Complete Fabcon 120 kgs Per Hour Potato and Vegetable Chip / Crisp Processing Line

Loeb # 78508 Model FFSCFS120
Year Serial
Electrical Location EUROPE
Condition Asis Size 0.00
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Complete S/S 120 kgs Per Hour Potato and Vegetable Chip / Crisp Processing Line. Speeds of 90-120 kgs per hour depending on raw product used. Includes: Fabcon Single weigh hopper fed by bulk feed hopper and elevator. Weigh hopper has a preset capacity of 50 kgs. Constructed from stainless steel. Food quality feed belt manufactured in stainless steel with a variable speed drive mounted on the infeed platform, to feed down chute for singulator/aligner. Screw singulator feeding into Urschel slicer. Platforms and supports for weigh hopper, provision for 2x Urschell slicers, singulator and fling belt all in stainless steel with one set of stairs. Fabcon model FFSCFS120 fully automated PLC controlled Batch Fryer system gives total control over the complete process. The sanitary design and rugged construction is enhanced by a smaller than expected footprint. Utilizing a high efficiency heat transfer during frying, to the exit of a quality finished product. Constructed from stainless steel. With extract hood, built in lights and filtration system, the touch screen control gives greater flexibility and finite control over temperature and cooking cycles, automatic oil level control and automatic top up. The standard variable speed Stir-Matic agitation system ensures clump free high quality finished products. The gated discharge conveyor has a batch reject system supplied as standard with manual operation or optionally pneumatic operation by touch screen control through the PLC. With cooking capacities of up to 400Kgs an hour of raw product producing between 100 and 120 Kgs of finished product. The CFS120 is one of the highest capacity units on the market, of course depending on raw material, dry matter and finished product requirements. Batch loads of 50 kgs of raw product with an average cycle time of only 450 seconds (8 cycles per hour). Electric Supply Main Panel 415 V 3 Ph. Control circuit 115 V. Compressed air 100 PSI. Gas Supply 2 inch nominal bore at max 41 cubic metres hour. Max fire rate 1.3 M Btu (381 Kw) at 100 mbar. Immersion Tube Heat Exchanger design giving excellent heat transfer and fuel efficiencies of up to 85% gross. Fryer powered by high velocity modulating tube firing gas burner with up to a 10-1 turndown ratio. Excellent combustion rates, producing low CO ratios. Maximum flue temperature 295 degrees C. Filtration screens which will not clog up due to the high turbulence created in the system, no debris is left on the heating tubes to burn and create FFA and rancidity issues. Approx. Dimensions: Overall length: 4.7metres, Overall width: 1.06 metres, Frying zone: 5m2, Oil Volume approx. 1,400 litres. 1,200 kgs. Includes PLC interface. Stainless steel dryer enclosure with 2 internal drop points for product tumbling. Stainless steel belting with Teflon side guides and variable speed. 2 Fans for air circulation. Heat exchanger for re-using heat from the gas stack, and a further heat exchanger for top up of energy. Single exhaust stack supplied to 1 metre. This unit is to remove final moistures, keep the product firm and stable and also reduce the fat content slightly. Piping from fryer gas exhaust to dryer is included. Overall length: 3500mm. width to suit fryer outlet. Constructed from stainless steel. Dryer discharge vibratory conveyor with screening for oil and debris. Single pedestal with separate speed controller. Constructed from stainless steel. Elevator, belt and twin hopper with vibrator for blending. 2 x Rospen feeders, 2 x FFS Scarf feeders, 1 x scale feeder controls. Kw required for this line should be calculated at 50Kw.

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