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10 BBL Capacity Stout Tanks and Kettles Turnkey Brewery Package

Loeb # 78585 Model
Year Serial
Electrical Location USA
Condition Asis Size 0.00
Lease for only 0.00 / mo. Rent for only N/A
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10 BBL Capacity Stout Tanks and Kettles Turnkey Brewery Package. System to Include: 10BBL Brewhouse, Including insulated 10 BBL Mash Tun with motorized rakes and plow, light, RIMS vorlauf module, sparge arm, upper manway, false bottom, and built-in CIP sprayball. 485 Gallon Brew Kettle (oversized for 10 BBL) with conical bottom, domed top, manway, vent with condensate stack, tangential inlet for whirlpool, CIP sprayball, thermowell, sight glass, level sensor, and 4 electric elements. 400 Gallon Hot Liquor Tank with sloped bottom, CIP sprayball, sight glass, level sensor, thermowell, and 4 electric elements. Electric Control Panel with GFCI protection and touchscreen to monitor every step of the brewing process, controlling all heating elements and brewhouse pumps. 2 centrifugal pumps for wort and water (with flow meter) handling. (2) peristaltic pumps for sparging: (1) for wort and (1) for water. Also includes fabricated aluminum platform (36 in wide), includes mounting for panel.(5) 10 BBL Single Wall Brite / Serving Tanks. Shadowless Manways. Rated to 15 PSI. Includes CIP sprayballs, sample valves, sight glasses, carbonation stones, and PRV. Constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel at 3mm thick. Adjustable feet.(1) Mobile Pump (0.75 hp) for wort transfer and CIP on vessels. 5 HP Glycol Chiller. (16) Kegs (1/2 BBL). Wort Chiller with In-line oxygenation system. Manual Keg Filler. Semi-automatic label applicator. Assorted Hoses (1.5 in TC x 10 ft (1), 1.5 in TC x 15 ft (2), 1 in TC x 5 ft (4)), Tri-Clamps, Tri-clamp gaskets, Barrel racks (2 doubles, 2 singles), pallet jack, butterfly valves, stainless steel elbows and tees, (2) jockey boxes, book of recipes, etc. 30 in Cartridge Filter Housing with set of filters. Bulldog Barrel Filler, (2) double barrel racks, (2) single barrel racks. 208-230 V, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.

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