Complete 750 BPM Bottle Filling, Capping, Labeleing, and Packaging Line (Line 1)

Loeb # 78339 Model PG80100RC2430
OEM U S Bottlers Machinery Co
Year Serial S3400
Electrical Location NEW JERSEY
Condition Asis Size 0.00
Lease for only 0.00 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Complete 750 BPM Bottling Line. Last Running 17.5oz, 20oz, and 32oz PET Bottles with 38 mm Double Lead Thread PET Cap. Including Sentry Automatic Double High Depalletizer, Dual Levels, Stair Access, Power Roller Conveyor Infeed Single Filer Discharge, Etc. Complete Stainless Steel Airveyor System From Depalletizer to Filling Line Including: Over head and Floor Mounted Blowers. Sentry Stainless Steel, Inverted Dual Belt Air Bottle Cleaner. 6 Step Mobile Ladder. Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Connecting Conveyors with Covers. Arol Cap Feeder Hooper and Delivery System. US Bottlers Model PG80100RC2430 Monoblock Filler and Capper, (80) Head, Monoblock, Rotary Gravity Filler with Overflow Valves, 5/8 in Valve Diameter, Stainless Steel Enclosure, Plexiglass Safety Shields, 24 Head Arol Model TSINEXTPK Rotary Capper, Arm Mounted Allen Bradley Panel View Controls; Feed, Balance and Overflow Tanks, Stainless Steel Centrifugal Pumps, Piping Valves, Etc. Conveyor Mounted 24 Inch Air Cleaner Including Blower with Enclosure. Pressco Stainless Steel, Camera, Visual Inspection System with Operator Monitor. Sentry Stainless Steel Dual Belt Vertical Sterilization Conveyor. GC Evans Model CC1464 14 ft x 65 ft Stainless Steel Cooling Conveyor, Stainless Steel Cabinet, Pumps, Etc. JE Adams Stainless Steel Vacuum. Eight Step Mobile Staircase. 6 ft x 27 ft Stainless Steel Accumulation Conveyor. Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Connecting Conveyors with Guards and Crossovers. 10 Foot Stainless Steel Air Cleaner Cabinet with Top Mounted Blower. Krones Canmatic Stainless Rotary Hot Glue Single Aggregate Labeler with Nordson Pro Blue 7 Units, Alen Bradley Panel View 1000 Color Touch Screen Operator Controls. Heuft X-Ray Inspection System. Morrison Stainless Steel Spacing Conveyor with Timing Screws and Cabinet. Sleeve Seal Model SSL1200 Dual Lane, Full Body Sleever with Stainless Steel Cabinet, 2 Butler Splicing Units, Allen Bradley Panelview Plus 1000 Color Touch Screen Operator Controller. (2) 9 Zone Stainless Steel Steam Shrink Tunnels. Three Way Carbon Steel Bolt Together Crossover. Miscellaneous Stainless Steel Connecting Conveyors from Labeler to Packaging Machines, Cartoners and Tray Packers. Hartness Model 4510 Global Shrink Automatic Bundler with Shrink Tunnel Ser# W4600003 Including Stainless Steel Infeed Laning Conveyor. Sentry Carbon Steel Connecting Conveyors from Bundler to Palletizer with Carbon Steel Double Panel Electrical Enclosures. Three Step Stationary Step. Oystar Beverage Meridian Stainless Steel Hot Glue Cartoner with Stainless Steel Frame with Allen Bradley Panel View with Operator Controllers, Plexiglass Safety Panels with Nordson Pro Blue 30 Hot Glue Units. Domino Laser Printer, Stainless Steel Connecting Conveyors. Stainless Steel Diverter Conveyor. Miscellaneous Connecting Conveyors from Cartoner to Palletizer. Sentry Model 700 Automatic Palletizer with Power Roller Conveyor Discharge. Wulftec Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper with Rotating Arm, Power Discharge Roller Conveyors, Pallet Labeler, Etc. Line Capable of Running 16oz Glass Bottle with Metal Lug 38mm Cap with the Addition of a CSI Capper.

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