks from Loeb, you can enjoy the benefits of cash in hand while you continue to use your current pharmaceutical processing equipment and other machinery to generate profits for your business.

Sell Pharmaceutical Equipment

If you are looking to sell used pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb makes it easy for you with pharmaceutical equipment auctions, leasebacks and other ways to sell pharmaceutical equipment through our platform. We can buy used pharmaceutical packaging equipment and processing machinery outright. Loeb also streamlines the process of selling used pharmaceutical equipment through auctions or liquidations hosted on our company’s online platform. If your company needs to get rid of excess pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb is your best source for selling used pharmaceutical equipment at fair prices.

Buy Pharma Equipment

If you are in the market for used pharmaceutical processing equipment, we make it easy to buy used equipment at Loeb pharmaceutical equipment auctions or through the pharmaceutical equipment liquidations we manage on behalf of our clients. If your company needs pharmaceutical processing equipment for your ongoing operations, we can provide you with the pharmaceutical equipment loans and the access to used pharmaceutical packaging equipment sales that can help you acquire the right equipment at the right prices for you.

At Loeb, we offer financing that will help you acquire the equipment you need on a schedule that works for you. By working with our team, you can access the best terms and the most flexible arrangements for financing equipment of all types, including pharmaceutical equipment for packaging and processing medications.

Pharmaceutical Equipment Liquidations

Pharmaceutical equipment liquidations occur when a pharmaceutical firm ceases operating its business and sells off all the pharmaceutical equipment and other property belonging to the company. Loeb can offer real help in liquidating pharmaceutical processing equipment and other items that can be sold to generate funds during the shutdown of a business.

Along with our pharmaceutical equipment auctions, our liquidations are the perfect way to buy pharmaceutical equipment at affordable prices. We often host liquidations of used pharmaceutical packaging equipment that can streamline your packaging process. Loeb can even provide you with a pharmaceutical equipment loan that can make it much easier to buy pharmaceutical equipment through our platform.

Rent Used Pharma Equipment

If you are in the market to rent pharmaceutical equipment, Loeb offers the right options for your company. Choosing to rent used pharmaceutical equipment can often allow you to acquire pharmaceutical packaging equipment and processing tools that can streamline your operations and improve your profitability in the competitive marketplace.

Loeb makes it very easy for you to rent pharmaceutical equipment that suits your needs and your budget. We work with you to make sure that the price you pay for rented pharmaceutical packaging equipment is in line with the current market rate for these items. If you are looking for pharmaceutical processing equipment for short-term use, Loeb has the right solutions for you.

Pharmaceutical Industry Overview

Understanding the pharmaceutical industry is essential to your ongoing success in this high growth industry. Loeb’s  pharmaceutical experience will provide you with insights into the market and the potential options in today’s turbulent economy.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), classifies pharmaceutical production as part of the manufacturing sector. Pharmaceutical and medicine manufacturing encompasses the production of botanical drugs and herbs, over-the-counter medications, prescription drugs and many other products that are designed to improve health or to treat medical conditions.

Statistics indicate that the global pharmaceutical industry was worth more than $405.5 billion in 2020 and is expected to grow by about 11 percent each year between now and 2028. Pharmaceutical packaging equipment and supplies account for a sizable percentage of this figure and are projected to reach more than $10 billion by the year 2025.

Whether your company develops and manufactures new drugs for the medical environment or creates botanical and herbal supplements for the consumer marketplace, the right equipment is critical to your success. Loeb will make it easy to find the packaging and processing equipment your company needs to create, test and package your products efficiently.

Trust Loeb

Loeb acts as a partner for your pharmaceutical firm in finding the right financing options and in acquiring or selling pharmaceutical equipment. Our knowledgeable team of appraisers and customer service specialists will work with you to find the right options for purchasing, selling or financing pharmaceutical equipment. We are committed to helping you succeed now and for many years into the future.

To learn more about Loeb Equipment and how we can assist you in finding the right new and used pharmaceutical equipment for your business operations, give us a call today toll-free at 1-800-560-LOEB or at 773-548-4131 for international calls. You can also contact us online to explore your options for buying, selling, financing or appraising pharmaceutical equipment with help from Loeb. At Loeb Equipment, we are here to serve you and your company.