Complete 125 BPM SBC Master20204 Bottle Filling Line

Loeb # 78000 Model SBCMaster20204
OEM S B C Bottling and Canning
Year 2008 Serial
Electrical Location Illinois
Condition As is Size 0.00
Lease for only n/a / mo. Rent for only N/A
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Complete Glass Bottle Filling Line Running 125 BPM of 12oz, 85 BPM of 22oz, and 750ml Bottles. Including: Indcon Model AP30 Low Level Depalletizer. Runs 12 ounce, 22 ounce and 750 ml bottles. Installed in 2008. Complete with Slip Sheet Removal Pneumatic Screen HMI with 7.5 in x 70 in Stainless Steel Frame Classic Delrin Table Top Chain, 90 Degree Discharge. Stainless Steel Frame 7.5 in Wide Delrin Table Top Chain Conveyor Set as a Decline with a 90 Degree Turn Adjustable Side Rails, Stainless Steel Adjustable Legs 3 in Delrin Table Top Transfer, Approx. 18 Feet Long Prior to the 90 and Approx. 22 Feet after the 90. Currently Set to From Infeed Dropping it down to a 43 End Discharge. SBC Bottling Model SBCMaster20-20-4 Filler/Rinser/Crowner. Speeds up to 125 BPM (12oz), with Double Pre Evacuation System, High Pressure Jetter with Heater, CIP Cups For Sanitation, After Crowing Shower, Anticorrosion Crowner Upgrade. Complete with Vibratory Full Crown Feeder, Stainless Steel 2 Door Control. Change parts for 12 ounce, 22 ounce and 750 ml bottles. Installed in 2008. Allen Bradley Compact Logic L32E PLC Along with Allen Bradley Power Supply 2 Power Flex 40 VFD’s, 20 Position Rinse Station complete with CIP System with Inverting Bottle Lifting Pads, with Arol 4 Station with Robuschi Packing System, Allen Bradley Panel View Plus 600 HMI Touch Screen Control, Completely Enclosed with Plexiglas Safety Guards, Stainless Steel 90 Degree Infeed Conveyor with 3.5 in Table Top Chain, Stainless Steel Legs, Approx. 7 Feet Prior to the 90 Degree and Approx. 2 Feet into Screw 90 Degree Discharge Approx. 2 Feet Long Prior to the 90 and Approx. 4 Feet after the 90 Complete with Spray Foam Pressure Washer System. 18 Inch Wide x 12 Foot Long Accumulation Table Complete with 90 Degree Infeed, 90 Degree Discharge, Set up As a Horse Shoe Style, Complete with Conveyor Foam Sterilizer System, Adjustable Stainless Steel Legs, Classic Delrin Chain Adjustable Side Rails. Sonic Air Systems Model Sonic70 7.5 HP Blower Complete with (2) 24 Inch Adjustable Air Knives. PE Model Universal “F” 810-9T-2S-3L Labeler, Speeds of 150 BMP (12oz) with Surge up to 190 BPM. Designed to Apply Cut and Stack Labels to Cylindrical Containers Using Cold Glue. Set up with Front Body and Neck Labels (including foil), Ability to Add Back Body Label Station. Has Crown and Neck Foil Station for 22 Ounce Bottle. Change parts for 12 Ounce, 22 Ounce and 750 ml Bottles. Installed in 2012. Schneider Touch Screen HMI and PLC, Stainless Steel Frame, Plexiglass Running Front, Back, Cold Brew Complete with 2 Label Beds, Glue Pump, Wrap Around Pressure Plate Station, Discharge. Linx Model SL101 Laser Coder Complete with an Advantage Model AD Access, Serial Number 0611AD Access 521, Air Filtration System Complete with Stainless Steel Remote User Interface, Mounted on Portable T Stand. S-Shaped Stainless Steel Zigzag Conveyor with Delrin Table Top Chain, 3.25 Inch with Adjustable Sides, Discharge After the S. Case Packer Complete with Pneumatic Lift Soft Drop, Multiple Grids, 90 Degree Powered Roller Conveyor Infeed, and 90 Degree Rubber Belt Power Conveyor Discharge. RA Pearson Case Sealer Complete with Nordson Model 2305 Hot Melt Glue System, Serial # AA90M07915, with (2) Glue Hoses, Auto Pneumatical Closer and Gravity Roller Conveyor Discharge. RA Pearson Automatic Case Erector, Complete with Nordson Model 2302 Hot Melt Glue System , Serial AA89F02902, Saturn Right Angle Nozzle Single Bead 90, Machine is Set for 460 Volts but Has a Transformer to Bring it down to 240 Volt Complete with (2) Change Part Rams, 6.5 in x 13 in and 5 in x 9.75 in. Mathews 15 Inch Wide x 4.5 Foot Long Power Rubber Belt Conveyor Complete with Electric Eye. RA Pearson 6-Pack Carton Erector with Extended Magazine Set for Standard 6-Packs. RA Pearson Type S1101 Pneumatic Platen Drop Dual Lane 6-Pack Inserter with Approximately 15 Inch Wide x 10 Foot Stainless Steel Delrin Table Top Infeed Conveyor, with a Pneumatically Controlled Lane Divider Infeed. Hytrol 90 Degree Powered Roller Conveyor 24 Inch Wide Rollers. 18 Inch Wide Case Conveyor with a 6 Pack Sorted 2nd Floor. SBC Main Electrical Panel, Assorted Spare Parts Including, 12 oz, 22 oz, 750 ml, Glue Pump, Etc.

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